Putin Unveils Solzhenitsyn Statue With Christian Imagery in Moscow: Urges Young to Read Him : From Russia Insider

Thank You For Serving Department: Feds Say Ex-U.S. Serviceman From San Antonio Gun Smuggling to Mexican Drug Cartel : From the San Antonio Express News

Christian Martyrdom and The American Empire: Mark Dankof for Russia Insider and Russian Faith : From Mark Dankof’s America

6 Israelis Nabbed in Colombia in Child Sex Network : From Press TV

The Radical Jewish Feminists and Why They Never Spoke of Their Jewish Identities : Mark Glenn and TUT from Haaretz

Queer Jewish Art: James G. Bruen’s Bullets feature from Culture Wars
Laugh, Cry, or Barf Department: Source: Dr. E. Michael Jones' Culture Wars and its Bullets column of James G. Bruen, Jr., November 2018, page 48: Queer Jewish Art: Performance artist Stephen Cohen was convicted of sexual exhibitionism for tying a live rooster to his penis and dancing in front of a group of nuns by the Eiffel Tower. The performance was in reaction to an increasingly homophobic, xenophobic, and anti-Semitic world, Cohen said. "In showing the most intimate part of me, I'm saying: I'm male. I'm Jewish. I'm Queer. I'm white." 😂😂😂🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🤮🤮🤮

Brett Favre Accidentally Records Anti-Semitic Video: Dan Cancian from Newsweek
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Brett joins the late Jerry Ford as one who played football too many years without a helmet. We suggest he donate his $500 to the USS Liberty Veterans Fund.

Yellow Vest Protester Gunned Down By French CRS Sniper in Paris (Video) : From Tasnim News Agency

Orthodox Church: Strasbourg Decision on Pussy Riot a Blow to Religious Freedom in Europe : From RT

“Bringing Satan to Springfield!” Satanic Christmas Monument Displayed in Illinois Courthouse : From RT
Rumor has it that the Satanists will compromise with the Christian Right in Illinois and replace the Black Snake with a statue of a ménage a trois of Larry Sinclair, Barack Obama, and Rahm Emanuel.

Mark Dankof Reflects on the Empire MSM Worship of King George With Reflections From the Past: From Vkontakte

Bush-41s October Surprise Denials: The late Robert Parry from Lew Rockwell
The late, great Robert Parry of Consortium News reminds us that with all of the MSM fawning over the passing of internationalist, interventionist, globalist George Herbert Walker Bush, it is more than noteworthy to remember once more he was also a crook.

The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show (UK) with Dr. Adrian Krieg and Special Guest Mark Dankof : From Andrew Carrington Hitchcock and EuroFolkRadio
One hour. Andrew Carrington Hitchcock and Dr. Adrian Krieg are two of the Giants in Alternative Right Media. Working together for the 54th time, their special On-Air magic is enhanced. Mark Dankof has a spoof answer to Dr. Krieg’s quiz at the show’s outset. We settle down to business thereafter.

Saudi Opponent Sues Israeli Spyware Firm Over Khashoggi Murder: From Press TV
NSO Group Technologies and Pegasus.

Lesbian BDS Activist from Yale Converts to Zionism to Marry IDF Lesbian Soldier : From RT
You can’t make this stuff up. 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

White Farmers Legal Fight in South Africa Against Land Confiscation Without Compensation Thrown Out by High Court : Reuters and AP from the Daily Mail
The Marxist experiment in South Africa continues. It is producing the same disastrous results as elsewhere in the region. White Farmers are being offered land and political refuge in Putin’s Russia. The South African ANC Coalition of Black and Red will continue destroying the economy. Then Blacks will revolt against Black Masters backed by Jewish Reds and Globalists, of whom the late Arthur Chakelson was a classic example.

Top U.S. Naval Commander in the Middle East Found Dead: From CNN

Labor Secretary Gave Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein the ‘Deal of a Lifetime’: From CNN

Virginia School Bans Christmas Carols That Mention Jesus Christ : From Breitbart

Trump abruptly cancels planned Putin meeting: CNN (aka Very Fake News)
Mr. President, you cannot allow yourself to be manipulated like this!

Mark Dankof joins Patrick Slattery on NBR/RBN: Thursday, Nov 29th, Noon Central Time : From Vkontakte

Child and Bestiality Porn Defendant Ends San Antonio Trial by Guilty Plea: From the San Antonio Express News
One wonders how many of these evil predators are actually out there. Scary.

How Europeans Viewed Lincoln and His War: Thomas DiLorenzo from the Abbeville Institute via Lew Rockwell

Amnesty International Demands Revocation of Israeli NSO Group Over Pegasus Software : From Press TV

Jewish Leaders Call for New Editions of the Bible and Koran to Carry Trigger Warnings Highlighting Anti-Semitism : From the UK Daily Mail
Mark Dankof: “I’ll stay with the uncensored version of the New Testament in my own library, right next to Martin Luther’s ‘On the Jews and Their Lies.’” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 🍻 🍺 🍻

UAE to Invest in Israeli Plan to Pipe Gas to Europe : From Press TV and Al-Mayadeen
The Israeli-Sunni Alliance appears in new ways in new endeavors.

What You Will Not Hear from the U.S. Government: Iran Open to Working With Saudi Arabia : Darius Shahtahmasebi from RT

Jewish group demands the Bible and Koran use ‘trigger warnings’ to highlight anti-Semitic passages in bid to combat attacks against Jews: The Sun (UK)
Fresh of their successful censoring of the internet, they now want to censor the Bible!

No Surprise Russian Candidate Lost Interpol Job Amidst U. S. Meddling : Dr. E. Michael Jones interview from Sputnik News

There are Hundreds of Groups Furthering Israeli Interests: Register Them as Foreign Agents : Philip Giraldi from Russia Insider

The Twisted “Logic” of the Jewish “Historic Right” to Israel : Shlomo Sand from Haaretz
Haaretz published this to accommodate National Bugle Radio. 😉🍺👍

Why David Duke, David Icke, Louis Farrakhan, and the Assad Regime All Love Shlomo Sand : Esther Solomon from Haaretz
Mark Dankof: “WTH? I didn’t even make the article footnotes.” 😂😂😂😂🍺🍺🍺🍺

Prosecution of Assange a Threat to Press Freedom : Glenn Greenwald from The Intercept

Phil Ochs and the Crucifixion of President John F. Kennedy : Edward Curtin for Lew Rockwell
Fascinating read on the mysterious life and times of Phil Ochs.

American Pravda: Holocaust Denial: The Unz Review
He is not exactly saying the Holocaust never happened. He is just saying that all of the "scholors" promoting the "Holocaust myth" are full of BS.

Navy SEALS and Marine Raiders Face Murder Charges in Death of Special Forces Soldier : From Washington Post

Mark Dankof Plugs Patrick Slattery and National Bugle Radio on RBN in Russia : From Vkontakte

The MEK and The Bankrupt U.S. Policy on Iran: Paul R. Pillar from The National Interest
Critical read on the MEK terrorists and the cynical American and Israeli alliance with them.

UTSA Professor Remains Out of Class While University Investigates Controversial Video: From the San Antonio Express News
The University of Texas San Antonio is just another campus mired in PC, Racial Politics, and the Assumption of Guilt With No Chance of Being Proven Innocent.

Self Induced Disaster: California Environmentalism and Bad Forest Management=Fires: Mike Adams from Natural News

Russia Keeping Netanyahu at an Arm’s Length: From Russia Insider
Israel’s role in getting an IL-20 shot down in Syria is a big mistake.

Patrick Slattery and Mark Dankof on “Israel’s Censorship War”: From Vkontakte
As predicted on this show, the Israeli Hasbara Project Censors for You Tube have censored this latest National Bugle Radio/Republic Broadcasting Network discussion. World media contacts are being informed. The Tribe is running scared as it gets strip searched and is running naked down the Cyberspace Freeway. 😂😂😂🍺🍺🍺 🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱 =👎👎👎

Former Mossad Chief Joins Private Spy Firm Black Cube : From Sputnik

Top Saudis Discussed Assassinating Soleimani in 2017: From the New York Times

Turkey Used as Hatchet Man by U.S. and Israel Against Syria : Mark Glenn from Tasnim News Agency

Watch Final Episodes of Al Jazeera Film on US Israel Lobby: From Electronic Intifada

National Bugle Radio on RBN with Slattery and Mark Dankof, Friday Nov 9th, Noon Central : From Vkontakte

Israel's Internet Censorship War: Alison Weir, If Americans Knew

Antifa Professor Dwayne Dixon ARRESTED for Assaulting BLP Editor: Big League Politics
This is the guy who threatened James Fields with a semi-automatic, prompting him to flee down the narrow street where Heather Heyer died.

The Cult City Triumphant : Paul Gottfried from Lew Rockwell
Leftist Saints George Moscone and Harvey Milk were political allies of . . . Jim Jones of The People’s Temple. San Francisco, Babylon By The Bay.

Physical Violence Against Christians in Ukraine: Attacking Churches Loyal to Moscow Patriarchate : From Russian Faith
The New World Order will stop at nothing.

Mark Dankof to Reza Saidi of Tasnim News Agency on the Supreme Leader of Iran and His Second Letter to Western Youth: From Tasnim News Agency
Mark Dankof’s observations on the cancerous state of the American Empire in 2015 are as relevant now as ever before.

US High School Band Spells Out Racial Slur in Halftime Performance : From Sputnik News

Break-In Attempted at Assange’s Residency at The Ecuadorian Embassy: Joe Lauria from Consortium News

Watch The Film The Israeli Lobby Didn’t Want You To See : From The Electronic Intifada
View and distribute widely.

“Die Jew Die” Synagogue Vandal is Queer African American Anti-Hate Crimes Democrat Activist: From RT
Mark Dankof commented for National Bugle Radio: “So we have a Queer Black Democratic Anti-Hate Crimes Activist with Jewish foster parents who spray paints synagogues, calls on Jews to die, and likes Hitler. This is easy to see through. In reality, it will emerge that he’s a double agent working for both Vladimir Putin and Robert Mueller.”

Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Israel refused to describe the Squirrel Hill synagogue, instead, called it "a location that, for the murderer, was a place clearly marked as Jewish.

CIA Vault 7 Whistleblower Hit With New Charges: From Sputnik News
The Joshua Schulte Case.

A Neo Con Wakes Up : Jerry Salyers for the Abbeville Institute
The implications of the assault on Confederate Monuments and historical memory are revisited.

America is on The Verge of a Nervous Breakdown : John W. Whitehead from Lew Rockwell
The Police State is Here.

Is the Western World Too Insane to Be Worth Saving?: Paul Craig Roberts for Lew Rockwell

St. Petersburg LGBTQ Film Festival Disrupted by Anti-Gay Russian Lawmaker : Richard Brandt for Russia Insider
Mark Dankof: “Russia’s answer to B-1 Bob Dornan, Vitaly Milonov, speaks excellent English and understands how the Queer Film Festival ‘Side by Side’ is a threat to the revival of Russian Orthodox culture and Russian nationalism in the post-Communist Age of Putin. Richard Brandt tells us why the ‘Globo-Homo’ Moscow Times doesn’t like Milonov any more than the Globo-Homo Western media does. An analysis of who is funding ‘Side by Side’ would be most welcome, Mr. Brandt. Go for it. Jonas E. Alexis of Veterans Today and Dr. E. Michael Jones of Culture Wars would make for additional investigative sleuths on this.”

ShamiWitness: ngcat and Neo Cons Collaborated with the Most Influential ISIS Propagandist on Twitter : Mark Ames of the Gray Zone Project from Russia Insider
The names, organizations, and networks revealed here underscore the power of the War Lobby/Regime Change Spiderweb and the role of Twitter as a tool of the Deep State.

Who Are The Chosen People of God?: Mark Dankof from Mark Dankof’s America
Mark Dankof’s closing address to a national Lutheran conference in the American Midwest 5 years ago clarifies a key theological issue in terms of New Testament Christianity, and contains links to other addresses for National Bugle Radio listeners.

Twitter Bans Conservative Neo-Con Critic Paul Craig Roberts In Dramatic Escalation of Censorship : Zero Hedge from Russia Insider

More LGBTQ Broadcast Characters on TV Than Ever: Sandra Gonzalez for CNN Entertainment
CNN: “GLAAD’s ‘Where We Are’ report on LGBTQ characters in TV shows reports that there is much to be ‘glad’ over in 2018..” Personally we observe that “Where We Are” culturally in both the United States and the West is Hell.

Caitlyn Jenner Feels Hurt and Betrayed by Trump : Washington Post from Apple News
Trump has tasked B-1 Bob Dornan as his liaison to Caitlyn and other similarly hurt and betrayed Republicans. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Russia Has Emerged as an International Conservative Leader : Glenn Diesen of the Higher School of Economics from Sputnik News

Ontario Civil Liberties Association on Using 3rd Party Psychiatrists and Psychologists to Opine on the Dangerousness of Individuals : From the Ontario Civil Liberties Association
Obvious concern that the use of “mental health professionals “ is dangerously susceptible to Stalinistic persecution of dissidents and non-conformists. Beware, USA.

Disney’s New “Nutcracker “ Imagines a Tsarist Russia Full O’Black Folks: Roy Batty from Russia Insider
Russia Insider: “Hollywood’s black guilt meets Hollywood’s Russophobia meets Hollywood’s best globalist fantasy ever meets Swedish Faggotry.” 😂😂😂👍👍👍🍺🍺🍺

The White Helmets Ride Again : Philip Giraldi from the Unz Review
The White Helmets and the Mujahedeen-e-Khalq (MEK) aren’t terrorist organizations as long as they’re murdering Syrians and Iranians at the behest of Tel Aviv and their pet poodles in Washington.

The Curious Circumstances of Adlai Stevenson’s Death: Phillip F. Nelson from Lew Rockwell
Another LBJ victim?

Explosive Devices Sent to Clinton, Obama, and CNN: William K. Rashbaum from the New York Times
On the heels of an earlier incident involving the home of George Soros.

Why Trump Cannot Control the American Military : Paul Kindlon from Russia Insider

A Jewish Group Builds Community for Transgender and Non-Binary Teens: From Jewish Telegraphic Agency

Defense Department Booklet Targets Holocaust Revisionism : From IHR

Israeli Spyware Helping Dictatorships Track Dissidents, Minorities: From The Times of Israel

The Damnable Stock Market Cult and the Istanbul Bone Saw Massacre: David Stockman from Lew Rockwell
David Stockman underscores who the leading terrorists really are. They aren’t the Alawite and Shia believers of Iran, Syria, and Lebanon.

TradCatKnight Radio : From TradCatKnight
Mark Dankof was today’s featured radio guest on Eric Gajewski’s TradCatKnight, the nation’s leading Traditionalist Catholic radio show. Roman Catholic listeners to National Bugle Radio will enjoy this page.

We Now Know the Name of the Government Funded Group Pushing Facebook Censorship : Joe Martino for Lew Rockwell
The Atlantic Council.

From Catherine II to Vladimir Putin: Russia’s Christian Foreign Policy : Therry Meyssan from Russian Faith
Fascinating read as the United States and Western Europe descend further into Jewish Cultural Bolshevism.

Iranian and Pakistani FMs Discuss Abducted Border Guards: From Tasnim News Agency
The Takfiri “Jaish-ul-Adl “ terrorist group has abducted Iranian border guards from Sistan and Balochistan provinces and taken them to Pakistan.

This Acclaimed 1926 Novel by a Tsarist General Blames Jews for The Revolution : Mark Boden from Russia Insider

The Jewish Women Leading the Resistance in the Fight Over Abortion in the United States : From The Ugly Truth
TUT editor Mark Glenn wryly notes that this story doesn’t come from David Duke or Kevin MacDonald, but the Israeli Haaretz newspaper, the well known anti-Semitic rag sheet.😂🇮🇱😂

Saudis Preparing to Admit Khashoggi Died During Interrogation : From Press TV
Maxwell Smart of CONTROL: “Ah, yes, the old killing during the interrogation during the acquiring of copies of the legal divorce papers minus the proper ‘clearance and transparency’ game.” It may be Fallback Position B in the wake of the collapse of the Rogue Killers Theory. Mark Dankof’s idea: “I’d tell the Saudis to pin it on Lee Harvey Oswald who escaped Dallas for Riyadh in 1963.”

Investigators End Search for Evidence in Khashoggi Case at Saudi Consulate : From Press TV
In a tragi-comedic “investigation “ being conducted two weeks after the crime and with a literal cleaning crew sanitization of the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul before the arrival of a forensic evidence team, the endgame is a “Rogue Killers” theory introduced by bin Salman, Trump, and Maxwell Smart of CONTROL. 😂

Believe Women: Apply Congress’ Christine Blasey Ford Test to TSA Female Assault Victims : James Bovard from USA Today
But that would require Globalists, Pinkos, and Feminazis to jettison their doctrine of Absolute Deification of The Central State.

Brain Imaging Shows Autistic Brains Have High Amounts of Aluminum : Arjun Walia from Lew Rockwell and Collective Evolution
The MSM silence is deafening.

Hamptons’ “Paranoid” Super Rich Installing Luxury Panic Rooms to Hide from MS-13: From Lew Rockwell and RT
Mark Dankof covered the MS-13 menace on RBN Radio 12 years ago. Now it has come to this for what Spiro Agnew once tagged as the Limousine Liberal crowd in New York. It will take a remnant of the Old South with spine to get the country back and to put the Globalists and their tools out of business.

BBC Effort to Combat “Heteronormative “ Culture Baffles Social Media: From Russia Today
It seems that whether you’re working at the BBC these days, or as a priest in what once was the Church of England, being adept at changing a $9 bill into Threes at current pound exchange rates is an absolute prerequisite.😂😂😂

Biggest Split in Orthodox History: Russian Orthodox Church Splits With the Patriarch of Constantinople : From Russia Today

Pages Purged by Facebook on Washington Post Blacklist : From World Socialist Web Site

Q Basics by Q Researchers : Luis P. Almeida from Lew Rockwell

The US Has Become Too Big, Too Diverse, and Too Corrupt to Survive : John Freeman for Russia Insider

Outside In: The Trump Administration Plan to Remake the Middle East: Ted Snider from Mondoweiss

To Google CEO Sindar Pichai: What Have You Done to European-American Inventors?: Robert Bridge of Strategic Culture for Lew Rockwell

Facebook and Its Long History of Closing Down Free Speech: Sputnik News from Lew Rockwell

The Pentagon and Its Push to Control Soldiers’ Brains: From The Atlantic
This Futuristic Star Wars Hokum has a simple name: Enlistment.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Greek Patriarch: Syria a Land of Peace and Coexistence : From IRNA
His Holiness is correct—at least until Bibi and his Wahhabic terrorist allies came “visiting.”

Citizens’ Report Sheds Light on North Carolina Role in CIA Torture Program : Ned Barnett for the News and Observer

Thanks, FBI: The Limo Crash that Killed 20 People : James Bovard for Lew Rockwell
Thank You For Serving!

Israeli Reporter for New York Times Praises AIPAC: “You’ve Got Our Backs”: Philip Weiss from Mondoweiss
Ronni Bergman of the New York Times is but further evidence of the Zio-5th Column running American Mainstream Media.

BishopAccountability.org Monitors Catholic Priest Pervs: From Bishop Accountability
The October 11th, 2018 front page of the San Antonio Express News has a headline about the Roman Catholic Archbishop in the Alamo City agreeing to release the names of Perv Priests “credibly accused” of child sexual abuse since 1950. The names and cases are in the files of the Archdiocese. The story cites the Bishop Accountability web site provided here.

Is Cultural Marxism America’s New Mainstream Ideology : Antony P. Mueller of the Mises Institute for Lew Rockwell

Enjoy Dankof With Duke, Slattery, and Alexis😂: From Russia News Now
Karl at Russia News Now in Sweden has the most incredible daily news briefing from 100 different sources. Subscribe!

Texas Federal Judge Voids Texas Fetal Burial Law : From Texas Lawyer
Judge David Ezra of the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Texas, San Antonio, ruled September 5th that the bodily remains of aborted babies do not deserve a respectable burial. Yet another judicial salute to Amerrikka’s Culture of Death.

“British-Iraqi, Gay, Non-Binary Muslim” Stars in BBC Video : Russia Today
This guy’s enough to make you miss Kaitlyn Jenner. 😂😂😂😂

Erdogan and the Serena Shim Assassination: From Schematic-Root News
Turkey’s Erdogan is waxing moralistic about the apparent Saudi abduction and murder of Khashoggi in Istanbul, but silent on the role of Turkish Intelligence in assassinating Press TV correspondent Serena Shim in October of 2014 on the Syrian-Turkish border. It seems Ms.Shim’s investigative on-air reports of ISIS-Erdogan trafficking in oil stolen from Assad’s Syrian government cost the young lady her life. And as will be the situation with the Khashoggi case, the American government did nothing to investigate Ms. Shim’s murder, a Lebanese-American and single mother.

Dr. Paul Sheldon Foote on the Khashoggi Fiasco: From Press TV Iran
Economics Professor Dr. Paul Sheldon Foote of Cal State Fullerton, a former American Embassy hand in Iran, Ron Paul Republican, and expert on the “Islamic-Marxist “ Mujahedeen-e-Khalq (MEK/MKO) terrorist organization, joins Mark Dankof in weighing in on the Khashoggi disappearance on international TV last evening.

Mark Dankof on the Khashoggi Disappearance : From Press TV Iran
In a brief segment, Mark Dankof reminds international TV viewers that the Saudi regime is a criminal enterprise from start to finish.

Mark Dankof’s Open Invitation to Rabbi Aryeh Tuchman of the ADL in New York: Come Out of the Closet and Join Us: From Mark Dankof’s America
Rabbi Aryeh Tuchman has operated both openly and clandestinely in stalking responsible commentators on the anti-Zionist American Right. Mark Dankof issued him an open invitation in 2010 to come out of his self-created J Hate Closet as an anonymous Hasbara Character Assassin working directly for the ADL in New York, and join responsible public discussion with his targets on international TV and Radio shows in free and open exchange of positions and perspectives in an environment of civility and respect. He never responded.

Sheheen On Gov. Haley 'Escort Whore Out The Door': YouTube
Yes, Nikki Haley's opponent in her last gubernatorial election called her a "whore."

Sheheen On Gov. Haley 'Escort Whore Out The Door': YouTube
Yes, Nikki Haley's opponent in her last gubernatorial election called her a "whore."

Will Folks Nikki Haley Endorsement: Blogger Who Claimed Affair With South Carolina Candidate Lends Support: Huffington Post
Notice that HuffPo removed the article linked from this story detailing the allegations? But you can still find it on the Way Back Machine.

Al Gore, Nikki Haley: The New Sex Scandal Politics: Michael Wolf, Huffington Post
I wouldn't care about any of this stuff if she wasn't a Zionist shill pushing for Armageddon with Russia.

Articles from HuffPo about Nikki Haley's many extramarital affairs: Huffington Post
They didn't call her "The Ambassdawhore" for nothing.

The Hate Report: The Alt Right’s Latest Target is Kosher Products: From Reveal: The Center for Investigative Reporting
Zio-Hasbara Warriors are in the middle of both Male and Female Menopausal Disorder after the Kavanaugh Confirmation and the resignation of Nikki Haley. Surely there is a Zio-Kosher Vaccine with FDA approval already secured, to help these surly folks.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺 Have a German Weissbier in a Prussian Mug, folks. Relax. Embrace Diversity.

Film: The Trump Prophecy : From Apple News
The Trump Prophecy is a film produced by the Falwell/Liberty University Cinematic Leviathan. NBR turned to Film Critic Mark Dankof for a viewing and review. Here it is: “The film became Biblically, theologically, and historically suspicious when Stormy Daniels was cast as Mary Magdalene, Bibi Netanyahu played Christ, the Sermon in the Mount was set in Sheldon Adelson’s Sands Casino, and the Pre-Tribulation Rapture transpired right after the New York Jets won the Super Bowl. It recovered its credibility only when Trump did play Trump. and his second Inaugural Ball was accompanied by people waving their arms and speaking in tongues in a contemporary worship service led by Bill Hybels.” 😂😂😂😂🍺🍺🍺🍺

Meghan McCain Remembers Father in First “The View” Appearance Since His Death: From CNN
Meanwhile, Dr. Philip Giraldi, and the families of millions of dead innocents around the world will be on The View tomorrow to remember John McCain by singing Dr. Giraldi’s trademark article and show closer, “Good Riddance.”

Dankof on Duke and NBR: Tuesday, October 9th: From Vkontakte
Mark Dankof On David Duke on Rense Radio Live and with Dr. Patrick Slattery on the Republic Broadcasting Network (RBN) Live on October 9th.

Want to Learn About Consent? Ask a Porn Star: From CNN
Porn Star Tasha Reign is Zio CNN’s go to person in protecting women in Zio American society from violence, exploitation, and degradation, the very things the Zio Porno and Zio Abortion Industries promote daily when not promoting the next Zio War in the Middle East.

Choosing the Right Suppressor for Shooting and Security : George Harris from Shooting Illustrated

The Left Edge of Insanity : Lewis Liberman for the Abbeville Institute

Monica Lewinsky Has Renamed Herself for Social Media: From CNN Videos
Monica uses the term “Slut” to describe herself, but leaves out “Jewish” and “Mossad Honeytrap.”

Everything is a Hoax: Paul Craig Roberts from Press TV
PCR and Ron Unz close in on what Mark Dankof told Kourosh Ziabari and the Fars News Agency of Iran on 9-11 years ago: Israel Did It. 🇮🇱 👎👊

We Are All Deplorables Now: Pat Buchanan from Lew Rockwell

Oregon: US Jailers Mock Veteran Dying of Overdose While in Custody: From Sputnik
If you need your blood pressure to reach the boiling point today, this outrage is for you.

The Skripals are an MI6 Hoax: “Not Worthy of Ladies’ Detective Novels”: Israeli Expert Demolishes UK Case: From Russia Insider
It must really be a sham if an “Israeli Expert” is telling the truth. 😂

Ron Unz Discusses His Game Changing, Taboo Busting Articles on Jewish Power and History : From Russia Insider

Mark Dankof Previews His Coming Review of Adrian Krieg’s “Social Compliance “: From Vkontakte

Mark Dankof on the David Duke Show on Rense Radio: Oct 4th: From DavidDuke.com
Today’s conversation included reference to Dr. Philip Giraldi of the Council for the National Interest and his exposé of Sheldon Adelson entitled, “The Best Government Money Can Buy.”

Confusion: Dr. Adrian Krieg for The American Freedom Union
The author of the recently released book, “Social Compliance,” weighs in on the morass of confusion handcuffing the United States.

Social Compliance : Dr. Adrian Krieg for A2Z Publications LLC
Order your copies of Dr. Adrian Krieg’s new book, “Social Compliance,” which Mark Dankof will review soon for The Nationalist Times, Russia Insider, VT, and National Bugle Radio.

Israel Gets More Than $38 Billion in the New Deal: Nicole Feied for The American Freedom Union

New Rules for Men: Matt Patterson from The American Thinker
Jewish Feminism and Cultural Marxism brings the United States to absolute insanity and totalitarian rule. When’s the Revolution?

Thursday, Oct 4th: Dankof on David Duke Show: Rense Radio Live 10 am Central : Vkontakte

Putin Says Ex-Russian Spy Poisoned in Britain Was a “Scumbag”: From Press TV Iran

Confederate Soldiers Were Not Traitors : Gene Kizer, Jr. from the Abbeville Institute

The Real Ty Cobb: From the Abbeville Institute
The Southern Heritage web site Abbeville Institute, gives us the real history of Ty Cobb, the Georgia Peach.

Hide and Seek: Tracking the Israeli Software Pegasus of the NSO Group to 45 Countries : From The Citizen Lab
We run this critical story again in light of the Press TV Iran report that The Citizen Lab has uncovered Saudi use of the Israeli NSO Group’s Pegasus software against a human rights activist in Canada. Alt Right Activists and Pundits beware.

Saudis Use Israeli Pegasus Software to Spy on Human Rights Activist in Canada: From Press TV Iran
The NSO Group and its Pegasus software bring the Zionist Global Surveillance Team to a neighborhood near you, this time with their Wahhabic Saudi Partners in worldwide criminal activity. Alt Right commentators and activists beware.

How I Came to See That Many “Anti Semitic Canards” are Actually True: Ron Unz from Russia Insider

American Freedom Union and The Nationalist Times: American Freedom Union
The American Freedom Union has a great web site. Their print newspaper, The Nationalist Times, is well worth your time.

Don’t Read These Books: From Lew Rockwell
Excellent list for those who read and think and don’t trust the Zio Government and Media Gestapo.

Are You Shooting the Best AR-15 Ammo Possible?: From Gun Digest
Get away from Ford and Cavanaugh. Take the kids shooting this weekend. Thanks to the Texas State Rifle Association for keeping National Bugle Radio fans informed on firearms news and gun safety and instruction classes on the weapons of your choice, at least outside the People’s Republic of Massachusetts.😂👍

A Prophet of The Old Right on MLK Day: “Free at Last “ In the American Welfare-Warfare-Surveillance-Perversion State: From Mark Dankof’s America
Mark Dankof was looking for an airsickness bag in trying to survive the canards and the mantras of The Central State on MLK Day.

A CIA Lucky Break? How the Death of the “Smiling Pope” Helped Washington Win the Cold War: From Russia Today
The deaths of John Paul I in 1978 and Vatican Banker Roberto Calvi in 1982 remain shadowy. Was the P2 Masonic Order involved?

New Album! Brett Cavanaugh, Tom T. Hall, and Mark Dankof : From Vkontakte
Trump Supreme Court nominee Brett Cavanaugh joins Tom T. Hall and Mark Dankof in a re-release of Hall’s 1970s hit, “I Like Beer.”

Canada: Man Faces 2 Years in Prison for Passing Out “Jesus Saves” at a Gay Rights Parade: From Russian Faith
Romans 1: 19-32 is disliked by The Tribe. They don’t like Revelation 2:9 either. Oh, well. . . .

Duke and Dankof on Cavanaugh, Christian Russia, and Anti-ISIS Syria: From DavidDuke.com
Today Dr. Duke had Pastor Mark Dankof for the hour. They discussed the circus surrounding the smear attack against Justice Bruce Kavanaugh. How is it that a woman who a week ago could not remember what happened to her while she lay drunk on a dormitory floor is suddenly sure that Kavanaugh was exposing himself to her? Well, a week of talking to a Jewish lawyer can bring out all sorts of memories, goy.

IHR Billboard Goes Up in SF Metro Stations: From the Institute for Historical Review
An unusual public service ad by the Institute for Historical Review at two San Francisco transit stations has generated wide media attention. The electronic display board, which proclaims “History Matters!,” went up on September 3 at the city’s downtown Powell Street and Montgomery Street stations, where it’s scheduled to remain until the end of the month.

Black BART and the Freedom Riders: From Taki's Magazine
It’s been a good month for Mark Weber. Mark is the director of the California-based Institute for Historical Review (IHR), a publishing house that dares to sell books that express points of view that some people consider bad. The nerve!

US Evangelical Pastors are the Number One Warmongers: Chuck Baldwin from Russia Insider
The late Howard Phillips of the Constitution Party teamed up with Zionist Stooge Kenneth R. Timmerman on AIM to attack Ron Paul and Mark Dankof in an essay entitled, "Tehran TV Loves Ron Paul." Chuck Baldwin atones here.

Senate Approves Controversial Jewish Rights Activist for Top Civil Rights Post: The Times of Israel
If you're worried about what Trump is doing to Syria and Iran at the behest of the Zionists, worry about this Trump Zionist Stooge in the "Office of Civil Rights" at the Department of Education.

How the octopus got its smarts: Cosmos
This is just interesting. Plus I like octopi.

Trump says chaos in Venezuela is unacceptable: AP News
Stay focused, big guy. Venezuela is just a squirrel.

Hillary Clinton Used Unsecured Blackberry Inside Russia; FBI Director Mueller Ignored Secretary of State’s National Security Breach: Russia News Now

Former white nationalist opens up about rejecting his past: Megyn Kelly interviews Derek Black: YouTube
Even as a "former" white nationalist, Derek Black is articulate and a better spokesman for us than many current white nationalists. We will see what the future brings...

Alex Jones is Crumbling Before Our Eyes: YouTube
Alex Jones is weirdly likable in this interview. I don't know what to think. The interviewer, Patrick Bet-David, is of Assyrian and Armenian descent.

Freemasons boss sues pro-Christian Russian lawmaker for defamation: Russia Today

Does Twitter really care about pluralism and free speech? Let’s follow the money: Russia Today

The Framing of Tokyo Rose: Reason February 1976
Old but once again relevant.

The Secret History of Pussy Riot: Counterpunch

How Fox News Is Weaponizing the Harvey Weinstein Scandal: Slate
Slate is worried that Tucker is on the verge of naming the Jew.

‘We don’t want to live in Middle East & Africa’: Czech PM blasts EU migration policy: Russia Today
Speech if violence. Music is genocide.

Julian Assange's associate cyber security expert mysteriously missing in Norway: Russia Today

UAE used Israeli spyware 'to target Qatari emir, Saudi prince': Al Jazeera
Emails obtained by the New York Times appear to show purchase of software created by Israeli NSO group.

Iran's only Jewish hospital grapples with fallout of US sanctions: Al Jazeera

Lincoln as He Really Was: LewRockwell.com

Battleground school: Israeli company makes bulletproof backpacks for US market (VIDEO): Russia Today

Censored film names Adam Milstein as Canary Mission funder: Electronic Intifada
Deep State assassinates leader of separatist republic in Eastern Ukraine in a bid to start WWIII.

A Cancer on the Papacy?: LewRockwell.com
By Patrick J. Buchanan

A Book For Our Time, A Time That Perhaps Has Run Its Course: LewRockwell.com

South Korea denies Israeli president official visit: PressTV

Archbishop Vigano: Corruption has reached top at Catholic Church: PressTV

America’s Facebook Friend Allies: The American Conservative
Why do we need all these alliances?

Top manager falls to his death from iconic haunted Moscow building: Russia Today

TMZ Goes MAGA: How Harvey Levin’s Gossip Empire Became Trump’s Best Friend: The Daily Beast

Roseanne Barr Goes on Wild (And Racist) Tweetstorm About Clintons, George Soros, Chris Cillizza: Media ITE

Meghan Markle in a saucy scene in the first episode of 90210: DailyMail
Her oral sex scene from 90210 would seem to make her a more logical replacement for Nikki Haley than a member of the British Royal Family.

There’s a Crypto-Mining Machine in Every Home in Caracas: Bloomberg
Remember, Trump isn't just threatening and wheeling and dealing with the North Koreans, but he is also threatening and wheeling and dealing with the Zionists.

Drug Maker Pfizer Agrees to Pay $23.85 Million to Resolve False Claims Act Liability for Paying Kickbacks: Department of Justice

The solar system has at least 8 giant, secret oceans where alien life may exist — here's where and how big they are: Business Insider

Petition to the president & congress to remove the privately owned federal reserve as our central bank: Whitehouse.gov
This petitions needs 100,000 signatures by June 12, 2018 to get a response from the White House.

Criminal Victimization in the United States, 2008 Statistical Tables: U. S. Department of Justice Bureau of Justice Statistics
This is being posted in response to a question about interracial rape in the United States. According to the latest data available (the Obama Administration repressed it), there were over 19,000 rapes, sexual assaults, or verbal threats of rape by black men reported to police be white women in 2008. In the same year, there were ten or less rapes, sexual assaults, or verbal threats of rape by white men reported to police be black women.

How Meghan Markle’s Jewish Ex-Husband Became The Guy Who Lost Future Royal Bride Read more: https://forward.com/schmooze/388553/how-meghan-markles-jewish-ex-husband-became-the-guy-who-lost-future-royal-b/: The Jewish Daily Forward

Gunman arrested after police shootout at Trump resort: AP News

Nikki Haley Walks Out of UN As Palestinian Envoy Starts Speaking: Townhall
Let's hope she is walking all the way back to Skankistan!

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner Blessed by Rabbi Who Made Racist Remarks: Report: The Daily Beast

Dozens of Palestinians killed in US Jerusalem embassy protests: The Guardian

Does UAE seek to colonize Yemen's Socotra island?: PressTV

Abe offended by Israeli chef’s serving of dessert in shoe: PressTV

Trump seeks 'very meaningful' summit in Singapore with North Korea: Reuters

Trump Says He Has ‘Great Health Plans’ Coming Out Within 4 Weeks: Bloomberg

Plane carrying U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and 3 Americans freed by North Korea lands at Yokota base in Japan: AP News

Sajid Javid Is Named U.K. Home Secretary, Replacing Amber Rudd: New York Times
This puts a Pakistani in charge of policing and immigration for Britain. Is Britain really even a country anymore?

'This unbelievable invasion of privacy must be exposed and fought'

Pastor Mark Dankof’s take on John McCain’s confidantes saying Trump won’t be invited to his funeral: Mark Dankof
Paul Craig Roberts starts naming the Jew.

Mandalay Bay Shooting Body Camera Footage Released: No Broken Windows Reported: Zero Hedge

The Jewish author says "Jewish women... are not nice ladies--Sarah Silverman, Joan Rivers, Gilda Radner--to name a few." Yet, she continues, Michelle Wolf is a horrible bitch, and she's not even Jewish. Go figure.

Comedian Wolf draws laughs, gasps at White House correspondents’ dinner: Times of Israel
The Times of Israel says this slut's not Jew...

Condoleezza Rice to Donald Trump: Let Experts Handle North Korea Details: Breitbart News
Sure, leave it to the "experts" like you who have screwed up everything!!!

Chris Cuomo Tells Netanyahu: Israel Needs to "Come Clean" and be "Honest" on Its Nukes: YouTube
CNN's Chris Cuomo of all people tells Netanyahu TO HIS FACE that he should come clean about Israel's Nukes. Yet not a single elected federal official will say this. That is why we cannot be a serious country.

A film from Israeli television about New York Jews prepping with Israeli military to fight the goyim: HookTube

American-Israeli teen who made bomb threats against JCCs allegedly threatens Israeli schools from prison: Jewish Telegraphic Agency
Funny how we never hear anything about this Jewish kid who hoaxed all of the bomb scares to Jewish community centers.

Two Koreas Hold Historic Summit: Bloomberg
Korean should be united.

Nice Ladies: Jewish Women's Archive
Jewish author wonders how Michelle Wolf can be such a bitch when she is not even Jewish.

Trump Sanctions Putin’s Son-in-Law, but Not Putin: The New Yorker

The 25 richest Russian oligarchs on the 'Putin list' that the US just released: Business Insider

10 killed in Toronto van attack begin to be ID'd: Toronto Sun

Glenn Greenwald: Evidence That Assad Used Gas 'Overwhelming' - Amy Goodman Agrees!: Russia Insider
This is why we need our own media, and cannot rely on alternative Jews.

Trump Security Adviser Tom Bossert: All Options Remain On The Table Over Syria Chemical Attack: Real Clear Politics
Bossert said photos of kids with water on their heads is proof that Assad is a war criminal and must be stopped.

Day after Bolton takes over, homeland security aide is out: AP News
Despicable Bolton fires despicable Bossert.

George Soros Prepares to Trade Cryptocurrencies: Bloomberg
Remember, he is famous for manipulating currency markets.

This is old, but relevant to today.

Family of unarmed man killed by police to file federal lawsuit: MSN News
The purpose of Black Lives Matter is to make crime safer for black criminals.

Retired Supreme Court Justice Stevens Calls For Repeal Of Second Amendment: NPR

Trump's talk of possible Putin meeting caught advisers off guard: The Hill
Maybe Vlad can be the new National Security Adviser.

Trump's New Lawyer: The Man Who Sent Jonathan Pollard to Jail: Haaretz
Totally based!

Democratic Rep to DeVos: Your 'head is in the sand' on race issues in schools: CNN
Because the only reason black kids fight so much and score so low on IQ tests is white microaggressions.

CNN floozies gossip enviously about Stormy Pornstar: CNN
CNN: The most trusted name in porn.

Bitcoin on trial as prolific trader faces money laundering charges: Los Angeles Times
All this could have been avoided if the patrons had been required to pay up-front.

What does Mike Pompeo as secretary of state mean for Israel and the Jews?: Jewish Telegraphic Agency
This is a real headline and a real news agency. Who would have ever guessed they would ask if it's good for the Jews.

Nikki Haley's syphilitic insanity is a threat to world peace: #EscortWhoreOutTheDoor: DavidDuke.com

Nikki Haley tells U.N. Russia responsible for chemical attack: NBC News

Ready, set, walk out: Schools prepare for expected student protests on Wednesday: Los Angeles Times
It's amazing that these high school kids from Florida could organize the entire public school systems of every state to stage a political demonstration at tax payer expense that requires students to miss class. Talk about (((grass roots)))!

Trump Pledges To Cancel New TariffsIf The EU Drops Duties On US Goods: Sputnik News

US Credit Card Debt Hits $1 Trillion: Sputnik News

Antifa: The hard left's call to arms: Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)
Lots in this article about Dwayne Dixon and the antifa role in Charlottesville.

Dwayne Dixon is a heavily armed antifa who publicly engages in illegal activities, including aiming his semi-automatic weapon at James Fields (whom is says he though might have been a police officer) in Charlottesville and the destruction of a public statue in Durham. He is also a teacher at the University of North Carolina, which is a public school, where he spreads his anarchist message at taxpayer expense. Why does he still have a job and Tiana Dalichov doesn't?

REPORTBACK: CHARLOTTESVILLE August 12, 2017: Redneck Revolt
This article was posted by the Redneck Revolt, one of whose member, Dwayne Dixon, who has admitted to pointing his semi-automatic rifle at James Fields in Charlottesville moments before Mr. Fields car accident as he tried to flee antifa attackers.

The Left has gun-toting militias of its own, Charlottesville lawsuit reveals: Fox News

Armed Antifa Professor Admits Chasing Charlottesville Driver Rifle Deadly Crash: The Gateway Pundit

Soros' Revenge? What's Behind Anti-Netanyahu Campaign in Israel: Sputnik News

Gary Cohn resigns as Trump's top economic advisor: CNBC

Jewish groups call for gun control after Florida shooting: Algemeiner

Theo Von used to work out with David Duke: Joe Rogan Experience
This is seriously funny. It is rare that you hear any mainstream discussion of David Duke that doesn't promptly devolve into hysteria.

Israeli Opposition Readies To Celebrate End Of Bibi: Sputnik News

Lewinsky sees problematic issue of consent in Clinton affair: CNN

5 things Congress could do on guns: CNN

A New Realism: America & Israel in the Trump Era: Commentary Magazine

Has the NRA Finally Met Its Match?: The Nation

Jews Collaborating With Nazis During The 'Holocaust' Is A Confirmed Fact - Poland: Sputnik News

How the Porn Industry Evolves With the Internet: Realclearlife.com
Jewish porn actress/mogul credits Judaism with giving her the gifts needed to succeed in this industry.

New US Sanctions Against Russia Are Coming Expect

Obama calls for common-sense

Biden says Congress has moral

Who is Kehinde Wiley, the artist behind President Obama's official portrait?: Washington Post
Click here to see this artists previous inspiring work portraying a black woman holding the decapitated head of a white woman.

Giant advertiser Unilever threatens to pull its ads from Facebook and Google over 'toxic content': Los Angeles Times
Google and Facebook aren't censoring enough!

Sister of North Korean Leader Arrives in South Korea for Highly Symbolic Trip: New York Times

Kim Jong-un's Sister Turns On the Charm, Taking Pence's Spotlight: New York Times
Mike Pence couldn't shake her hand without his wife present.

GOP official: Wynn stepping down from RNC : CNN

The made up Cardi B-Nicki Minaj feud feeds into an insidious form of sexism: CNN
Blah blah blah. CNN and Zio music industry push rapper sluts as award winning role models.

UN Ambassador Nikki Haley Calls Rumors of Affair With Trump 'Disgusting': Sputnik News
Look at Nikki Haley and then at Empress Melania. This proves Trump did not have an affair with Nikki. That's just science!

Japanese Cryptocurrency Exchange to Repay Owners $425 Million Stolen by Hackers: Sputnik News

Theresa May at Davos: Investors Must Boycott Social Media Firms Not Censoring 'Extremist' Views: Breitbart News

Pit Pull Attack Horror Justice In Court
Breed Should Be Outlawed - Genetics:
The Daily Mail

New Hillary Emails Reveal Knowledge Of Security Problems: Sputnik News

Federal Reserve To Deregulate Banking Sector: Sputnik News

In bed with a cheeseburger at 6.30pm, shouting at staff who pick shirts off the floor and watching THREE TVs as he rants about the unfair media: New book makes stunning claims about President: The Daily Mail
In bed with a cheeseburger at 6.30pm, shouting at staff who pick shirts off the floor and watching THREE TVs as he rants about the unfair media:

Uber Has a Big Opportunity from the SoftBank Stock Sale: Bloomberg

Chinese President Says Ready to Enhance Cooperation With Russia in 2018: Sputnik News

FBI vs Antifa : John Friend, American Freepress

Sessions Orders Probe Of Alleged Hezbollah Drug Trafficking: Sputnik News

Bitcoin Rollercoaster: What Happened, And Why?: Sputnik News

The secret backstory of how Obama let Hezbollah off the hook: An ambitious U.S. task force targeting Hezbollah's billion-dollar criminal enterprise ran headlong into the White House's desire for a nuclear deal with Iran.: By Josh Meyer, Politico
You can trust me, Goy.

What Putin Really Wants: Russia's strongman president has many Americans convinced of his manipulative genius. He's really just a gambler who won big.: Julia Yoffe, The Atlantic
Professor Stephen F. Cohen compares Julia Yoffe's writings to "ponography." Nothing she writes can be taken at face value.

Trump Dubs US Mainstream Media a 'Failure' Setting Twitter Ablaze: Sputnik News

Trump Dubs US MSM A Failure Setting Twitter Ablaze: Sputnik News

CNN In Hot Water Over Erroneous Trump-WikiLeaks Story: Sputnik News

CNN In Hot Water Over Erroneous Trump-WikiLeaks Story: Sputnik News

Five Richest Counties In US Are All DC Suburbs: Sputnik News

Trump to send astronauts back to the moon -- and eventually Mars: CNN

How Free Speech Lost in Charlottesville: Wall Street Journal
This report condemns Charlottesville authorities for failing to to keep violent Antifa and Black Lives Matters radicals from attacking the rally participates, who had a lawful permit.

Christopher Cantwell Released on Bond: NBC News (WVIR, Charlottesville Affiliate)

Suicide bomber strikes New York City at rush hour: New York Post

White nationalist Chris Cantwell is granted bond in Albemarle: Richmond Times Dispatch

Surprise: Feinstein Blasts Trump's Decision on Jerusalem...Which She Voted For Multiple Times: Town Hall

GOP lawmaker suggests Rep. Matt Bradford, who touched him, may be gay: Daily Local News
Just kind of funny.

Neil Cavuto Shreds Trump: 'You're The President... Why Don't You Act Like It?': Huffington Post

Allegations Sylvester Stallone Had Gay Threesomes: The Daily Mail

Zimbabwe Coup Leader To China One Week Earlier: Sputnik News

Trump Again On How Bad CNN Is After Seeing It On Trip : Sputnik News

George H.W. Bush Accused Of Groping 16 Yr Old Girl: Sputnik News

Teacher Suspended For Calling A Girl Girl: The Daily Mail

Perfectly Preserved 50,000 Yr Old Cave
Lion Cub Discovered In Siberia - Vid:
Sputnik News

First on CNN: New George H.W. Bush accuser says he groped her during 1992 re-election campaign: CNN

Sources: LiAngelo Ball, 2 other UCLA players arrested in China: ESPN

Haaretz Op-Ed– 'Mazal Tov, Larry David, for Spoon-feeding the Neo-Nazis': Haaretz, via The Ugly Truth

Harvey Weinstein Used Undercover Ex-Mossad Agents To Silence Accusers, Halt Publications: Zero Hedge

David Duke Red-Baits (((Communist))) Forward After New York Times Story: The Forward

Jimmy Carter wants to partner with Trump: CNN

Saakashvili Plan To Rescue

Text of the Texas law that bans boycotting Israel: The Texas Legislature

Need Hurricane Aid? In Texas, If You Boycott Israel, You May Be Out Of Luck: NPR

Florida Gov. Rick Scott declares state of emergency for Richard Spencer speech: Syracuse.com

Trump vacancies are here to stay: CNN

Twitter Suspends Account Of Weinstein Accuser Rose McGowan: Zero Hedge

The anti-Trump late-night comedy lineup keeps plummeting: The Washington Examiner

The deafening silence of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama on Harvey Weinstein: CNN

Trump Calls Schumer Over Healthcare Bill Hinting at 2nd Deal With Dems: Sputnik News

REVEALED: Fetish website profile of anti-fa professor who tweeted about 'dead cops' where he appears in photos tied up and tells how he calls partners 'dirty fascist lapdog w****s': The Daily Mail

The Specifically Jewy Perviness of Harvey Weinstein: Tablet Magazine

Tillerson Summoned to White House Amid Presidential Fury: NBC News

REVEALED: Fetish website profile of anti-fa professor who tweeted about 'dead cops' where he appears in photos tied up and tells how he calls partners 'dirty fascist lapdog w****s': The Daily Mail

Jewish man faces trial after criticizing Israel policy at Dennis Ross panel: The Times of Israel

Shadowy Blacklist Of Student Activists Wins Endorsement Of Mainstream Pro-Israel Group Read more: http://forward.com/news/national/383938/shadowy-blacklist-of-student-activists-wins-endorsement-of-mainstream-pro-i/: The Forward
This is a great example of the ruthlessness of organized Jewry in repressing any dissent from their domination of our society.

Mossad Boss Reveals Extent Of Overseas Spy Operations: Sputnik News

The Trump tax cuts would be the most insane giveaway to the rich ever: The Washington Post

Are NFL Players Required to Stand on the Field During the National Anthem?: Snopes

Mystery Woman Told Crowd Youre All Gonna F*cking

Las Vegas Shooters

Gun control state of play: Strong words, little action in Congress : CNN

Mystery Woman Told Crowd Youre All Gonna F*cking

Clinton talks gun legislation immediately following massacre : CNN

Las Vegas Shooter Identified As 64 Yr Old Local Resident,
Female Roommate Said Now Being Hunted:
The Independent

Many NFL Players Continue To Kneel During Anthem In US : The Daily Mail

New Doc Shows Mass Sea Animal Deaths From Plastics: The Daily Mail

HHS Secretary Tom Price resigns: CNN

Trump begins meeting with potential Fed chairs: CNN

Iraqi Kurdish referendum illegitimate, Secretary of State Tillerson says: CNN

Hip-hop stars slam Trump amid anthem firestorm: CNN

200,000 Israelis expected in "Kurdistan" once independence is declared: VoltaireNet

Hillary: 'Deeply Troubling' That Trump Attacks Black Athletes for Peaceful Protest and Not Racists or Putin: Breitbart

Jewish NFL team owner condemns Trump over anthem protest comments: The Jewish Chronicle

Britain gave Israel plutonium, files show : The Guardian
From 2006

4 charts that explain what Graham-Cassidy will do: CNN

Here Are the Letters That Pepe the Frog's Lawyers Sent to the Alt Right: Motherboard
Richard Spencer, others sued over usage of Pepe image

A strong earthquake hit off the coast of Japan, about 200 miles from the Fukushima nuclear plant : MSN News

Stormfront Nazis Think the 'Alt-Right' Is Full of Idiots: Wired
Telepathic Jewish reporter speaks for Stormfront forum posters

Israel to Pay Compensation to About 170 Nuclear Scientists Suffering From Cancer: Sputnik News

Survey: College students seek balance on free speech and hate speech: The Washington Post

Why radical racists revere Russia : New York Daily News

Here We Go: BernieCare Democrats Introduce Government-Supremacist Healthcare Scheme: Town Hall

Foundation Stone Laid For BRICS Bank In Shanghai: Sputnik News

How billionaire George Soros is trying to hijack the Catholic Church for his progressive agenda : Life Site News

Documents Tie Berkeley Riot Organizers To Pro-Pedophilia Group, NAMBLA: Daily Caller

Jews ruined Russia, says politician from Putin's party: Times of Israel

We Are At War For A Free And Open Internet: Medium
GAB is a social media alternative to Facebook that has become popular with the Alt-Right for its commitment to free speech. This attack on GAB by its domain name server opens a new front on the war on free speech.

Ron Paul's "Liberty Report" being economically censored by YouTube: The Duran

Ireland Has Very

How BRICS Countries Can Replace The US: Sputnik News

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke resigns: CNN

https://www.timesofisrael.com/google-taps-israeli-exec-as-new-vp/: Times of Israel

Pope Says He Saw Jewish Psychoanalyst on Weekly Basis in Search of Clarity read more: http://www.haaretz.com/world-news/europe/1.810141: Haaretz

Eminem Leads 'F*ck Trump' Chant During UK Concert - Vid: Sputnik News

Sweden Declares Crackdown On Fake News : Sputnik News

Paul Ryan does

Billy Joel dons Jewish star against Neo-Nazis: CNN
(How come he pretended to be Italian back in the 70's?)

(I guess Jews don't like Donald Trump.)

NEISD school board votes to change name of Robert E. Lee HS: KSAT Channel 12

Oxytocin and social norms reduce xenophobia: Science Daily
This may be part of the reason that our government has been allowing opiates to flood in from Afghanistan for the past 16 years.

erkeley Mayor Is Member of Antifa Facebook Group that Organized Riots: Breitbart

What Trump Gets Wrong About Antifa -- If the president is concerned about violence on the left, he can start by fighting the white supremacist movements whose growth has fueled its rise.: Peter Beinart, The Atlantic
A twisted, Jewish defense of Antifa.

EXCLUSIVE: Domain name registration company donates David Duke's fee to Southern Poverty Law Center: Orlando Political Observer

Ernst ZĂĽndel died on Saturday, August 5: Carolyn Yeager

Chinese tourists arrested for Hitler salute in Berlin: Press TV

Online Hate: YouTube Hides Supremacist Videos But Won't Take Down: International Business Times

Pedo Dennis Hastert Released Early From Prison: The Daily Mail

Colleges More Interested In PC Than Good Education: The Daily Mail

Elon Musk Says AI Is The

Sen. John McCain had aggressive brain tumor surgically removed: CNN

Protesters roll loudly through Senate office buildings, 155 arrested: CNN

DOJ: More than 400 charged in health care fraud schemes: CNN

Was Otto Warmbier an American Student or an Israeli Spy? : Gilad Atzmon

Pro-Trump Activists Protest Against Fake News at CNN Headquarters in Atlanta: Sputnik News

Former North Korea detainee Otto Warmbier dies: CNN

Millionaire Ex-Putin Aide And Russia Today (RT)
Founder Dead In DC Hotel Room Of Heart

Bernie Sanders calls on supporters to step up resistance : CNN

Top 5 Jokes Putin Made During SPIEF-2017 : Sputnik News

CA Moves to Adopt Single-Payer Health Care: Sputnik News

50+ Dems Demand Kushner Security Clearance Stopped: Sputnik News

Manchester Bomber Was Product of West's Libya/Syria Intervention: Antiwar.com

Seth Rich, slain DNC staffer, had contact with WikiLeaks, say multiple sources: Fox News

Seth Rich: Promising Jewish DCN Staffer Shot Dead in Washingon DC: The Forward

In 100 Days, A New Jewish Elite Rises Under Trump Read more: http://forward.com/news/national/370369/in-100-days-a-new-jewish-elite-rises-under-trump/: The Forward

Protesters Square Off Again in Berkeley After Coulter Cancels Speech: Breitbart

H.R. McMaster's Ties To Soros-Supported Think Tank Raise Questions: Disobedient Media

Israel Slams Le Pen For Remarks Denying
French Role In Holocaust:
Sputnik News

Le Pen Urges Trump No To Repeat Iraq & Libya In Syria: Sputnik News

Ukraine National Bank Governor Files Resignation: Sputnik News

Trump to Bannon and Kushner: Work this out: CNN

K.T. McFarland to leave NSC for Singapore ambassadorship: CNN

Lee Stranahan: 'Ideological Coup' By Kushner-Linked Goldman Globalists Destroying Trump White House: Zero Hedge

Germany approves bill curbing online hate crime, fake news: AP

Hacked NY Post Sends Nazi Message - Heil Trump: The Daily Mail

Tillerson Fails To See Eye To Eye With Erdogan: Sputnik News

Wiki - CIA Disguised Hacking As Russian Activity : The Daily Mail

Trump discusses wiretapping tweet and Merkel in Financial Times : CNN

Kasich: Trump needs to work with Democrats on health care: CNN

Google Will Finally Do Something, Anything, About Ads on Racist Videos [Update]: Gizmodo

Google condemned by MPs after refusing to ban anti-Semitic YouTube video by ex-KKK leader: The Guardian

Did Ben-Gurion sacrifice Jewish lives to build a state in Palestine: The New York Times

What is the 'Emoluments Clause'? Does it apply to President Trump?: The Washington Post

Jewish Center Bomb Threat Suspect Is Arrested in Israel: The New York Times

White Nationalists And 'Alt-Right' Celebrate Arrest Of Jew For Bomb Threats Read more: http://forward.com/news/366898/white-nationalists-and-alt-right-celebrate-arrest-of-jew-for-bomb-threats/: The Forward

Watching Porn Damages The Human Brain,
Things Will Never Be The Same Again:
Sputnik News

Tension and confusion in GOP health care talks: CNN

Key Democrats will filibuster Gorsuch: CNN

Which Republicans are opposing the Obamacare repeal bill?: CNN

Eric Trump's wife is NOT Jewish: The Forward

#FedSoWhite? Lawmakers complain about Federal Reserve's lack of diversity: Los Angeles Times

Chaffetz walks back remarks on low-income Americans choosing health care of iPhones: CNN

Bannon in 2013: Joseph McCarthy was right in crusade against Communist infiltration : CNN

Trump tells officials anti-Semitic threats could be to 'make others look bad': Ynet News

Netanyahu pauses 4-hour police grilling to speak to Trump: Times of Israel

The Times of Israel Israel & the Region Jewish Times Israel Inside The Blogs Start-Up Israel Partners Daily Edition Spotlight s English العربية Français 中文 فارسی Tuesday, March 7, 2017 Adar 9, 5777 10:07 pm IST About Us Advertise with us Partner Links: Help Fight BDS! The Times of Israel Subscribe to the Daily Edition Home > Israel & the Region 'Israel is identified nowadays more with the Republicans... We are paying the price today for taking sides' Anti-Trump sentiment may turn against Israel, Ya'alon warns: Times of Israel

Lynch says tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton was 'regrettable': Fox News

New Details of Extensive ADL Spy Operation Emerge : Inquiry: Transcripts reveal nearly 40 years of espionage by a man who infiltrated political groups: Los Angeles Times

Senators Seek Data On Any Goldman
Sachs Links With Trump Economic Policy:
Sputnik News

Is Trump reversing course on settlements and Iran?: Jewish Telegraphic Agency

Violent UC Berkeley Protest Questioned: KCBS (CBS affiliate)

Sheriff: 474 arrested in California human trafficking stings: KCRA (NBC affiliate)

Conway: Media is inciting: Media is 'inciting mob mentality if not mob violence' with their coverage: CNN

Pelosi: 'white supremacist' Bannon making America 'less safe': CNN

Donald Trump administration 'wants to cut white supremacism from counter-extremism programme': The Independent

"Remember the 11 million"? Why an inflated victims tally irks Holocaust historians: Jewish Telegraphic Agency

On Day Two, Trump prayed, met the CIA and attacked the press: CNN

Tillerson: Russia must be held accountable: CNN

Comey mum on possible FBI inquiry into any Trump connection to Russia hacking: CNN

Sessions suggests Trump admin could stamp out legal pot: CNN

Trump team expands search pool for No. 2 at State: CNN

Pro-Hillary US State Dept ‘behind Assange internet cutoff’ â€" WikiLeaks activist to RT : Russia Today

Northern Irish Want Out After Brexit: Sputnik News

China To Help Israel Build An Island In Med: Sputnik News

Germany Bars Ukraine Entry Into EU In Near Future: Sputnik News

US Amb Says Britain IS At The Back Of The Queue: The Daily Mail

Post Turtle Gove For UK PM, Twitter Goes Bonkers: Sputnik News

BREAKING: ISIS Terrorists Used Obama's 'Fast and Furious' Gun During Paris Attack!: The Gateway Pundit

Hollande Approval Rating At Only 12% : Sputnik News

Britain could remain in EU as London ‘has no idea’ how to leave â€" Kerry : Russia Today

Netanyahu - Israel Will Never

Men work longer hours than women and women do more housework, report finds: McClatchy

Brexit Leader Johnson - Britain Always Be Part Of Europe: The Telegraph

Boris Johnson Favored To Be Next UK PM: Sputnik News

Brexit Wins! - What We Can Expect To Happen Next: The Telegraph

Orlando Cop Ordered To STAY OUT While Massacre Continued: The Daily Mail

Turkey says Gaza sea blockade ‘largely lifted’ via reconciliation deal, Israel disagrees : Russia Today

Euroskepticism On Rise Across Europe: The Independent

"Colorful revolutionaries" fire paint-bombs at Macedonia government HQ & police (PHOTOS, VIDEO) : Russia Today

NSA whistleblower Snowden says U.S. government carrying out mass surveillance in Japan: The Japan Times

State Dept Footage Fraud Shows US Rewriting History : Sputnik News

Israeli Woman Lied About Rape, Pal Kid Faces Prison: Sputnik News

Russia To Upgrade Kuril Islands Military Defenses : Sputnik News

Russia, China Ready To Invest In Bolivia - Morales: Sputnik News

Fisk - The Gospel According To Saint Tony: The Independent

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