Demographics of the United States: Wikipedia
It's just Wikipedia, but it's good background.

Explaining Why Minority Births Now Outnumber White Births: Pew Research
This is a dozen years old, but it is still good background.

Jewish Organizations Unite Against Dangerous Conspiracies: Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society
Alejandro Mayorkas is obviously subversive Jew who has done more demographic damage to America than anyone in modern history. That's why Jewish organizations support him.

Foreign-born share of US population In 2022, 13.9% of the population in the US was foreign-born.: USA Facts
Some background information on immigration data

US Senate unveils $118 billion bill on border security, aid for Ukraine, Israel: MSN
Just in case you are interested in the details...

Shocking Video: Gun-Strapping Kids Roam 'Grand Theft Auto'-Style Around St.Louis Suburb: Zero Hedge
How gay is that?

Nearly 10 percent of youth in Pittsburgh school district identify as gender-diverse, study finds: Qburgh
How gay is that?

Largest groups of foriegn immigrants to the Netherlands in 2022, by nationality:

This is happenng all over the country.

'A nightmare': US passport crunch for dual citizens in Israel among most severe: The Times of Israel
About 3% Israelis have U.S. dual citizenship. About 10% of Jewish settlers in the West Bank do.

Some 5,000 migrants set out on foot from Mexico's southern border, tired of long waits for visas: AP News
Flooding the United States with people from random Third World Countries is a Jewish value. So is indiscriminately bombing Gaza.

Parents in Prison and Their Minor Children: U.S. Department of Justice
Special Report
August 2008, NCJ 222984
U.S. Department of Justice
Bureau of Justice Statistics
Office of Justice Programs

U.S.: 1 in 6 Generation Z adults identify as something other than heterosexual: CBS
Why wouldn't they?

Resettle Refugees: Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society
Through our network of local resettlement partner agencies, HIAS welcomes resettled refugees and helps them build their lives in communities across the United States.

American activist Barbara Lerner Spectre calls for destruction of European ethnic societies: Youtube
This has become a meme.

Black school kids regularly steal everything from DC CVS store and sell it to street vendors0l: WTTG
White people are the new Palestinians. Everything is being taken from us. We do not have a country.

How Mexican narcos use remittances to wire U.S. drug profits home: Reuters
Drug cartels are using remittances money transfered through Western Union and banks by migrants to send illicit earnings.back to Mexico.

St. Louis agrees to pay protestors around $43,000 each after accusations of misconduct: KSDK Channel 5
This is not a serious country.

Only 85 percent of black Minnesotans are law-abiding (compared to 98 percent of whites) and blacks get off way easier than white criminals: report: Revolver News

Let's Keep America Ignorant: Jared Taylor, Unz Review
Even active shooter alerts are having information about the race of the suspect withheld in order to prevent racial stereotypes.

St. Louis police protesters begin picking up checks in $4.9 million settlement: ABC Newd
Black people have a right to riot.

1 in 4 high school students identifies as LGBTQ: The Hill
This is based on a study by the CDC. Mission accomplished, I guess.

It's official: Minority babies are the majority among the nation's infants, but only just -- JUNE 23, 2016: Pew Research Center
"A rising number of babies are being born to couples where one parent is white and the other nonwhite. 54% of births are to non-Hispanic white mothers. The Census Bureau uses available information about the father's race or Hispanic origin, as well as the mother's, to determine the baby's race and ethnic categories, while the health-statistics center reports only the mother's race and ethnic origin."

Racial/Ethnic Enrollment in Public Schools, May 2022: National Center for Education Statistics
Between fall 2009 and fall 2020, the percentage of public school students who were Hispanic increased from 22 to 28 percent. The percentage of public school students who were White decreased from 54 to 46 percent, and the percentage of students who were Black decreased from 17 to 15 percent. The sharpest increase is in "mixed race" students, growing from 1 to 5 percent.

Reported Legal Abortions by Race of Women Who Obtained Abortion by the State of Occurrence: Kaiser Family Foundation
These figures are broken down by the race of the mother, which is not necessarily the same as the race of the baby.

1 in 4 hiring managers say they are less likely to move forward with Jewish applicants: Resume Builder
It is a big deal if true. One thing it would mean is that despite the viciously enforced taboo on talking about Jewish power, some people are still aware of it. Meanwhile, the same study finds the following:

1 in 6 Hiring Managers Have Been Told to Stop Hiring White Men

Maybe the fact that a Jewish dominated elite is ordering hiring managers NOT to hire white men has something to do with the reluctance that some feel about hiring Jews.

SPLC Poll Finds Substantial Support for 'Great Replacement' Theory and Other Hard-Right Ideas: SPLC
While nothing the SPLC does can be accepted at face value, the polling results are extremely interesting.

Is Western Civilization a Jewish Invention? By David Gelernter: Youtube Channel
This is a face you can trust:

Here's why a border-free world would be better than hostile immigration policies: Luke de Noronha and Gracie Mae Bradley, The Cuardian
Funny, I never thought of it that way...

Diversity Visa Program: U.S. State Department
This is the lottery set up by Chucky Schumer to bring in random people from random countries so they can start chain migrations that bring over their entire villages.

KanyeHooters Restaurant in Plano, Texas Attacked by Mob of 'Youths' and ChildrenOver a Candy Bar? (Video) West declares war on 'Jewish people': Gateway Pundit
The candy bar is whatever. The fact is that blacks have a higher tendency towards violence, lower impulse control, and they are being incentivized by the Jewish media Elite to act criminally towards whites.

Lindsey Graham says Republicans wouldn't have given Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson a hearing if they'd controlled the Senate: MSN
Graham was previously one of just three Senate Republicans along with Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska who voted to confirm Jackson to the DC Court of Appeals in June 2021.

In Depth: How Israel Created the European Refugee Crisis: From the National Justice Party
But the Zionist strategy entails more than simply brutally punishing Palestinians and other Arab populations that stand up to them. They also utilize an extensive network of Jewish-run NGOs and refugee resettlement agencies in the West to empty the Middle-East of potential opponents. Since the creation of the Jewish state in 1948, refugee resettlement outside its borders has always been a major strategic goal. A 2013 article from the Israeli newspaper Haaretz revealed secret archival documents showing that from the very beginning, Zionist Jews saw Europe as the destination of choice for the Arabs they had displaced. In the first half of the 1960s, the Foreign Ministry continued to examine plans to encourage the emigration of Arab refugees from the Middle East to Europe, particularly to France and Germany. One option that was considered was to find them jobs in Germany, which was then in dire need of working hands. During 1962, Israeli officials examined the possibility of finding employment for Palestinian refugee laborers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The initial checks done for this plan, known as "Operation Worker," and the correspondence involved, were kept completely under wraps.

Israel to expel Black Hebrew Israelites: TRT World

Man accused of hate crime attack on Asian woman in NYC told parole board he wished he could take back murdering his mom: MSN

The article doesn't mention him showing remorse for the unprovoked attach on an old oriental lady, but I guess we are supposed to be touched that he regrets HAVING MURDERED HIS OWN MOTHER. Do we live in a society?

Chicago man bites off parts of couple's ears, gouges eyes in 'horror movie' attack: report: Fox News
This is the face of white supremacy.

BLM's 7 Demands: Black Lives Matter
You pay for this via major corporations.

Black Man Stabs 12-Year-Old White Boy in the Neck and Yells at �White Devils� � No MSM Outrage: Renegade Tribune
Here is the link to the video of blacks ruthlessly attacking whites, which you will NEVER see on the MSM.

BLM Terrorists Attack Man Trying to Get Home in His Own Suburban Neighborhood � Police Arrest Him!: Renegade Tribune

Footage released in fatal police shooting of 15-year-old Ohio girl: YouTube
Just in case you missed it elsewhere. This can be so tiring.

Shooting of Ma'Khia Bryant: Know your meme
Do you have any F's left to give? Check the pantheon of victims at the bottom of the page. The only one that is truly sympathetic is the dog.

Stanford Study Results: Facemasks are Ineffective to Block Transmission of COVID-19 and Actually Can Cause Health Deterioration and Premature Death: Gateway Pundit
This is actually from January, but it got buried by the media hype of the deadly armed insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, in which none of the "insurrectionists" was armed and the only person who was killed was a woman shot BY the Capitol Police. But don't get me going...

Anyway, masks are unhealthy and should be banned. The people pushing them should be fired. Here is the link to the original study.

Watch Live: Derek Chauvin Found Guilty On All Counts: Zero Hedge
White race found guilty of all charges. Sentenced to genocide.

The uncomfortable racial preferences revealed by online dating: Quartz
According to a Facebook dating app, black men are the least favorite mate for all females except black females, and black females are the least favorite mate for all males INCLUDING black males.

Who are the witnesses in the Derek Chauvin trial?: Minneapolis Star Tribune
These are the individuals who have testified so far in the trial of Derek Chauvin for the killing of George Floyd.

20-year-old dead after police shoot driver attempting to leave traffic stop: KARE News 11 (Minneapolis)
This could set Minneapolis in flames in the midst of the Chauvin trial, thus intimidating the jury.

Police find two dead after shooting, crash in Minneapolis: KARE News 11 (Minneapolis)
This is in addition to the 20-year-old who was shoot and eventually crashed his car fleeing from police after having been arrested on an outstanding warrant.

Home A Brief Chronology of the Sierra Club's Retreat from the Immigration-Population Connection (Updated) A Brief Chronology of the Sierra Club's Retreat from the Immigration-Population Connection (Updated): Center for Immigration Study
This is how pro-immigration Jews hijacked America's foremost environmental organization.

White Racialism in America, Then and Now: The Unz Review
What's the problem there?

The Fifth-Generation War on White People: The Unz Review
First they came for the Southern white man...

How LGBT Nonprofits And Their Billionaire Patrons Are Reshaping The World: The American Conservative
Who do you think is behind the brutal tranny agenda and what is their tribal affiliation. You would never guess!

This is an information resource on the brutal tranny agenda.

The Changing Racial and Ethnic Composition of the U.S. Electorate: Pew Research
It's all by design.

Booker, Warren, Gillibrand Announce Comprehensive Bill to Address the History of Discrimination in Federal Agricultural Policy: Cory Booker's Senate Office
Cory Booker wants to give tax payer (that's you, goy!) purchased farms to blacks for free.

The Next Nick Sandmann? Defamed Covington Kid's Lawyer Takes Up the Case of Kyle Rittenhouse: PJ Media
This is old, but its interesting that Lyn Wood is involved in so much of this stuff.

Poll: 87% Of Trump Voters Concerned About Anti-White Discrimination: Information Liberation
Why wouldn't they?

Whites and evangelicals to lose out under Biden administration:

All the Jews Joe Biden has tapped for top roles in his administration: The Jewish Telegraphic Agency
This is a good article to send to your normie friends because it is from a mainstream Jewish source and because it emphasizes the Jewishness of these Jews.

Two faiths dominate Biden's cabinet picks (Oh, oh, I bet I can guess one of them!): The Washington Post
Partial list of Jews in top jobs in the Biden Administration:

Secretary of State: Tony Blinkin
State Department #2: Wendy Sherman
State Department #3: Victoria Nuland
Secretary of Homeland Security: Alexandro Mayorkos
Director of National Intelligence: Avril Haines
National Security Agency cybersecurity director: Anne Neuberger
Attorny General: Merrick Garland
Secretary of Treasury: Janet Yellin
Securities and Exchange Commission: Gary Gensler (former Goldman Sachs, because of course)
Chief of Staff: Ron Klain
Climate Envoy: John Kerry
Science Advisor: Eric Lander
Deputy Secretary of Health and Human Services: Rachel Levine (who is also a big fat tranny.)
Head of the CDC: Rochelle Walensky
Coronavirus Czar: Jeffrey Zients

Birthright Citizenship: A Fundamental Misunderstanding of the 14th Amendment: The Heritage Foundation
The 14th Amendment DID NOT guarantee birthright citizenship!

Democrat canvassers in disputed Michigan county doxxed and harassed Republican colleagues:
The new normal is violence and intimidation against whites and other normal people.

The Best High School in the Country May be Sacrificed to Diversity: Gregory Hood from the Unz Review
Demographic change has remade the Old Dominion. Once reliably conservative, Virginia is now a blue state. Non-white immigrants and white liberals moving to Northern Virginia (NOVA) lead this sea change. Arlington, once home to Robert E. Lee, and Alexandria, once a city that honored the Confederacy, are occupied territory. Liberal whites and Asians face a contradiction. NOVA residents are generally status-seeking and career oriented. From my experience, they have the luxury beliefs of a self-conscious elite. Unfortunately for them, egalitarianism has a logic of its own. If you preach it enough, eventually it will turn on you. Thus, we arrive at the current controversy about the Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (TJHSST). It's not being renamed, though we can probably assume that's next. Instead, the school, ranked by US News as the best high school in the country, has eliminated its admissions test because not enough blacks and Hispanics can pass it. TJ, as it is called, was going to have an admissions "lottery" for students who had a 3.5 GPA or better, but the Fairfax County Schools Board did not approve that part of the plan. Still, that might just be a stay of execution. A proposed "Holistic Review" instead of a lottery might be even worse. So, for now, no one knows how TJ is going to select its students, but the old days of pure meritocracy are gone.

No Families, No Children, No Future: Rod Dreher from TAC
Here's a fascinating article from New York magazine on the massive gender gap between Trump and Biden supporters. It contains this eye-popping claim, buried deep down: Neither the societal shift away from traditional gender roles nor the downstream cultural consequences of that shift are anywhere near complete. As Rebecca Traister has incisively argued, the growing prevalence of singledom among America's rising generation of women is one of the most potent forces in contemporary politics. In 2009, for the first time in history, there were more unmarried women in the United States than married ones. And today, young women in the U.S. aren't just unprecedentedly single; they also appear to be unprecedentedly uninterested in heterosexuality: According to private polling shared with Intelligencer by Democratic data scientist David Shor, roughly 30 percent of American women under 25 identify as LGBT; for women over 60, that figure is less than 5 percent. David Shor is one of the best data people the Democratic Party people has. Take this seriously. Has anything like this ever happened to any society, ever? Three out of ten women under the age of 25 consider themselves to be gay or transgender. Five percent, sure. Maybe even eight percent. But thirty? Will they always think that? Maybe not, but these are their prime childbearing years. The US fertility rate is at a 35-year low, and there's no reason to think it will rise. Some critics blame structural difficulties in the US economy that make it harder for women to choose to have children, but European nations make it vastly easier for mothers, and still cannot get their fertility rates above replacement.

Asking the wrong questions about extremist violence: The Jewish World Review
Oh gawd!

The media's mad obsession with white supremacy: Spiked

BREAKING: Omaha Bar Owner Charged For Killing Rioter Who Attacked Him and His Business Has Committed Suicide: The Gateway Pundit

Wolfe City Police Officer Charged With Fatal Shooting Of Black Man Jonathan Price: Forbes

New CDC Estimates: Fatality Rate For COVID-19 Drops Again And May Surprise You: Zero Hedge
Even the CDC cannot keep up the fiction that COVID is some sort of killer virus. But they don't need to maintain the fiction, because the Ziomedia does it for them.

Woke Science Is an Experiment Certain to Fail: Heather McDonald, Wall Street Journal
She actually sites SAT scores, where blacks score a full standard deviation below whites and Asians.

Man wielding a knife shot, killed by police officer in Lancaster; officer on leave: CBS Lancaster
This reporting is pretty slanted.

Extremist Groups May Be Infiltrating Protests: NBC Chicago
These protest groups are pretty extremist as it is.

Minnesota cops trained by Israeli forces: The Morning Star
Big surprise everyone!

Chauvin, Lane, Kueng, and Thao: The George Floyd Fall Guys: By George Parry, the American Spectator
The four policemen charged in George Floyd's death acted entirely according to the training and guidance provided them by the Minneapolis Police Department.

Pittsburgh police investigating after viral videos of protesters and downtown diners: Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Pittsburgh police investigating after viral videos of protesters and downtown diners: Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Thomas Lane's attorney files motion to have case dismissed saying George Floyd died of an overdose:

Charlottesville After 3 Years: Relentless Leftist Lawfare"But First Amendment May Still Be Vindicated: Vdare

Feds explored possibly charging Portland officials in unrest: AP News

Will the Denazification Ever End? Not until the "Vernichtung" of the Whites: Laurent Guyenot from Unz Review
Toward the end of his life, Frederick Lindemann (1886-1957), Churchill's Jewish wartime advisor,[4] and the inspiration for the British "strategic" bombing of German cities, "made a remark on more than one occasion with such an air of seriousness that he seemed to regard it as his testament of wisdom: […] 'Do you know what the future historians will regard as the most important event of this age? […] It will be the abdication of the White man." In other words, the Nazis' defeat will mark the beginning of the end of White civilization. What the Nazis did, Whites will pay for, until they are destroyed morally, psychologically, demographically, genetically. The insane 1944 "Morgenthau Plan" against Germany, which US Secretary of War Henry Stimson condemned as "Semitism gone wild for vengeance,"[6] was not fully implemented, but Jewish vengeance grew into a more far-reaching plan against the White race. The current cancellation of the White race is the final phase of the denazification project. This is why anti-Nazism (or anti-Fascism) is, still today, the banner of the conspiracy against Whites and their traditional values.

Amid tensions in Kenosha, Trump tours damaged businesses, meets with law enforcement: ABC News

His Name Is Cannon Hinnant: Five-Year Old White Boy Shot and Murdered Execution-Style by Black Neighbor... for Riding His Bike in His Lawn: Paul Kersey from the Unz Review
With what happened to Cannon Hinnant though, we might be seeing the early stages of a profound shift in thinking, where the story of a five-year-old white child murdered execution-style by his black neighbor and the complete silence from the corporate media (that just spent nearly three months canonizing a black man who once put a gun to the belly of a pregnant woman he was robbing in a home invasion and then died of fentanyl overdose while resisting arrest in Minneapolis) provides the much-needed realization to a lot of people that to our elite, white lives don't matter.

Man shot by police Sunday charged with attempted murder of officers; COPA asking for footage: WGN-9 Chicago
How dare the police shoot back at an armed criminal.

BLM Chicago Says Sunday night was a 'slave revolt' and we can't expect rioters to play by the rules: Wirepoints
It's all so tiresome.

Minneapolis police regulations allow for neck restraint when suspect actively resists arrest: Evidence in the George Floyd murder case
Check out page 13.

982 people have been shot and killed by police in the past year: Washington Post
And most of them were white.

George Floyd Autopsy (FULL REPORT): Hennepin County Medical Examiner
It's good to use primary sources.

'Most sophisticated tunnel in US history'? ICE uncovers 400m smuggling railway under Arizona-Mexico border (PHOTOS): From RT
The US Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) has claimed to have found the most technologically advanced border tunnel in American history, an underground smuggling route that stretched from Mexico into Arizona. Measuring at about 3 feet across and 4 feet tall, the tunnel was equipped with an elaborate ventilation system, electrical and water lines " as well as a small railway. Discovered near Yuma, Arizona, the 1,300-foot long passageway also featured "extensive reinforcement and shoring," the agency said in a press release, sharing several photos of the installation. "This appears to be the most sophisticated tunnel in US history, and certainly the most sophisticated I've seen in my career," said Carl Landrum, acting chief patrol agent for ICE's Yuma Sector.

Jews DO control the media: Times of Israel
What do you think?We told you so!

Leader of radical black-only militia NFAC 'believes in violence' & wants a real-life Wakanda for every black person in America: Chris Sweeney from RT
The NFAC (Not F*cking Around Coalition) grabbed plenty of attention on social media with a high-profile public debut on July 4. The sight of an all-black militia, clutching rifles and handguns, marching in the heartland of the Ku Klux Klan at Stone Mountain caused plenty of ripples. So to make their intentions clear, NFAC founder and leader Grand Master Jay (real name John Fitzgerald Johnson) spoke exclusively to RT.

'Boogaloo' on the loose: Experts warn Congress about extremism on the right: Yahoo News
The SPLC tells Congress "Don't believe your lying eyes, goyim! It's right-wing white people in rubber negro masks that's burning down the joint."

'I believe in white supremacy': John Wayne's notorious 1971 Playboy interview goes viral on Twitter: Washington Post
Put this in the context of 1971.

St. Louis Mayor Broadcasts Names, Addresses of Citizens Calling for Police Reform: Riverfront Times
This is why the mob busted into the gated community of armed boomers.

"My Fellow Jews": Brother Nathanael
This is Brother Nathanael at his best.

Beware the Hijacking of U.S. Protests Into a 'Color Revolution': By MAX PARRY, The Unz Review
Say it with me everyone:

America's Own Color Revolution: By F. William Engdahl, Global Research
Say it with me everyone:

[Israeli] Military tactic killed Floyd: Cleveland Jewish News
"The knee on the neck is a Palestinian-tested tactic used nearly daily in the occupied West Bank."

Video of the so called militia guy in New Mexico shooting his attackers: Twitter
What do the antifa expect?

Black man punch is cowering white woman in the face as hard as he can: Twitter
If the races were reversed, you know the Zio media would run it on a loop. The fact that you have never seen that is evidence that it never happens. But black man attack and kill white women so often that it is not even news. Check Colin Flaerity's Bitchute channel for the proof.

Toppled Confederate statue seriously injures Portsmouth protester as oblivious crowd cheers (VIDEO): RT

How Black Lives Matter activists see the future of urban policing: New York Post

The Systemic Collapse of the US Society Has Begun: The Saker from the Unz Review
Then there is what Solzhenitsyn called the "decline of courage" in the West: the vast majority US politicians have basically lost the ability to criticize Blacks, even when it is quite obvious that many of the current problems of the Black population of the US are created by Blacks themselves. . . . Irrespective of whether either faction will succeed in instrumentalizing the riots, what we are seeing today is a systemic collapse of the US society. That is not to say that the US will disappear, not at all. But just like it took the Soviet Union a decade or more to fully collapse (roughly from 1983-1993), it will take the US many years to fully crash. And just like a New Russia eventually began taking form in 1999, there will be a New US coming out of the current collapse. Total and final collapses are very rare, mostly they just initiate a lengthy and potentially very dangerous transformation process, the outcome of which is almost impossible to predict. . . . Finally, a "rematch" between North and South is not possible either because the modern US is not really split along North/South lines anymore. In terms of geography, there is somewhat of a "Big cities vs rural USA" split, but it takes place in both the north and the south of the country. Instead, what we do observe is a social breakup of the US into "zones" some of which will be doing much better than others (big cities with a strong Black population fare the worst, mostly White small towns fare best; that is even true within the same state). . . .

Minn cops trained by Israeli police, who often use knee-on-neck restraint: Alison Weir

But it's okay guys, it's plucky little Israel!

No More Money for the Police. Redirect it to emergency response programs that don't kill black people.: New York Times
Cops be all rassiss and sheeeiiit.

How can incarceration rates be racist if they reflect the ACTUAL crime rates?: Conservative Review

God Gave Me Anointed Vagina, Sleep With Me And Get Healed " Pastor Veronica: From Expressive Info
The founder of Life of Faith and Prosperity Ministry, Asaba, Delta State, Pastor Veronica has said that God gave her anointed vagina as a solution to men who have infertility problems. The clergywoman made the claims while delivering a sermon during a church service. According to her, any man who sleeps with her will be healed of his fertility problem. She added that her mission on earth is to cure fertility problems in men which happens anytime her body fluid touches a man's pen!s. To make the information available to those who were not in her church, she also took to Facebook to share the message. Read her post below. Patrick Slattery: "Don't go anywhere near this Riot!" 🤠🤠🤠

Don't go anywhere near these riots! Tell everyone to stay away!: A message from Patrick Slattery
This cannot be emphasized enough. Obviously we are engaged in a struggle for the future of our civilization, and so it is natural that when people see it crumbing they are going to want to "do something." But there is absolutely nothing to be gained from any of us doing anything in proximity to these riots. Mayor of Minneapolis Jacob Frey is already making the ridiculous and unsubstantiated allegation that somehow white supremacists and foreign (read Russian) agents are behind this:

"We are now confronting white supremacists, members of organized crime, out of state instigators, and possibly even foreign actors to destroy and destabilize our city and our region."

Why would any of us want to volunteer to be Jacob Frey's patsy? Obviously no reader of this site would, but if you know any MAGA people or other normies who want to go down and wave an American flag or counter-demonstrate in any way, don't let them. These riots won't last forever, and when the smoke clears we need as many people as possible to see clearly who is responsible for the chaos.

"Patrick Slattery, May 31, 2020

*SHOCK* FOIA Documents Reveal Government Lies and Sabotage of Charlottesville Protest:

20-year-old beating suspect was moved to nursing home because he has COVID-19, says father: WXYZ Detroit
The suspect's father said his son has mental health issues and a pending assault case in Washtenaw County. He has posted an anti-white, black supremacist video on social media. He began hearing voices and that's when he was taken to from his group home to the hospital, where he was diagnosed with COVID-19. So naturally he was taken to a nursing home to share a room with frail 75-year-old white veteran. That's how science informs Governor Gretchen Slutmore's decisions.

New video shows Ahmaud Arbery at construction site just before death: WJXT/CNN
Just because there is video evidence that the black guy had trespassed numerous times on the construction site and attacked the men who shot him does't mean he didn't do nothing.

EX-RUSSIAN INTEL OFFICER: Depopulation agenda is real: From You Tube
Thanks to ACH of UK "Generations" for the tip.

An owner of a New Jersey nursing home where dead bodies were found was once director of a Major nursing home chain: NBC News
The owners of New Jersey's largest nursing home, where at least 15 bodies were discovered crammed into a four-person morgue, were Jews. Imagine our surprise.

Jewish reactions to black anti-Semitism: The Occidental Observer
Jewish reacBlacks hate Jews because of wasp domination of the media. LOL!

George Soros Tied To Multi-Million-Dollar Relief Fund For Illegal Aliens: From the Daily Caller
An organization led and funded by billionaire activist George Soros is among the several philanthropic groups funding a multi-million relief initiative for illegal aliens living in California. The Open Society Foundations is among several groups pledging to donate altogether $50 million for the California Immigrant Resilience Fund, a public-private partnership between philanthropic entities and the state of California to provide cash assistance to those living unlawfully in the United States. Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees (GCIR), which is leading the fundraising efforts, lists its major contributors on its announcement page. Open Society Foundations is identified as one of the "supporters" of the initiative. Other donors include Emerson Collective and Blue Shield of California Foundation, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, the California Endowment, the James Irvine Foundation, Sunlight Giving, the Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund, the Marin Community Foundation, Silicon Valley Community Foundation, the Akonadi Foundation and the California Wellness Foundation. Click to copy RELATED TOPICS AP Top News Race and ethnicity Understanding the Outbreak Health Demographics Virus Outbreak Michael Pence General News U.S. News Racial toll of virus grows even starker as more data emerges: AP News
Corona-chan's a big racist.

Trump says he will sign executive order temporarily suspending immigration into US: The Hill
Shhhhh! Don't jinx it!

You know the Muslim invasion of Germany is catastrophic when even Jews are joining the right wing Alternative for Germany party: From Bare Naked Islam

Tucker Carlson: Criminals would be protected from deportation under bill AOC and other House Democrats back: Fox News
Thank you, Tucker!

H.R.5383 - New Way Forward Act:
Check out this list of the 44 Democrats in the House who already co-sponsor this foreign invasion!

H.R.5383 - New Way Forward Act:
This is the text of the bill. Tucker did not exaggerate anything.


French Intellectual Sentenced to Two Months in Prison for Calling Mass Immigration an Invasion : Paul Joseph Watson from Summit News
Renaud Camus also drew an 1800 Euro fine.

Trump weighs travel ban expansion in coming days: Politico
Belarus, Myanmar (also known as Burma), Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, Nigeria, Sudan and Tanzania

Travel Ban Expansion Could Include Immigration Restrictions on 7 Additional Countries, Sources Say: KTLA Channel 5
Belarus, Myanmar (also known as Burma), Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, Nigeria, Sudan and Tanzania

VIDEO: Largest U.S. Immigrant Groups Over Time : Animated Stats from You Tube
A 5:30 glance at what the Immigration Reform Act of 1965 has done to American demographics.

Foreigners and Tourists Deliver 72K Anchor Babies a Year : John Binder from Breitbart

This is who is paying for your country to be invaded, goy!

Swedish PM Won't Blame Immigrants for Surge In . . . Immigrant Crime : From RT

Illegal Alien Accused of Killing Father of 3 in DUI Hit and Run: From Breitbart
The Death Penalty by Hanging would certainly get the message across to Deported Illegals who return to commit heinous crimes.

The Globalists are Admitting Their Population Control Agenda, and That's a Bad Sign : Brandon Smith from Lew Rockwell

White Nationals = Aloha-Americans, NFW!: Daily Kos
Why are these people freaking out?

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. understood the spirit of aloha but David Duke does not!: NOQ Report
1/8 full-blooded Creek Indian from the mainland claims to be the sole arbitrator of the Aloha spirit. Because of course.

Guatemala: IFC Provides USD 10 Million for Fundación Genesis to Expand Access to Finance for Micro and Small Business Entrepreneurs: FinDev Gateway

In Guatemala, lenders that were supported by USAID and the World Bank are now funding illegal migration: Washington Post
I thought these people just walked up here.

'He Looked Like He Was Dead': Family Of Man Paralyzed After Fight Outside McDonald's Unsure If He Will Walk Again: CBS Pittsburgh
When blacks attack whites and almost kill them, it's a fight. When blacks attack whites and the whites fight back, it's an attack by the whites.

Is scrutiny of American-Jewish intelligence staffers abating?: Times of Israel
Was there ever any scrutiny in the first place?

Freies Deutschland With a Pictorial Video on European Demographic Targeting NWO Style : From Twitter

If you have any information about this racist recording at UConn. Please email We will not tolerate racist behavior on this campus (sic): NAACP Twitter account
Shocking video of the horrific white on black violence that is rampant, institutional, and systemic in our society. View discretion advised.

UConn Students Face Criminal Charges " For Saying The N-Word:
Wait, what? Did they outlaw rap or something?

Victor Orban: Dying Populations, Not Climate Change, Biggest Threat to Western Civilization : From Russian Faith

'Hey EU, wake up': Erdogan threatens to send millions of refugees to Europe if EU labels Turkish op in Syria an invasion: Russia Today
Something to think about.

Study destroys argument that white cops are shooting black men: Law Enforcement Today
Are statistics racist?

Kevin MacDonald: Individualism and the Western Liberal Tradition: White Dispossession and What to Do About It : F. Roger Devlin from the Unz Review

Still Deceiving Yourself that Population Replacement is a Conspiracy Theory?: Mike Walsh from Russia Insider

Senate again rebukes Trump on national emergency declaration: Politico
Eleven Senate Republicans vote against wall funding: Susan Collins of Maine, Mitt Romney of Utah, Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Rand Paul of Kentucky, Mike Lee of Utah, Jerry Moran of Kansas, Rob Portman of Ohio, Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania, Roy Blunt of Missouri and Roger Wicker of Mississippi. Rubio abstains.

Doesn't look Jewish to me...

Tulsi Gabbard: 'It's fair' to say 2020 Democrats advocate for 'open borders': Washington Examiner
She said she opposed open borders and called for building a wall on at least some sections of the border. Eric Striker predicted this!

Mark Dankof Concedes to Barbara Lerner Spectre: You've Definitely Succeeded in Destroying White European Christian Societies : From Twitter
I also sent this to Nikki Haley who was waxing Righteous with the Susan B. Anthony List on Twitter over Bernie's Pro-Abort Views. I reminded her she works for the same people he does.

Eric Kaufman's WHITESHIFT : Martin Witkerk from The Unz Review
Bausman's Russia Insider titles this review "Another Jew Gives a Prescription for Getting Rid of White Gentiles."

Patrick Slattery and Rev. James Manning have a conversation about race: National Bugle Radio
Nobody has actually ever tried this before.

Birthright Citizenship and the Future of America : Boyd D. Cathey from Lew Rockwell

Vatican Priorities: Melting Ice Trumps Aborting Babies: From The Remnant

New Film Reveals Life of Civil Rights Activist Jack O'Dell: Truthout
Jack O'Dell was a pretty decent guy, so read this as a case study of how a perfectly well-meaning person becomes a commie.

Fertility and Birth Rate Differences by race and Hispanic origin:
Surprise: Central Americans have way more babies than white people!

Israel Education Minister: Intermarriage Among US Jews Like a Second Holocaust : From JTA and Times of Israel

Government Can Know Everything About Us But Citizenship: Paul Craig Roberts from Lew Rockwell

2020 Census to Be Printed Without Citizenship Question: Real Clear Politics

Europe Imports Barbarians: Russia Watches With Great Sadness : Dimitry Orlov from Russia Insider

Illegals No Longer Evade Capture. They Want to Get Caught. But Why?: R. Cort Kirkwood from The New American

Collapse of a City That Has Lost Control: From the UK Daily Mail
Welcome to a Democrat Paradise in the People's Republic of Californication: Los Angeles has enough trash, rats, and fear of a typhoid breakout to warrant designating Hell as a Federally Declared Historical Site right up there with the Stonewall Inn in Manhattan.

Dr. Harold O.J. Brown Tribute: Theologian and Pro-Life Activist: St. Mark Catacomb from Vkontakte
The Harvard academic whiz, Evangelical Theologian, and pro-life activist is remembered here on a May 24th, 2019 date where National Bugle Radio on RBN discussed abortion.

About Care Net: A Pro-Life Alternative for Women Seeking Help and Support : From Care Net
Mark Dankof: Since Dr. Slattery and I discussed abortion on National Bugle Radio on the Republic Broadcasting Network this May 24th, I'm posting this site for those who may need help and support in a crisis pregnancy situation. I raised money for their ministry in Kerrville, Texas years ago. My academic advisor in seminary in Chicago, Dr. Harold O.J. Brown, was a co-founder of what was originally called the Christian Action Council. One will find love, support, counsel, and assistance through these people wherever you live. Call now if you need them.

Remembering Joe Sobran: Scott P. Richart from Chronicles
Mark Dankof: "Joe Sobran was one of the greatest men I ever knew. This tribute from Scott Richart of Chronicles tells you why. Joe was a part of my secret Kitchen Cabinet Advisory Group when I squared off with Bill Roth and Tom Carper in the US Senate race in Delaware in 2000."

Why Sex Is Mostly Binary but Gender Is a Spectrum: Nautilus
Despite the weird title, this long article has a lot of interesting information. Do a search for the phrase "Swyer syndrome" and start reading there. There is a single gene that turns on and off development as a male.

The Impact of Legalized Abortion on Crime: Donohue, John J. Levitt, Steven D., University of California at Berkeley
This paper from 2000 was recommended by Kevin MacDonald.

We Need to be Pushing for an Absolute Shutdown on All Forms of Immigration: Andrew Anglin, Daily Stormer
Just in case I forget to run this when it first came on, I am running it now. It is timeless.

Demographics of the U.S. Military: Council on Foreign Relations
Good background information.

Rep. Rashida Tlaib Defends Holocaust Comments to Seth Meyers: 'Racist Idiots' Twisted My Words: The Daily Beast
"You know, the tragedy of the Holocaust -- I mean, the reason why Israel was created was to create a safe haven for Jews around the world and there is something, in many ways, beautiful about, that my ancestors -- many had died or had to give up their livelihood, their human dignity to provide a safe haven for Jews in our world. And that is something I wanted to recognize and kind of honor in some sort of way. But I also think it's important, because I want the Palestinian people also to find some sort of, you know, light in this, kind of, what's happening,"

Well said, Rashida, well said!

A Brief Chronology of the Sierra Club's Retreat from the Immigration-Population Connection: Center for Immigration Studies

How the Sierra Club became pro-immigration: SUSPS
Megadonor (((David Gelbaum))) told Sierra Club leader Carl Pope that if they ever came out anti-immigration, they would never get a dollar from him. They became pro-immigration and Gelbaum rewarded the Club with total donations to the Sierra Club Foundation exceeding $100 million.

CS/CS/HB 741: Anti-Semitism: Florida State Senate website
Here is the text of the Florida law outlawing anti-Semitism.

Florida Legislature delivers anti-Semitism law for DeSantis to sign in Jerusalem: Florida Watchdog
The unanimous vote for this legislation outlawing assertions that Jews control the government in no way is an indication that Jews control the government.

If Ilhan Omar is American, No One is American : James Kirkpatrick from The Unz Review

Read Brenton Tarrant's Manifesto: The Great Replacement (PDF): The Sentinel

Trump on track for Supreme Court victory on census citizenship question: Reuters
I forget what it was like to win.

Most Famous German Bodyguard on Arab Gangs: They Are All Godfathers Now: From RT

Citizen Arrest or Kidnapping? U.S. Militias Told to Stand Down After Arresting 300+ Migrants : From RT

American Babylon: America Has Become a Patchwork of Squabbling Ethnic Interests: Paul Craig Roberts from Russia Insider

Blame the Nazis: Ultra Diverse US Congress Holds Hearings on 'White Nationalism': James Kirkpatrick from Russia Insider
Must read.

Inside 12 days of turmoil that shook Homeland Security: AP News

Donald Trump Trump shakes up leadership at Homeland Security Department -- Fires Kirstjen (sic) Nielsen: AP News
We did it!!! We (I am speaking of the anti-Zionist real news media) forced this useless bimbo out the door. Next stop, President Bolton, President Kushner, and Princess Shiksa

Perceptions of Jewish History Drive The Hostile Elite Against The Trump Presidency : Dr. Kevin MacDonald from The Nationalist Times and The American Freedom Union
Placed in Demographics because Dr. MacDonald gives us a bigger picture of who and what drives the targeted flooding of the West with non-European peoples, with ideological, racial, religious, and historical context. Mark Dankof is presently reading the print version of Don Wassall's The Nationalist Times which also has a great article by Dr. Adrian Krieg. 👍

Where is the World Headed?: Paul Craig Roberts from Lew Rockwell

White Refugees Not Allowed in Germany : The New Observer

Who is Kimberly M. Foxx: Cook County Official Website
Well, "she was the lead architect of the county's criminal justice reform agenda to address racial disparities in the criminal and juvenile justice systems."

Facebook bans white nationalism two weeks after New Zealand attack: CNN
Because we all know that white nationalism is the cause of all these wars in the Middle East and whatever.

S.488 - Justice for Victims of Lynching Act of 2019:
Here is the text of the Kamala Harris anti-lynching bill. It's all about imposing draconian penalties on hate crimes, which is a fake category of fake crime.

Senators Harris, Booker, Scott Lead Unanimous Passage of Federal Anti-Lynching Legislation: Kamala Harris Senate Website
This bill passed on a wave of media kvetching about Jussie Smollett being lynched. Was Kamala Harris a co-conspirator?

VIDEO: The Civil Defense Initiative For South African Farmers Part 1: Simon Roche of Suidlanders from YouTube

Italy bus fire: driver hijacks and sets alight to school coach full of children 'in retaliation' for migrant drownings: The Telegraph
This is not hate or terrorism, unlike New Zealand. This is righteous indignation and justifiable self-defense, goy!

Who Spawned The Christchurch Killer?: Pat Buchanan from Lew Rockwell
Must read.

H.Res.41 - Rejecting White nationalism and White supremacy:
This was in response to Steve King saying that Western Civilization isn't such a bad thing.

A film on anti-Semitism made by some Israeli Jew: Some Polish YouTube Channel
If you have some time to kill, this may be a bit fun.

Can Trump Stop The Invasion?: Pat Buchanan from Lew Rockwell

Roche's Revenge: How Jews See Muslims as Their 'Natural Allies' in Their War on Whites : Tobias Langdon from The Unz Review

The Attack on John Wayne is an Attack on White America: Paul Kersey from the Unz Review

A database of hate crime hoaxes in the usa:
This is an excellent resource. Spread it around.

70,000 Strong Invader Caravan Readies to Leave Greece For Western Europe : From American Freedom Union

Non-White Migrant Invasion of Europe Tops 7 Million Since 2006: From American Freedom Union

Pew Provides Input to U.S. Senators on Racial Disparities in Student Debt: Pew Charitable Trusts
Racial disparities proves white racism, because everyone is exactly the same. Professor Shekelstein says so!

"A quarter of black households would have less than $5 if they liquidated all of their financial assets": Pew Charitable Trusts
This research paper proves systemic white racism, goy!
From the paper "What Resources Do Families Have for Financial Emergencies?"

Whites are Dying Out Because US and European Governments Favor Foreigners : Paul Craig Roberts from Russia Insider

H.R.672 - Combating European Anti-Semitism Act of 2017:
When will they outlaw anti-Semitism domestically?

Abortion=Eugenics as Ralph Northam Demonstrates With Intellectual Consistency : Allen Stevo from Lew Rockwell

Senate Bill S240 SIGNED BY GOVERNOR 2019-2020 Legislative Session -- Enacts the reproductive health act:
This is the new New York law, which has been signed by Governor Cuomo. Lines 42-49 are most relevant.

HB 2491 Abortion; eliminate certain requirements.:
This is the text of the Virginia late-term abortion bill.

Muhammad is The Top Name in Oslo For the 11th Year: From TRT World Turkey

VIDEO: The Silent Scream : Bernard Nathanson from YouTube
Grim. Graphic. What the abortion industry doesn't want you to see.

VIDEO: Inside the Abortion Cartel : Bernard Nathanson from YouTube
Grim. Revealing.

Large Numbers of Jews Favor Abortionfor Non-Jews: Kevin McDonald from The Occidental Observer

The Delegitimization of the White Male: Paul Craig Roberts from Lew Rockwell

Mattress Shopping with Tina Fey | Pay It Plan It from American Express: YouTube
Watch Tina Fey sell a mattress to a white woman and her obese black lesbian lover.

Blacks calling for white slavery no problem. White with a confederate flag? Quick, call 911:
This black group is the same one that harassed the kids from Convington Catholic High School. Here is more background on them:

The Black Hebrew Israelites and their connection to the Covington controversy, explained

MICHIGAN: Black "Hebrew" Hate Group Threatens Woman With Rape And Murder At Grand Rapids Gay Day Event

Anti-immigration group sues SPLC over inclusion on hate list: The New York Post
The SPLC is a Jewish hate organization.

There Will Be Two Civilizations in Europe, One Christian, One Mixed Islamic: Orban of Hungary Declares War on Macron and the EU Over His Country's Survivability : From the Daily Mail
We salute Viktor Orban of Hungary.

Resignations Rock US Civil Rights Institute After Stripping Angela Davis of Award Over Her Pro-BDS Views: From Russia Today

Angela Davis on Cancellation of the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute Award: "An Attack on the Indivisibility of Justice": From Mondoweiss

I Thought I Was Going to be The Next Black Man to Die at Ed Butt's House!: From the Daily Mail UK
The 1989 Grand Marshal of the International Gay Rodeo is in Deep Kimchee.😂😂😂😂🍺🍺🍺

Book: Culture of Critique: An Evolutionary Analysis of Jewish Involvement in 20th Century Intellectual and Political Movements : Dr. Kevin MacDonald from Unz Review

What Trump Must Say In His Oval Office Address: The Democratic Party Seeks To Replace You: James Kirkpatrick from the Unz Review

Do White People Have a Future?: Paul Craig Roberts from Lew Rockwell

Jewish Involvement in Contemporary Refugee and Migrant Organizations Part Two : Dr. Andrew Joyce from Occidental Observer

Jewish Involvement in Refugee and Migratory Organizations Part One: Dr. Andrew Joyce from The Occidental Observer

Mark Dankof on Press TV Iran: Southern US Border and Migration Policy: From Press TV Iran
National Bugle Radio recognized in the introduction last night. 5:04 Duration.

Alan Dershowitz Calls Out Tucker Carlson on Immigration Comments to His Face: The Wrap
"I disagree with the way you categorized mass immigration. I wish you hadn't used that language. Language like that was used to describe my grandparents and great grandparents and probably some of yours."
No, Professor Dershowitz, Tucker's grandparents weren't filthy like yours.

Anti-BDS Legislation by State: Palestinian Law
Check here to see if you are allowed to boycott Israel in your state.

A Texas Elementary School Speech Pathologist Refused to Sign a Pro-Israel Oath, Now Mandatory in Many States so She Lost Her Job: Glenn Greenwald, The Intercept
How can you be a loyal American without taking an oath to Israel.

Should Americans Believe Gallup on Israel (or anything else)?: Grant Smith from

With Fertility Rising, Israel Is Spared a Demographic Time Bomb: Haaretz

'We're white men. We did everything': Columbia condemns student's tirade targeting minorities: Washington Post
Where is the lie? By the way, the 21-year-old white Sophomore has already published two books on theoretical physics, whereas presumably some of his accouters have rap videos and Instagram accounts.

The History of Jewish Influence: Dr Andrew Joyce, Red Ice Radio

1 The Jewish Bias of the Nobel Prize: By Jan C Biro MD., PhD
Oh G-wd! Is this exposing the myth of Jewish achievement?

Jews Fraudulently Favored 10:1 over Whites in Ivy League Admissions: Ron Unz Shocking Expos: Israel Shamir from Russia Insider

White Dems Dumb Down Speeches for Racial Minorities: Yale Study: From RT

Brett Farve Checking in with the #GDL boys, REMEMBER THE USS LIBERTY #GDL: YouTube
Football legend comes out in favor of Goyim!

Attorney General reviews sentence of 'zombie knife' thug, 18, who avoided jail over road rage row - as it's revealed he's a drill rapper who has appeared in You Tube videos with gang members: DailyMail
Watch the video!

Anti-Semitism is Nothing New in America : Don't Deny Jewish History and Culture By Calling Us "White": Micha Danzig for The Jewish Forward

Jews are a "Race" Genes Reveal: Jon Entine for the Jewish Forward
A look at the Harry Ostrer book for Oxford University entitled, "Legacy: A Genetic History of the Jewish People."

American Jews Face a Choice: Create Meaning or Fade Away : Gal Beckerman from the New York Times

Is It Good for the Jews?: New York Times
This is the guiding question of our society.

Are Jared and Ivanka Good for the Jews?: New York Times
Seriously. Are they? It must be important, because it's in the New York Times.

Abortion Rates Plummeting in Russia: Orthodox Church Helps the Embrace of Pro-Life Values in Russia : Dr. Steve Turley For Russian Faith via Russia Insider
The New World Order has epileptic seizures over the renaissance of Russian Orthodox culture in Russia, and the latter's embrace of the sanctity of life and the rejection of International Faggotry in the West.

Are there any straight whites left in Harvard?: The Harvard Crimson
Peruse this survey of the demographics of Harvard. Remember, Hillel for years has claimed 25% Jewish enrollment at Harvard, and they get thrown into the White category even though they are the most anti-white group out there.

Young Refugee Marches Naked in Streets, Rapes Old Lady on Italian Beach - Report: Sputnik News
Salvini asked "Where are the radical feminists?" Indeed.

Somalian Refugee Marches Naked in the Streets, Rapes Elderly Lady on Beach : From Sputnik News
Italian Deputy PM Matteo Salvini notes that this is a declaration of war on Italians and that radical feminists are notoriously silent. Time for an Italian people to put the New World Order out of business and to get their own National Rifle Association rolling now.

More Harvard, Yale freshmen identify as LGBTQ than as conservative, surveys find: NBC News
"Approximately 20 percent of first-year students at Harvard and Yale identify as something other than heterosexual." These poofters are no doubt over-represented in the small quota for non-Jewish whites. Meanwhile, the "conservatives" would includes lots of neocon Jews.

Mexico Caravan: LGBTQ Migrants Stick Together for Safety : From AP
🏳️‍🌈 🏳️‍🌈 🏳️‍🌈 🇮🇱 🇮🇱 🇮🇱 👎👎👎😂😂😂

Freiburg and the Dimension of Sexual Violence: Defenseless Prey: Thorsten Hinz from Lew Rockwell
Time for Germans to junk the EU, arm the citizenry, and kick the predators' fannies back into North Africa and the Middle East. Make Germany Great Again (MGGA).

Intelligent 'anti-Semitism' for thinking Gentiles The Ugly Truth Home Amendment Allowing Felons to Vote Gives Florida's Jews Cause for Celebration in MidtermsPreviously muted talk of Trump and Kavanaugh impeachments during campaign season starting up again after Democratic takeover of the House Jewish Americans are now the face of the anti-Trump resistance: The Ugly Truth

American Pravda: Racial Discrimination at Harvard: Ron Unz, the Unz Review
Ron Unz has come out and said, with massive evidence, that the racist discrimination in academia is Jewish discrimination against non-Jewish whites. From the Holocaust to Israeli involvement in 9-11, Ron Unz is emerging as a powerful voice. This piece is a must-read.

Racial Politics in California and America : Ron Unz of The Unz Review from Lew Rockwell

5 sectors under consideration for coveted status in new work visa: The Japan Times
Push for massive immigration arrives in Japan.

Mass Migration a Threat to Red State America : Pat Buchanan from Lew Rockwell

Mass Migration Brought Down the Roman Empire: Can it Bring Down The American Empire?: John Wight from RT

Trump says border troops could hit 15K, surprising Pentagon: AP News
He is laying down the gauntlet.

We Can Replace Them -- In Georgia, a chance to rebuke white nationalism: (((Michelle Goldberg))), New York Times

She's decided you are no longer needed in this country, white boy.

Trump: End birthright citizenship for some US-born babies: AP News
This would be a major turning point.

An Exodus? How biblical? "some traveling by foot, while others crammed into already overcrowded cars and trucks..."

What we know about the latest migrant caravan traveling through Mexico: PBS
"Thousands of Central American migrants are walking, taking buses and wading through rivers in a cross-continent effort to reach the United States." Why not tally up how many miles are on a bus, and how many are walked during photo ops?

Caravan Puts Trump Legacy on The Line: Pat Buchanan from Lew Rockwell

David Duke Meets Jarod Taylor and Michael Hart: Jonas E. Alexis for Veterans Today
Fascinating read from start to finish, whatever one's final conclusions. The Dr. E. Michael Jones quotation at the beginning kicks off the article beautifully.

Putin Loves Large, Traditional Families and Isn't Afraid to Show It: Michael Tare from Russian Faith
Putin's Russia revolts against the New World Order and the Western embrace of the Culture of Death embodied in LGBTQ perversion and Abortion on Demand.

The White Heterosexual Male Has Been Renditioned to the Punishment Hole : Paul Craig Roberts From Lew Rockwell
Jewish Cultural Marxism continues to shred the Old American Republic.

42 of 50 World's Most Violent Cities in Latin America : From Business Insider
And 5 of the 10 Most Violent Cities in the World are in . . . Mexico! We need Zio-Soros-Demokrat Open Borders in the United States????? 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎. No Way, Jose! Open Borders for Zio Globalists in Eretz Yisrael Only!!!!!🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱 Not in 🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱!!!!!!! 🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺

Yale Study Finds Twice as Many Undocumented Immigrants Than Previous Estimates : From Yale Insights
The assault on the European heritage of the United States by the New World Order and The Tribe proceeds ahead of schedule.

"Japan Needs More Foreign Blood!" Whines Journalist (Who Just Happens to be Jewish): Daily Stormer
As I have been saying, they are pushing immigration in Japan and South Korea, only they are less effective their because they cannot masquerade as "fellow Asians."

Offensive in Syria's Idlib Canceled After Russia, Turkey Reach Deal:

South Africa Question, By Walter E. Williams:
A black American professor says things were better in Africa under colonialism.

Adelson's perfect little puppet ends all possibility of a Palestinian state: Mondoweiss
Okay, Weiss is a Jew, and this is where it is laid bare. He things we should forget about saving our own race in our own country because Donald Trump isn't paving the way for a phony Palestinian "state" that would justify the narrative of Israel as a normal country.

NEWS Woman arrested after allegedly attacking ex-boyfriend's girlfriend with brass knuckles: KSAT Channel 12 San Antonio

Who pulls the strings of Femen and Pussy Riot? : Occidental Observer
Spoiler alert: It's Jews.

The Hoax of the Twentieth Century: The Case Against the Presumed Extermination of European Jewry: Unz Review
A full book refuting the Holocaust narrative by Arthur Butz.

Washington's Belligerence Can Produce A World Holocaust: Paul Craig Roberts
Roberts argues that the Holocaust we should be concerned with is the one being pushed by the crazy Zionist neocons who have hijacked our foreign policy.

American Pravda: Holocaust Denial: Unz Review
This lengthy article by Ron Unz discusses the history of Holocaust revisionism and the banning of Holocaust denial by many countries.

Fighting the Far-Right and Neo-Nazi Resurgence in Germany: Yasmeen Serhan, The Atlantic
I wonder of Atlantic Editor-in-Chief Jeffrey Goldberg, a former prison guard for the Israeli military, would have an Arab write an article about torture at Israeli military prisons.

"Absolutely Killed": Trump Throws Flag At NFL And Nike For Lack Of Patriotism, Supporting Kaepernick: Zero Hedge

Upset Ice Cube fan opens fire, shot by police as panic engulfs concert venue (GRAPHIC VIDEO): Russia Today

'We don't want to live in Middle East & Africa': Czech PM blasts EU migration policy: Russia Today

Video: Palestinian child forced to scale Israeli military fence to reach home in Hebron: Mondoweiss
Nothing to see here, goy!

Suspected terrorist who sought refugee status in Germany handed over to Russia: Russia Today

IMF backs South Africa's plan to confiscate land from white farmers: Sputnik News
This is illustrative of whose side these (((international))) organizations are really on.

Woman 'murdered abducted baby boy by setting him on fire': Metro News
This is the baby:

And this is the lady that set him on fire:

Man Drives Through Antwon Rose Protesters On Route 30: KDKA Channel 2 CBS

508. Use of force in law enforcement: Pennsylvania Statute
508(a)(1) A peace officer ... is justified in using deadly force ... when he believes both that: (i) such force is necessary to prevent the arrest from being defeated by resistance or escape; and (ii) the person to be arrested has committed or attempted a forcible felony

Teen inside car with Antwon Rose arrested, charged with attempted homicide in North Braddock shooting: WTAE Channel 4 Pittsburgh
Watch the video of the car Antwon was in carry out a drive-by just minutes before Antwon fled from police custody with an empty magazine in his pocket, leaving a gun under his seat.

Officer Michael Rosfeld's lawyer says Antwon Rose shooting was justified: 'I see it as an acquittal if everybody looks at it on the facts': WTAE Channel 4 Pittsburgh
Why does this lawyer have to speak so timidly?

'Pack your bags': Italy's new interior minister talks tough on migrants: France 24

White Extinction Anxiety: The New York Times
LGBT Black dude on Jewish payroll Charles Blow teases whites about their "Extinction Anxiety."

Video shows Antwon Rose firing weapon in earlier drive-by shooting, sources say: WPXI Pittsburgh
So thousands of blacks and delusional whites shut down an interstate for six hours because of police shooting a black guy who had shot another black guy 13 minutes earlier.

'Who do you think owns the press?' Elon Musk tweet attracts barrage of anti-Semitic comments: RT
I think the Jews own the press. What do you think, Elon?

Majority Say Zionism is a Jewish Conspiracy in French Poll: Breitbart News
The goyim know. Shut it down.

Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich can enter the UK after being granted Israeli citizenship following British visa hold-up: DailyMail
So Israel gets to decide who can enter the UK...

Georgia governor candidate Stacey Abrams is $200,000 in debt. She's not alone: CNN

Surgeon who gave bride-to-be 'permanent brain damage' during a tummy tuck filmed videos of herself dancing and singing during surgeries: Bloomberg
Remember, Trump isn't just threatening and wheeling and dealing with the North Koreans, but he is also threatening and wheeling and dealing with the Zionists.

Video of Alex Jones talking about Jewish power? : Twitter
Does this represent a turning point for Jones?

A CNN panel talked about the Israeli rabbi who compared black children to monkeys. It got weird.: Jewish Telegraphic Agency

These Jewish groups are fighting even physically, according to some behind the scenes: Jewish Telegraphic Agency
The Zionist Organization of America is calling the ADL and the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society "extremists" for wanting to flood America with Muslim immigrants.

Some U.S. House Republicans see progress on 'Dreamer' immigration deal: Reuters

Georgia gubernatorial candidate goes on campaign tour with his 'deportation bus': USA Today
Georgia state Sen. Michael Williams is his name.

White Woman Tied To A Tree And Gang Raped in South Africa: Onlinepoint

The New Color Line: American Suicide Is In The Cards: Paul Craig Roberts
Paul Craig Roberts starts naming the Jew.

Alex Michael Ramos Found Guilty In Charlottesville: Occidental Dissent
Even Puerto Rican whites are not allowed to defend themselves against blacks.

Central American migrant caravan camps at U.S. border, 11 arrested: Reuters

Perspectives on isotopic and ancient DNA research on migration by Hannes Schroeder: YouTube

Migrants from caravan in limbo as U.S. says border crossing full: Reuters
Whereas Israel has amassed a gigantic nuclear arsenal while being allowed to coyly contended that they refuse to answer questions about it. Watch Obama refuse to answer this simple question about Israel's nukes. Go to minute 1:52.

Migrant 'caravan' at U.S.-Mexico border prepares for mass crossing: Reuters
These people are proving to the normies that our Jewish overlords really DON'T want us to have a country.

Migrant 'caravan' at U.S.-Mexico border prepares for mass crossing: Thomson Reuters

On the so-called "Jewish Question": Jordan Peterson

Who We Are and How We Got Here by David Reich review new findings from ancient DNA: The Guardian
DNA research has come a long way.

Demographics of the American Media Elite: Jason Bayz
One more good research piece on the preponderance of Jews in the media.

Fresno State says it can't discipline the professor who called Barbara Bush an 'amazing racist': The Washington Post
Choice quotes from Professor Randa Jarrar:
"Spencer's home is still standing," apparently referring to white supremacist Richard Spencer. "People need to f--king throw grenades into it," the nutty professor said. "I don't give a f--k. I'm buying guns. I'm an American. I'm buying guns."
"I can't stand the white heteropatriarchy," she said in one interview. "Then sometimes I'm sucking a white d--k."

Migrant 'caravan' that angers Trump nears U.S.-Mexico border: Reuters
While we were distracted with Syria, they just kept on coming.

Idiocracy at Starbucks: Mark Dice YouTube Channel

Starbucks to Close 8,000 U.S. Stores for Racial-Bias Training After Arrests: New York Times
This is the same Starbucks that required its baristas to instill white guilt in its customers with the race together campaign. Let's hope that they now go bankrupt based on their "race insensitivity."

Truth about child refugees: Two-thirds quizzed about their age are found to be ADULTS, official report reveals after almost 3,000 people claiming to be unaccompanied minors apply for asylum in a year: DailyMail
He's only 32!

David Reich: 'Neanderthals were perhaps capable of many modern human behaviours': The Guardian
If you get too depressed reading about the Syrian gas hoax, this is an interesting diversion.

Ann Coulter asked about White Genocide in South Africa: YouTube
Yeah, it's a real thing.

Kuwait to recruit Ethiopians following labor murder: PressTV
The Philippines is not allowing its citizens to work in Kuwait because employers like to torture Filipinos. They like to torture Ethiopians too, but the Ethiopian government doesn't seem to mind. Aren't you glad we fought a war to liberate Kuwait?

GWU Is Conducting a Seminar on "Christian Privilege" and Right-Wing Media Is Very Displeased: Slate
Are you kidding? A "Christian privilege" hoax is much better than the "white privilege" hoax could ever be, because Jews cannot disguise themselves as Christians. This just begs for an exposé of Jewish power and privilege. Let's push this meme!

School District Pays Teen $800,000 For Refusing To Let Her Sleep, Micturate With Boys: The Federalist

Migrant caravan stops in field in Mexico seeking visa advice: AP, via Japan News
It looks like the end of the Caravan of Inclusiveness.

Migrant Attacks Compilation: YouTube
How is this not an invasion?

Compromise on DACA, Koch brothers send a signal to Trump: Press TV
Cucking on immigration is bi-partisan, goy.

A Huge Caravan Of Central Americans Is Headed For The US, And No One In Mexico Dares To Stop Them: Buzzfeed
Why do (((we))) only invade countries that threaten Israel, but leave our borders open. What is our military for, anyway?

London murder rate overtakes New York's: BBC
Most of London's murders used to take place in Agatha Christie novels.

Met chief says social media is behind soaring rate of knife crime: The Guardian
Immigration has absolutely nothing to do with it, goy!

Winnie Mandela: South African anti-apartheid campaigner dies at 81: BBC

Trump declares 'NO MORE' DACA deal after report of caravan with Central Americans heading to US: Fox News
This is an invasion premised on exploiting our asylum laws and overwhelming our immigration legal system. It will prove why the wall is necessary.

Trump to end special status for Liberian immigrants in U.S.: Reuters
Back to Wakanda!

Mitt Romney Runs as Immigration Hawk: 'DACA Kids Shouldn't All Be Allowed to Stay Legally': Breitbart News
We'll just keep our eye on this guy.

Students call Thomas Jefferson 'icon' of white supremacists: Campus Reform
Hofstra University petition to have Jefferson statue removed. William & Mary, University of Virginia following suit.

MGTOW vs. Traditionalism | Global Man, Mark Collett: Matthew Drake Youtube Channel
Any Mark Collett debate is going to be interesting.

Judaism as a Group Evolutionary Strategy: Some Jewish Graduate Student
This is the first academic book review of Kevin MacDonald's "Culture of Critique."

Australia looks into resettling white South African farmers who say they are persecuted: Washington Post
Whites have too much institutional power to be persecuted.

Reply to Nathan Cofnas: Debating THE CULTURE OF CRITIQUE: Unz Review
Kevin MacDonald demolishes rebuttal of Culture of Critique.

Sweden's ruling Social Democrats vow to ban religious schools: The Times of Israel
Don't worry, Jewish schools are specifically exempted from the ban and will continue to get government funding.

Chief rabbi calls black people 'monkeys': Times of Israel
Don't let any blacks find out about this. You wouldn't want to spoil the precious relationship between them and Jews.

Condemning Louis Farrakhan for promoting ideas that create animosity and anger toward Jewish Americans and the Jewish religion: Congressman Todd Rokita
Republican Congresscuck condemns insightful African American gentleman for calling out Jewish power, but gives him a pass on anti-white comments. By the way, Todd Rokita is an anagram for "Root Dikdat."

Jews at Saturday Night Live think whites are "hateable": Patrick Slattery

Outrage as Swedish TV Portrays Suspected Gang Rapists as 'Victims': Sputnik News

Don't Deny the Link Between Poverty & Single Parenthood: Washington Post

Cops: Female Diners Beat IHOP Worker Bloody: The Smoking Gun (I never heard of it either)
All this could have been avoided if the patrons had been required to pay up-front.

DACA Illegal Aliens Praise their 'Strongest Ally' Kamala Harris: 'You're My Beyoncé': Breitbart News

Huffington Post Editor Celebrates Having Less Than 50% White Writers: Shmuley Ben Shekelheim, Daily Stormer

This is worth a read.

Exclusive: Florida Public School Teacher Has A White Nationalist Podcast: Huffington Post

The Racial Wealth Gap and Today's American Dream: Data suggest dramatic differences in financial well-being by race: The Pew Charitable Trusts
Even educated blacks don't save money as much as whites. That must prove institutional racism!

Halsey/Luongo v. Collett/Slattery. The Warski Live Episode they didn't want you to see.: Warski Live (YouTube Debating Channel)
Dr. Slattery was a last-minute fill in for David Duke. YouTube restricted Warski's channel to prevent him from hosting the debate in the first place, and then when the debate was moved to another channel the restricted the resulting video after the fact. The more than 1000 comments on the original video (those comments can no longer be seen) were unanimously in favor of Collett & Slattery.

Ancient DNA Tells Tales of Humans' Migratory History: Nature

Ancient DNA Tells Tales of Humans' Migratory History: Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Jews Collaborating With Nazis During the Holocaust is Confirmed Fact - Warsaw: Sputnik News

Donald Trump Is Turning Me Liberal: The real reason Jewish conservatives hate Trump. Hint: It has nothing to do with Iraq.: Tablet Magazine
The Jewish author admits that Jews promote immigration and miscegenation because they see it as being in their own ethnic interests.

Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz made anti-Semitic, racists comments in private chat group: Jewish Telegraphic Agency
The article claims his biological mother was Jewish

'Stop Soros' Anti-Immigration Bill Submitted to Hungarian Parliament: Sputnik News

Trump issues fresh opposition to short-term DACA bill: CNN

Harvard University names Lawrence Bacow its 29th president: Fox News
He's a Jew. Nobody could have predicted this.

Immigration debate launches in the Senate " and a GOP plan picks up support: Washington Post

UK - Inhuman Black Somail Muslim Rapist Gets 11 Years For Hideous Rape Of Teen Girl: The Daily Mail

Open-ended immigration debate to grip Senate: CNN

Sweden Refusing New Study of Migrant Crime Despite Horrible Figures From Norway: Sputnik News

Ancient Britons Had 'Dark To Black' Skin Reveals Cheddar Man DNA: Huffington Post
HuffPo makes it seem as if A) this is breaking news, and B) it somehow justifies replacement-level immigration in white countries. Please listen to my podcast with Kevin MacDonald from a year ago on THIS VERY ISSUE, only with a completely different and much more logical conclusion.

Sweden Refusing New Study of Migrant Crime Despite Horrible Figures From Norway: Sputnik News

Swede Fined For Saying Muslims Are Behind

DACA state of play: Eyes on House Democrats: CNN

Is the Rockefeller Foundation Jewish? You decide.: Dr. Patrick Slattery

Play the new Google game: Where's whitey?: Dr. Patrick Slattery

Trump Wants to 'Get Tough' After US Athlete Killed By Illegal Immigrant: Sputnik News

Comedian Jim Carrey urges people to delete their Facebook accounts and dump the stock: CNBC
Because Facebook helped Russia steel the election from Hillary! We knew this guy was Canadian, but we didn't know he was retarded.

While Trump says he'd 'love to see a shutdown' over immigration, Congress closes in on budget deal: Chicago Tribune

NYC - Black Thug Mob On Bicycles Smashes
Cars Terrorizes Drivers :
The Daily Mail

S Korea Bans Entry For 36,000 Foreigners During Olympics: Sputnik News

Victoria Nuland tells the story of how she pushed the Obama administration to do more to stop Russian hacking: Politico
This Evil Jewish Bitch was up to her bagels in the Russia Hoax

Israel Recruiting Inspectors to Deport Asylum Seekers by Force, Promising $9,000 Bonus: Haaretz
Nothing to see here, goy.

Homeowner Shoots, Kills Teen Burglary Suspect: CBS News
"You have to look at it from every child's point of view that was raised in the hood… how he gonna get his money to have clothes to go to school?"

Trump's DACA cuck is a ploy to expose anti-white aims of Zio immigration lobby: Patrick Slattery
This guy is really smart and knows what he is talking about!!!

Trump's Immigration Plans Include Doubling DACA, Path to Citizenship, $25 Billion Wall: Bloomberg
Nancy Pelosi calls it "a $25 billion anti-immigrant wish list"

White nationalist views, arrest of OSU student government rep spark outrage: Oregon Live

A 'pro-white' town manager who wanted races to separate refused to quit. He's been fired.: Washington Post

Don't Buckle on Immigration: The National Review
These people cannot be taken seriously. They are controlled opposition if their ever was such a thing

Maine town manager fired for white separatist comments: AP

Mythologies of Illegal Immigration: American Greatness

The Privileged vs. the White Working Class: The National Review
This is a couple years old, but a Nobel Prize winner found that whites aren't really privileged. Who knew?

What We Can Learn From 'S-Hole Countries': Nicolas Kristof, New York Times
Kristof has his head way up his own Haiti

A Modest Immigration Proposal: Ban Jews: New York Times
"Jews are widely considered the model minority." How's that for chutzpah?

It's Time to Drop the Jew Taboo: Russia Insider
This is important!

Great Moments in Google: "American Inventors": The Unz Review
Did you know that black people literally invented everything? If you don't believe me, just Google it!

Swedish Ski Resort Burns Down Junk Migrant Camp: Sputnik News

Bipartisan deal would create 12-year citizenship pathway: KRQE
Plus it would let these "dreamers" sponsor their parents indefinitely, it would amnesty people fleeing decades-old earthquakes, and it would prioritize immigration from Africa. Sounds like a win-win, right fam?

Michael Wolff: Donald Trump knowing who's Jewish is creepy: The Jewish Telegraphic Agency

Brooklyn College Professor Claims Meritocracy Is a 'Tool of Whiteness': Breitbart
"Before coming to teach in Brooklyn College's mathematics education program, Laurie Rubel taught high school mathematics, statistics and computer science for nine years, in Manhattan and in Tel Aviv."

Migrant Scandal Threatens To Topple Belgian Govt: Sputnik News

Wolff: Trump 'aware of who is Jewish' in a way that could be 'creepy': The Hill

Man Rapes German Woman In Broad Daylight: Sputnik News

German bill would allow expulsion of migrants who espouse anti-Semitism: The Jewish Telegraphic Agency

US Muslim Population To Double By 2050 : Sputnik News

French Women Mass Molested On Public Transport: Sputnik News

Discharged Omarosa Declares Black

Black IN Nurse - White Women Should KIll Their Babies: The Daily Mail

MSM Declares Family Racist For Flying Confederate Flag: The Daily Mail

A Two-State Solution For Europe?: Zero Hedge

War On Christmas - Washington DC Metro Bans
All Christmas Ads, Causes Great Anger:
Sputnik News

DACA state of play: Time is running short: CNN

Race Differences in Rates of Venereal Disease: American Renaissance
Black men AT LEAST eight times more likely to have STDs as white men.

DNA Testing Companies Like 23andme Admit Adding Fake African Ancestry To White Profiles In Order To "Screw With Racists": Squawker

African Americans make up 14.6% of Class of 2021: Harvard University
"Blacks real smart even though slavery 'n sh*t hold us back."

Affirmative Action Battle Has a New Focus: Asian-Americans: The New York Times

Justice Dept. investigating Harvard over affirmative action policies: CNN

Phily Man Beaten Into A Coma By 2 Black Thugs: The Daily Mail

Tucker Takes on Writer of NYT Op-Ed Titled 'Can My Children Be Friends With White People?': Fox News

CNN's Symone Sanders: White People Aren't Allowed To Criticize NFL Kneeling [VIDEO]: The Daily Caller

Sweden Completely Insane - Military, Firemen,
Cops To Wear Hijabs :
Sputnik News

University of Michigan students challenge Charles Murray on 'The Bell Curve': Ann Arbor News

Democrats alarmed at lagging DACA renewals ahead of deadline day: CNN

How I Got Fired: Exposing Jewish power in America has real consequences: The Unz Review

The Daily 202: Trump's Katrina? Influx of Puerto Ricans after Hurricane Maria could tip Florida toward Democrats.: The Washington Post

Florida Rapper Hangs Little White Boy In Music Video: The Daily Mail

A 'Read-My-Lips' Moment for Trump?: Patrick Buchanan

1965 Immigration Law Changed Face of America (From 2006): NPR

Charlottesville activists target founder Jefferson: Russia Today

Austrian FM Proposes Plan To Cut
Muslim-Black Benefits By One-Third:
Sputnik News

DACA decision appears to shift to Congress, but action tough: CNN

Dozens of Al-Nusra, ISIS-affiliated jihadists entered Germany posing as refugees " report : Russia Today

Mom loses lawsuit against school that secretly gave her son 'transgender' treatment : Life Site News

Jews ruined Russia, says politician from Putin's party: Times of Israel

DACA on the brink: CNN

Does Sessions have secret role in Dreamers decision?: CNN

"Kill All White People," Kansas City Serial Killer Arrested for Murder of Up to 5 White Men (VIDEO): Gateway Pundit

France Offers Muslims, Blacks €2,500 To Go Home: Sputnik News

Why Did 23andMe Tell Ashkenazi Jews They Could Be Descended From Khazars? Read more: The Forward

Italy: Polish Man Beaten Unconscious and Wife Gang Raped on Rimini Beach, African Migrants Suspected: Breitbart

Elementary Schools In Canada Are Now Promoting The LGGBDTTTIQQAAPP Agenda: The Activist Mommy

Charlottesville Requiem: Who did what to whom?: Philip Giraldi, The Unz Review

Pee-Filled Projectiles A Recurring Weapon Of Choice For 'Anti-Fascists': The Daily Caller

'Jews will not replace us': Why white supremacists go after Jews: The Washington Post
Includes embedded video of mob attacking James Alex Fields' car in Charlottesville.

Airline botches pro-gay ad, proves marriage is only between man and woman : Lifesite News

U.S. foreign-born population nears high: USA Today

More Than Half of Harvard's Incoming Freshman Class Nonwhite for First Time Ever: Sputnik News
And most of the "White" students are Jewish...

SC White Woman Student Jumps From Moving Car
To Escape Her Black Kidnapper Rapists:
The Daily Mail

Another Black On Black Fight On Coney Island: The Daily Mail

Turks & Caicos Violent Black Crime - 89% Black Pop: The Daily Mail

SC White Woman Student Jumps From Moving Car
To Escape Her Black Kidnapper Rapists:
The Daily Mail

Another Black On Black Fight On Coney Island: The Daily Mail

Turks & Caicos Violent Black Crime - 89% Black Pop: The Daily Mail

What's in the Trump-backed immigration bill: ABC News

Stephen Miller Dismisses Statue of Liberty Poem: US News and World Report

17 Yr Old Girl Gang Raped By Muslims At Festival
Immediate Castration And Execution:
The Daily Mail

2 Blacks, 1 Latina Kill Young White Alabama Mother: The Daily Mail

Latina Births Baby In Restaurant Bathroom - Throws
Baby In Trash Bag…Baby Dies:
The Daily Mail

Black Boxer Beats 3 Yr Old Daughter To Death For
Wrong Answers To Math Questions:
The Daily Mail

DHS Chief Has Doubts About Legality Of
Immigration Program :
The Daily Mail

(Some) Puerto Ricans vote for US statehood: CNN

Black Inmate Rapes Nurse For Hours, Guard Hides: The Daily Mail

Oz Muslims Teens Aspire To Rape
And Murder in The Name Of Allah:
The Daily Mail

Mark Green withdraws his nomination for Army secretary: CNN

Migrant communities hotbed of terrorism in Russia " FSB chief : Russia Today
Vulnerable refugees from West Africa often arrive in the country with no money and no papers.

Migrants are being sold at open slave markets in Libya: International Business Times
Vulnerable refugees from West Africa often arrive in the country with no money and no papers.

Le Pen Says France Needs To Control Borders: Sputnik News

LGBTers Call For Gender

Le Pen Says France Needs To Control Borders: Sputnik News

Muslim Teen Writes #BlackLivesMatter 100 Times
On Stanford Application And Is ACCEPTED:
The Independent

Kelly: No border wall from

Massachusetts Sheriff: Arrest Leaders Of Sanctuary Cities: WBZ (CBS affiliate)

Hungary: Parliament to Fast-Track Bill Targeting Soros University: Breitbart

Marvel executive says emphasis on diversity may have alienated readers : The Guardian

Ellison on travel ban: Just

Hawaii files first lawsuit against new travel ban: CNN

'Let Us Open Again the Gates'; A congressman says that we need, and can absorb, ten million immigrants within the next twenty years. 'Let Us Open Again the Gates': The New York Times
This article is from 1951, but it shows who was the real driving force behind the 1965 immigration act.

Racist Report Finds Islamists Permeate Sweden: Sputnik News

Planned Parenthood rejects Trump proposal to stop abortion services: CNN

Alexandria, Virginia, public schools closing for A

UK Residents Fear Oz Town Being Taken Over By Muslims: The Daily Mail

Sweden - Muslim Gangs Laugh At Laws They Defy : The Daily Mail

Trump Takes First Step In Building The Wall : The Daily Mail

Tranny BOY Wins Girls State Swim Title - Sick: The Daily Mail

NY Subway Breakdancers Attack Riders In East NY: The Daily Mail

The Black Male Incarceration Problem is Real and it's Catastrophic: Huffington Post
As expected, this article completely misses the mark. American Renaissance

EXCLUSIVE: FBI Removed SPLC, ADL From Resources Pages Over "Number Of Concerns": The Daily Caller

Donald Trump administration 'wants to cut white supremacism from counter-extremism programme': The Independent

Tucker Carlson Embarrasses Jewish Refugee Advocate: Real Independent News and Film

Sessions takes on racism charges: CNN

Trump team to Hispanic leaders: The

What the immigration battle could look like under Trump: CNN

"She declared war on own people": Merkel vows to stick to open door policy, faces online uproar : Russia Today

"Merkel must go": Rally in Berlin slams open-door refugee policy : Russia Today

Majority of Germans don't believe Merkel will handle refugee crisis - poll : Russia Today

Black Lives Matter activists join Obama at forum on policing: CNN

Swedes no longer want to join NATO -- poll : Russia Today

‘No means no:’ Germany toughens sex crime laws in light of Cologne attacks : Russia Today

Young Latina Says Trump Is Completely Right: The Daily Mail

France May End Use Of Underpaid Foreign Workers: Sputnik News

‘Austria will stay in EU if Turkey stays out’ â€" presidential candidate Hofer to RT : Russia Today

Black Lives Matter halts Toronto Pride parade to address ‘anti-Blackness’ (PHOTOS) : Russia Today

20+ girls ‘molested’ at Swedish rock fest : Russia Today

Elite K-8 school teaches white students they're born racist: New York Post

Swiss Officials Reject Muslim Girls Citizenship Papers After They Refuse to Swim in Pool with Boys: The Gateway Pundit

perl titlepassmal.perl Is Merkel To Blame For Brexit?

Calais migrant crisis: Brexit will make France ‘more demanding’ of UK : Russia Today

Calais migrant crisis: Brexit will make France ‘more demanding’ of UK : Russia Today

'Regretting motherhood' debate rages in Germany: AFP

Population of Nonwhites Grows -- White Americans no longer account for the majority in hundreds of counties across the U.S.: Wall Street Journal

Surging Far-Right Movements Across Europe Are Making Hitler Popular Again: Zero Hedge

Orlando Killer Worked For Company Transporting Illegal Immigrants Inside US; Was Interviewed By FBI 3 Times: Zero Hedge

Mateen Father Running For Afghan Pres, Has CA Talk Show!: The Daily Mail

Record low number of asylum seekers coming to increasingly ‘less attractive’ Norway : Russia Today

Migrants involved in 70,000 potential & actual crimes in 1st quarter of 2016 â€" German police : Russia Today

Islam stands above German law for half Turkish Germans â€" survey : Russia Today

Expecting migrants to enrich German economy is fairytale - AfD leader to RT : Russia Today

Not Enough? Half Million More Muslims To Enter Germany: Sputnik News

Swiss Millionaires To Pay To Keep Refugee Savages Out: Sputnik News

Austrian far-right politician shows migrants ‘how to interact with our women’ (VIDEO) : Russia Today

Farage - Increasing Muslim Sex Attacks If UK Stays : The Independent

Trump Moves Trip To UK Up To Day Before Brexit Vote : The Independent

Half Of Germans Open To EU Exit - 2/3 For Ousting Merkel: Sputnik News

Refugee background checks "unaffordable" - German police union chief : Russia Today

Inter-ethnic brawl between 150 refugees at Samos camp in Greece leads to blaze and arrests : Russia Today

3 Syrians planned major ISIS suicide attacks in central Duesseldorf : Russia Today

Outrage as French govt reveals plan to teach Arabic in primary schools : Russia Today

CNN rides along as an ICE team arrests undocumented immigrants: CNN

‘Specter of break-up haunting Europe’: EU chief Tusk blasts ‘illusions’ of bloc’s unity : Russia Today

It's Raining Men! Sweden Sees Historic Gender Balance Shift: ABC News
Due to flood of young male Muslim migrants, youth gender balance has become greatly skewed.

Go forth & multiply: Turkey President Erdogan warns Muslims against using birth control : Russia Today

Greek protesters burn NATO & EU flags at Crete military base (VIDEO) : Russia Today

Over 700 migrants feared dead in Mediterranean shipwrecks, UN says : Russia Today

Pope mourns drowned refugees as illegal crossings soar : Russia Today

SC Gov. Nikki Haley signs law banning abortion at 20 weeks: CNN

France Says No to Ukraine-EU Visa-Free Regime: Sputnik News

EU Admits Turkey Deal Will Up Terror Risk: Sputnik News

Sweden Swamped By Urban Ghetto Muslim Violence: Sputnik News

EU Turns To War Criminal To Curb Black African Influx: Sputnik News

Soros-Funded NGOs Encourage Muslim Influx: Sputnik News

Young women sexually harassed & robbed in Cologne-style attack at Berlin street fest : Russia Today

Austria Parties May Unite To Stop Far-Right Pres Victory: The Independent