What Trump Gets Wrong About Antifa -- If the president is concerned about violence on the left, he can start by fighting the white supremacist movements whose growth has fueled its rise.: Peter Beinart, The Atlantic
A twisted, Jewish defense of Antifa.

EXCLUSIVE: Domain name registration company donates David Duke’s fee to Southern Poverty Law Center: Orlando Political Observer

Ernst Zündel died on Saturday, August 5: Carolyn Yeager

Chinese tourists arrested for Hitler salute in Berlin: Press TV

Online Hate: YouTube Hides Supremacist Videos But Won't Take Down: International Business Times

Pedo Dennis Hastert Released Early From Prison: The Daily Mail

Colleges More Interested In PC Than Good Education: The Daily Mail

Elon Musk Says AI Is The

Sen. John McCain had aggressive brain tumor surgically removed: CNN

Protesters roll loudly through Senate office buildings, 155 arrested: CNN

DOJ: More than 400 charged in health care fraud schemes: CNN

Was Otto Warmbier an American Student or an Israeli Spy? : Gilad Atzmon

Pro-Trump Activists Protest Against Fake News at CNN Headquarters in Atlanta: Sputnik News

Former North Korea detainee Otto Warmbier dies: CNN

Millionaire Ex-Putin Aide And Russia Today (RT)
Founder Dead In DC Hotel Room Of Heart

Bernie Sanders calls on supporters to step up resistance : CNN

Top 5 Jokes Putin Made During SPIEF-2017 : Sputnik News

CA Moves to Adopt Single-Payer Health Care: Sputnik News

50+ Dems Demand Kushner Security Clearance Stopped: Sputnik News

Manchester Bomber Was Product of West’s Libya/Syria Intervention: Antiwar.com

Seth Rich, slain DNC staffer, had contact with WikiLeaks, say multiple sources: Fox News

Seth Rich: Promising Jewish DCN Staffer Shot Dead in Washingon DC: The Forward

In 100 Days, A New Jewish Elite Rises Under Trump Read more: http://forward.com/news/national/370369/in-100-days-a-new-jewish-elite-rises-under-trump/: The Forward

Protesters Square Off Again in Berkeley After Coulter Cancels Speech: Breitbart

H.R. McMaster’s Ties To Soros-Supported Think Tank Raise Questions: Disobedient Media

Israel Slams Le Pen For Remarks Denying
French Role In Holocaust:
Sputnik News

Le Pen Urges Trump No To Repeat Iraq & Libya In Syria: Sputnik News

Ukraine National Bank Governor Files Resignation: Sputnik News

Trump to Bannon and Kushner: Work this out: CNN

K.T. McFarland to leave NSC for Singapore ambassadorship: CNN

Lee Stranahan: 'Ideological Coup' By Kushner-Linked Goldman Globalists Destroying Trump White House: Zero Hedge

Germany approves bill curbing online hate crime, fake news: AP

Hacked NY Post Sends Nazi Message - Heil Trump: The Daily Mail

Tillerson Fails To See Eye To Eye With Erdogan: Sputnik News

Wiki - CIA Disguised Hacking As Russian Activity : The Daily Mail

Trump discusses wiretapping tweet and Merkel in Financial Times : CNN

Kasich: Trump needs to work with Democrats on health care: CNN

Google Will Finally Do Something, Anything, About Ads on Racist Videos [Update]: Gizmodo

Google condemned by MPs after refusing to ban anti-Semitic YouTube video by ex-KKK leader: The Guardian

Did Ben-Gurion sacrifice Jewish lives to build a state in Palestine: The New York Times

What is the ‘Emoluments Clause’? Does it apply to President Trump?: The Washington Post

Jewish Center Bomb Threat Suspect Is Arrested in Israel: The New York Times

White Nationalists And ‘Alt-Right’ Celebrate Arrest Of Jew For Bomb Threats Read more: http://forward.com/news/366898/white-nationalists-and-alt-right-celebrate-arrest-of-jew-for-bomb-threats/: The Forward

Watching Porn Damages The Human Brain,
Things Will Never Be The Same Again:
Sputnik News

Tension and confusion in GOP health care talks: CNN

Key Democrats will filibuster Gorsuch: CNN

Which Republicans are opposing the Obamacare repeal bill?: CNN

Eric Trump's wife is NOT Jewish: The Forward

#FedSoWhite? Lawmakers complain about Federal Reserve's lack of diversity: Los Angeles Times

Chaffetz walks back remarks on low-income Americans choosing health care of iPhones: CNN

Bannon in 2013: Joseph McCarthy was right in crusade against Communist infiltration : CNN

Trump tells officials anti-Semitic threats could be to 'make others look bad': Ynet News

Netanyahu pauses 4-hour police grilling to speak to Trump: Times of Israel

The Times of Israel Israel & the Region Jewish Times Israel Inside The Blogs Start-Up Israel Partners Daily Edition Spotlight s English العربية Français 中文 فارسی Tuesday, March 7, 2017 Adar 9, 5777 10:07 pm IST About Us Advertise with us Partner Links: Help Fight BDS! The Times of Israel Subscribe to the Daily Edition Home > Israel & the Region 'Israel is identified nowadays more with the Republicans... We are paying the price today for taking sides' Anti-Trump sentiment may turn against Israel, Ya’alon warns: Times of Israel

Lynch says tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton was 'regrettable': Fox News

New Details of Extensive ADL Spy Operation Emerge : Inquiry: Transcripts reveal nearly 40 years of espionage by a man who infiltrated political groups: Los Angeles Times

Senators Seek Data On Any Goldman
Sachs Links With Trump Economic Policy:
Sputnik News

Is Trump reversing course on settlements and Iran?: Jewish Telegraphic Agency

Violent UC Berkeley Protest Questioned: KCBS (CBS affiliate)

Sheriff: 474 arrested in California human trafficking stings: KCRA (NBC affiliate)

Conway: Media is inciting: Media is 'inciting mob mentality if not mob violence' with their coverage: CNN

Pelosi: 'white supremacist' Bannon making America 'less safe': CNN

Donald Trump administration 'wants to cut white supremacism from counter-extremism programme': The Independent

"Remember the 11 million"? Why an inflated victims tally irks Holocaust historians: Jewish Telegraphic Agency

On Day Two, Trump prayed, met the CIA and attacked the press: CNN

Tillerson: Russia must be held accountable: CNN

Comey mum on possible FBI inquiry into any Trump connection to Russia hacking: CNN

Sessions suggests Trump admin could stamp out legal pot: CNN

Trump team expands search pool for No. 2 at State: CNN

Pro-Hillary US State Dept ‘behind Assange internet cutoff’ – WikiLeaks activist to RT : Russia Today

Northern Irish Want Out After Brexit: Sputnik News

China To Help Israel Build An Island In Med: Sputnik News

Germany Bars Ukraine Entry Into EU In Near Future: Sputnik News

US Amb Says Britain IS At The Back Of The Queue: The Daily Mail

Post Turtle Gove For UK PM, Twitter Goes Bonkers: Sputnik News

BREAKING: ISIS Terrorists Used Obama's 'Fast and Furious' Gun During Paris Attack!: The Gateway Pundit

Hollande Approval Rating At Only 12% : Sputnik News

Britain could remain in EU as London ‘has no idea’ how to leave – Kerry : Russia Today

Netanyahu - Israel Will Never

Men work longer hours than women and women do more housework, report finds: McClatchy

Brexit Leader Johnson - Britain Always Be Part Of Europe: The Telegraph

Boris Johnson Favored To Be Next UK PM: Sputnik News

Brexit Wins! - What We Can Expect To Happen Next: The Telegraph

Orlando Cop Ordered To STAY OUT While Massacre Continued: The Daily Mail

Turkey says Gaza sea blockade ‘largely lifted’ via reconciliation deal, Israel disagrees : Russia Today

Euroskepticism On Rise Across Europe: The Independent

"Colorful revolutionaries" fire paint-bombs at Macedonia government HQ & police (PHOTOS, VIDEO) : Russia Today

NSA whistleblower Snowden says U.S. government carrying out mass surveillance in Japan: The Japan Times

State Dept Footage Fraud Shows US Rewriting History : Sputnik News

Israeli Woman Lied About Rape, Pal Kid Faces Prison: Sputnik News

Russia To Upgrade Kuril Islands Military Defenses : Sputnik News

Russia, China Ready To Invest In Bolivia - Morales: Sputnik News

Fisk - The Gospel According To Saint Tony: The Independent

India Is Worlds Fastest Growing Economy: Sputnik News

"Just the greatest boxer": 11 memorable quotes from boxing legend Ali : Russia Today

Lavrov - Gadaffi Murder In Libya A War

US Tuition Rates So High, College Girls Sell Their Bodies: Sputnik News

Japanese Opposition Plans To File No-Confidence Vote: Sputnik News

UK Has Remorseless Obsession With Nazis: The Independent

Israel boycott: 33% of Americans, 40% of Brits in favor, Israeli UN ambassador cries foul : Russia Today

Russia sanctions: Still not clear what EU will decide, German FM says : Russia Today

British Scientist Can GMO Human Embryos Now: The Telegraph

Chinese Detergent Company Most ‘Racist’ Ad Ever: Sputnik News

German Vice-Chancellor Wants End To Sanctions: Sputnik News

French Senators Call To End Anti-Russia Sanctions: Sputnik News

Yellen - US Interest Rate Hike Appropriate Soon: Sputnik News

EU shouldnt try to be a superstate: Russia Today

Abbas wants NATO to replace IDF in West Bank : Russia Today

Trump - True US Unemployment Rate Is Really 20%: Sputnik News

Why did the US bomb Hiroshima?: CNN

Baltimore officer found not guilty on all charges in Freddie Gray case: Fox News

Pols Want Obama Impeached Over Tranny Restrooms: Sputnik News

Anti-Russia Sanctions Cost EU Farmers $6 Billion: Sputnik News

Congress OKs Ban On Confederate Flags At VA Cemeteries: Sputnik News

More 50% Of Americans On Edge Of Financial Ruin: Sputnik News

Japan-Russia Co-Op May See EU Lift Anti-Russia Sanctions: Sputnik News

Supreme Court punts on Obamacare: CNN

Call For World Governments To Ban Fossil Fuels: Sputnik News

Terrorists Kill Locals In Syria Province, Abduct Women, Kids: Sputnik News

New Evidences Shows Saudi Involvement In 9/11: Sputnik News

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory blames Democrats for bathroom: CNN