New Trump Nuke Doctrine - US No Longer A Superpower: Sputnik News

Saakashvili Says Ukraine Is A Shambles Faces Becoming Failed

US Must ‘Prepare’ For War With China - Admiral : The Independent

Sub-Par: Not a Single German Navy Submarine is Seaworthy: Sputnik News
Maybe Germany shouldn't have given its best subs to Israel

Syrian Army Will Down Any Jet That Launches An Attack - Damascus: Sputnik News

Story Of US Killing 200 Russians Fighters Is Classic ‘Disinformation’ - Moscow: Sputnik News

US To Continue Training Local ‘Security’ Forces (terrorists) In Syria - Tillerson: Sputnik News

Comey told Congress FBI agents didn't think Michael Flynn lied: The Washington Examiner
Michael Flynn is an American Hero and should be reinstated as National Security advisor, while Sally Yates should be thrown in jail.

Israeli Attacks On Syria - What Is Known So Far?: Sputnik News

Moscow On Israeli Attack - Creation Of Threats For Russian Military Personnel In Syria Unacceptable: Sputnik News

Syria Claims ‘Several’ Israeli Attack Jets Shot Down: Sputnik News

Gaza Runs Out of Fuel To Power Hospitals: Sputnik News

Syria says rare US strike an effort ‘to support terrorism’: AP

Tales of the New Cold War: The Origins of Russiagate & Questions to be asked. Part 2 of 2. Stephen F. Cohen: The John Batchelor Show, WABC
Professor Cohen reveals that CIA Director John Brennan was feeding Christopher Steele with fake "Russian" intelligence for his dossier.

Tales of the New Cold War: The Origins of Russiagate & Questions to be asked. Part 1 of 2. Stephen F. Cohen: The John Batchelor Show, WABC

Syrian rebels down purported Russian warplane; pilot dead: AP

Trump Doubles US Bombing In Afghanistan: Sputnik News

Tillerson - US Holds Russia Responsible For Chemical Weapons In Syria: Sputnik News

Israeli Ambassador Claims Iran has 82,000-Strong Army in Syria: Sputnik News
You can trust me, goy!

Netanyahu - Europe Must Amend Nuclear Deal With Iran: Sputnik News

The Privileged vs. the White Working Class: The National Review
This is a couple years old, but a Nobel Prize winner found that whites aren't really privileged. Who knew?

Trump May Send Another 1,000 Troops To Afghanistan: Sputnik News

USAF Sends DOS-Attacking Aircraft To Korean Theater: Sputnik News

Twitter War Between US, NK Continues To Escalate: Sputnik News

IDF Chief Vows To Destroy All Gaza Tunnels In 2018: Sputnik News

Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Says the False Missile Alert Stresses the Need for Urgent Talks With North Korea: Time Magazine

Syria Says Israeli Missiles Hit Damascus: Sputnik News

U.S., Israel, Saudi Arabia policies on Iran ‘would lead us to war,’ French president says: The Jewish Telegraphic Agency

N Korea Hotline Shows Hidden US-S Korea Division: Sputnik News

S Korea - No Signs Of NK Preparing Missile Launch: Sputnik News

Trump Promises Great

Iranians to Trump and warmongers: Iran ain’t for sale: Mark Dankof, Veterans Today

US Envoy to UN: No Recognition of Intra-Korean Talks Unless Nuclear Issue Solved: Sputnik News
Nikki Haley is a whore on so many levels

Hate crime whodunit: He posted hateful words -- but did he threaten mosque?: CNN
California is prosecuting this guy for making mean Facebook posts

Kim Orders Launch Of New (Larger?) ICBM : Sputnik News

Japan Said Pondering 4 North Korea War Scenarios: Sputnik News

US Pursues 2 Contradictory North Korea Strategies : The Independent

Trump on Iran: Time

Kim Jong Un offers rare olive branch to South Korea: CNN

Tillerson Says US Needs to Work With Russia on Syria But Assad Must Go: Sputnik News

China Amb To Russia - No Military Solution To NK Issue: Sputnik News

US vs UN - US Sacrifices Own Interests To Satisfy Israel : Sputnik News

Envoy Demands US, Turkey Troops Leave Syria: Sputnik News

US And SK Practice Destroying North Korea WMD: Sputnik News

McMaster On NK - All

Mattis Claims Kims

Spiral Of Provocations In Korean Crisis Must Stop - Lavrov: Sputnik News

Macron Announces Plans Of ‘Military Action’ In Libya: Sputnik News

Feds eye anti-Trump FBI agent over shady moves in Hillary email probe: New York Post

US Continues Arms, Heavy Vehicle Shipments To SDF: Sputnik News

Russia To Significantly Reduce Military Presence In Syria: Sputnik News

Tells Putin - Syria Was Saved Thanks To Russia: Sputnik News

The Nationalists Delusion:

Israel To Continue Attacking Syria At Will - Netanyahu: Sputnik News

Putin - US Attack On Russian Media Is Attack On Free Speech : Sputnik News

Trump Hits Kim With Extraordinarily Personal Insults: The Independent

China Supports Russia On N Korea Crisis Settlement : Sputnik News

Moscow Questions New US Policy In Syria - Lavrov: Sputnik News

Professor Slattery lectures on the history of U.S. North Korean relations and proposes a way forward: Republic Broadcasting Network

Americans once carpet-bombed North Korea. It's time to remember that past : The Guardian
By Professor Bruce Cumings, August 13, 2017

This Is What’s Really Behind North Korea’s Nuclear Provocations: The Nation
From March 23, 2017

China Expresses Support for Moscow's Position on North Korean Crisis Settlement: Sputnik News

Syria - IDF Jets Had Violated Our Airspace: Sputnik News

US says Hamas must disarm, recognize Israel if it joins Palestinian unity government: CNN

Syrian army claims to find Israeli-made weapons in IS hideouts : Jerusalem Post

Is war with Iran : Patrick Buchanan

(Israel Orders) Trump Threatens Full Cancel Of Iran Deal : Sputnik News

North Korea Renews Promise To Bomb Guam if Attacked: Sputnik News

McCain dying wish: War with Russia: Sputnik News

USS Reagan Task Force Nears Korean Peninsula
Thereby Opening Door For Provocations - Moscow:
Sputnik News

Ex Israeli Intel Chief Tells Trump To KEEP Iran Deal: Sputnik News

Tom Friedman: Tillerson Is "Worst Secretary Of State" Working For "Worst Foreign Policy President" During "Worst Time" In Post-War Era:
This is the same Friedman who asked "Why would we want to fight ISIS in Syria?"

Kremlin Warns Trump Against Aggravating NK Situation: Sputnik News

Hezbollah Says USAF Is Protecting ISIS : Sputnik News

Britain ‘preparing for war with North Korea’: The Independent

Unsealed CIA Memos Provide Shocking 'Salt Pit' Black Site Details: Zero Hedge

Russian Jets Destroy ISIS Training Center And 7 Cmdrs : Sputnik News

3 Green Berets killed in ambush in Niger: CNN

Tillerson's dramatic plan to save Iran deal, keep up pressure: CNN

Guam Asks Pentagon To Stop Military Buildup: Sputnik News

Russian Jets Destroy ISIS Training Center And 7 Cmdrs : Sputnik News

Israel Backs Kurdish Indy For New Conflicts, Destabilization: Sputnik News

Israel Backs Kurdish Indy For New Conflicts, Destabilization: Sputnik News

Mattis: In US national security interest to stay in Iran deal: CNN

There Are Channels But NK Not Interested In Talking To US: Sputnik News

Risk Of Military Attack On NK By Trump Grows : Sputnik News

Trump: Tillerson wasting

US Strategy Regarding Iran Has To Change - McMaster: Sputnik News

Seoul To Send Millions In Food, Medicines To NK: Sputnik News

American Jews Are Starting Wars, Jewish Former CIA Spy Valerie Plame Wilson Retweets: Newsweek

US breaks ground for new permanent base in Israel: Defense News

Kelly's 'Facepalm' During Trump's UN Speech Causes Internet Meltdown: Sputnik News

Former Pentagon Analyst Explains Why Trump Fostering Hysteria Over North Korea: Sputnik News

Full text of Trump's speech to the UN: Politico

An 'existential crisis'? How John Kelly reacted to Donald Trump's threats against North Korea: Yahoo News

The most surprising thing about Trump’s U.N. speech: The Washington Post

Trump speaks Zio to UN, but what really counts is what he DIDN’T say: Patrick Slattery

America's Jews Are Driving America's Wars: Shouldn't they recuse themselves when dealing with the Middle East?: Philip Giraldi, The Unz Review

TerroristsHaley Says Assad Must-Go Again: Sputnik News

Russian Submarines Destroy ISIS Targets
In Deir ez-Zor With Kalibr Cruise Missiles:
Sputnik News

ISIS Could Drop Dirty Bombs From Drones On US: The Daily Mail

The Conflict In Syria Was Always Israel’s War : Mint Press


Haley: Kim Jong Un begging

Syria days away from annihilating ISIS on the battlefield: Here’s what comes next: The Duran

The Truth About North Korea: Why Trump’s USA Should Quit Provoking the DPRK: John Laurtis

Trump OKs Billions In New Arms To South Korea: Sputnik News

Haley: Kim Jong Un begging

North Korea claims hydrogen bomb test was 'perfect success,' 6th nuclear test: Fox News

Japan Sent Citizens Underground As Kim Fires Missile : The Daily Mail

Russian Jets Destroy ISIS Tanks And Artillery
Positions Near Deir ez-Zor:
Sputnik News

Creating Obstacles To Prolong Syrian War: Sputnik News

New Anti-Russian Sanctions Reveal
Congress Rivalry With US State Dept:
Sputnik News

Afghan Wants Russia, Not US To Help Restore Peace: Sputnik News

Is Trump’s Agenda Being Eclipsed?: Patrick Buchanan

H.R. McMaster faces attacks from conservatives: CNN

Pentagon Expert - Russia Will Annihilate US Army On Battlefield: Sputnik News

Congress Pushes For Development Of BANNED Missiles: Sputnik News

Porky May Escalate Donbass War To Win Election: Sputnik News

Tillerson gets chance to deliver message to North Korea in person: CNN

Pentagon Expert - Russia Will Annihilate US Army On Battlefield: Sputnik News

Congress Pushes For Development Of BANNED Missiles: Sputnik News

Porky May Escalate Donbass War To Win Election: Sputnik News

Tillerson gets chance to deliver message to North Korea in person: CNN

Trump Says U.S. ‘Losing’ Afghan War in Tense Meeting With Generals: NBC News

Trump Finally Ends CIA Program Arming ISIS: The Daily Mail

Trump Finally Ends CIA Program Arming ISIS: The Daily Mail

Donetsk Republic Declares Creation Of New State
Of Malorossiya As Successor To Ukraine:
Sputnik News

US Relocating ISIS Terrorists
Daesh ISIS Leadership Collapse Sparks Infighting - Iraq :
Sputnik News

Trump announces Jon Huntsman for Russia ambassador: CNN

 Was a Cuban Missile Crisis Averted in Syria, the Transatlantic Alliance Ruptured, and Intelgate Exposed?: Professor Stephen F. Cohen

Susan Rice Unmasking Documents to Be 'Locked Up' in Obama Library for Next 5 Years by The_Real_Fly - Jun 21, 2017 8:04 AM American exceptionalism. Who Cares About the “Wealth Gap” if Everyone is Richer? by TDB - Jun 20, 2017 12:56 PM Eeveryone living in America today has a higher standard of living than the President and his family had 90 years ago. Caught On Video: Russian, NATO Jets In Near Standoff After F-16 Buzzes Defense Minister's Airplane: Zero Hedge
US military hijacked by Jews, is trying to provoke a war with Russia.

Eritrea occupies disputed territory after Qataris exit, Djibouti files complaint: PressTV

Russia Threatens To Shoot Down US Planes Over Syria: The Independent

US Is Above International Law - US Sends World Message : Sputnik News

Porky Openly Calls For Continuing Donbass War: Sputnik News


Lavrov Strongly Unhappy About US Bombing Syrian Army: Sputnik News

Iran Claims Proof Of 'Direct US Support" For ISIS Days After Congressman Dana Rohrabacher Floats The Idea: Zero Hedge

Trump Blinks - Pentagon Orders US Naval Armada Away: Sputnik News

Assad - Syria Dramatically Improved As Terrorists Leave: Sputnik News

McCain Calls for New Anti-Russia Sanctions : Sputnik News

Can Trump Salvage His Presidency in Syria’s War?:

Israeli minister: ‘The time has come’ to kill Bashar Assad: Times of Israel

Tillerson, Lavrov to meet in Washington on Syria and Ukraine : CNN

MKO Seeking to Provoke US to Attack Iran: Ex-CIA Officer : Tasnim News Agency

Pentagon weighs 5,000 additional troops for Afghanistan: Press TV

 The Chemical-Weapons Attack In Syria: Is There a Place for Skepticism?: The Nation

MIT professor exposes ‘egregious error’ & evidence tampering in US report on Syria sarin incident : Russia Today

They Have No Proof: MIT Professor Explains Why The Assad Gas Attack Was A Sham: Zero Hedge

White House Lays Out Evidence That Syria Was Behind Deadly Chemical Attack: The Daily Caller

Trump: ‘We’re not going into Syria’: New York Post

U.S. military confirms rebels had sarin: WND

 This Is What’s Really Behind North Korea’s Nuclear Provocations : The Nation
 It’s easy to dismiss Kim Jong-un as a madman. But there’s a long history of US aggression against the North, which we forget at our peril. By Bruce Cumings

Sarin gas delivered to Al-Nusra from Turkey : ANF News

Putin: Russia Has Learned More "False Flag" Chemical Attacks Are Being Prepared On The Damascus Region: Zero Hedge

Rouhani - Russia Was An

Déjà vu - Generals Take Over White House
And Guide Us To Another War :
The Daily Mail

US State Senator - Zero Chance Assad Behind Gas Attack: Sputnik News

Kremlin Tells Zionist Trump US Is One

China - Far Too Early Fix Blame For Syria Chemical Attack : Sputnik News

Hacker Group Releases Password To NSA's "Top Secret Arsenal" In Protest Of Trump Betrayal: Zero Hedge

Did A Blonde Blogger Inspire Trump’s Air Strikes on Syria?: Zero Hedge

Did A Blonde Blogger Inspire Trump’s Air Strikes on Syria?: Zero Hedge

Did A Blonde Blogger Inspire Trump’s Air Strikes on Syria?: Zero Hedge

ISIS Attacks US-Led Base In Southern Syria, As Assad Said To Use White Phosphorus: Zero Hedge

False Flag: How the U.S. Armed Syrian Rebels to Set Up an Excuse to Attack Assad: The Daily Bell

Tillerson Tells Russia to Drop Assad as US Arms 'Rebels', Expands Airfield in Northern Syria : Russia Insider

“Greater Israel”: The Zionist Plan for the Middle East The Infamous "Oded Yinon Plan": Global Research

Pentagon Expands Syria Air Base For Use In Raqqa Battle: Sputnik News

Russian, Turkish Navies Hold Joint Drills In Black Sea: Sputnik News

Threat Of War With Spain Over Gibraltar Absurd : The Independent


Haley - ‘Trump Never Stopped Me Beating Up On Russia’: Sputnik News

Russia Explains Difference In Aleppo, Mosul Operations: Sputnik News

Trump Meets With Condoleezza Rice - Why?: Sputnik News

Is Trump Planning A Major US Escalation In Yemen?: Sputnik News

Russia ‘Hack’ Of US Elections An ‘Act of War’ - Dick Cheney: Sputnik News

McCain rips Trump administration over Syria policy: CNN

Is Putin the ‘Preeminent Statesman’ of Our Times?: Patrick Buchanan

French Troops Of NATO Battalion Arrive In Estonia: Sputnik News

Cdn 6 CF-18 Fighters To Iceland For Air

Syria Will Fire Scuds At Israel In Reply To Airstrikes: Sputnik News

First Of 800 UK Troops Arrive In Estonia To Face Russia: The Independent

The Kagans Are Back; Wars To Follow: Zero Hedge

Is Turkey Lost to the West?: Pat Buchanan, American Renaissance, March 14, 2017

A Soft Coup, or Preserving Our Democracy?:
By Philip Giraldi • March 14, 2017

WH Not Ruling Out Co-Op With Russia vs ISIS : Sputnik News

Trump Sends Even More Troops And Armor To Syria: Sputnik News

WH Not Ruling Out Co-Op With Russia vs ISIS : Sputnik News

Trump Sends Even More Troops And Armor To Syria: Sputnik News


CNN/ORC poll: Most back special prosecutor for Russia investigation: CNN

Putin spokesman: American hysteria hurting relations: CNN

Netanyahu To Discuss Iran’s Plans For Syria With Putin: Sputnik News

Why Is US Slashing Military Aid To Ukraine?: Sputnik News

Airstrike In Afghanistan Kills Nine Civilians: Sputnik News

Gabbard Calls On Trump To Stop Arming Terrorists : Sputnik News

WikiLeaks cables portray Saudi Arabia as a cash machine for terrorists : The Guardian

Pentagon report predicted West’s support for Islamist rebels would create ISIS: Insurge Intellegence

Moscow Poses NO Threat To NATO Countries - Hungarian FM: Sputnik News

Israeli Media - Saudi Spy Chief Secretly Visited Israel: Sputnik News

Trump Vows To Obliterate

Israeli Jet Strikes Syrian Army In Damascus: Sputnik News

Rand Paul Blasts McCain Over Perpetual War: "He Would Bankrupt The Nation": Zero Hedge

Trump administration instructs CIA to halt support for anti-Assad rebels in Syria: IntelNews

Liberal Hypocrisy, “Late-Shaming,” and Russia-Blaming in the Age of Trump: CounterPunch

Freidman: Flynn Resignation Shows Russian Hacking was on the scale of 9/11, Pearl Harbor: Real Clear Politics
Now didn't we nuke Japan over Perl Harbor???

Rex Tillerson Begins Deconstructing the "Shadow Government" on the 7th Floor of the State Department: The Conservative Treehouse

Diplomats in state of confusion over US transition: CNN

Pence: Trump administration watching Russia: CNN

Stephen Bannon, in film treatment, described US Jews as unwitting ‘enablers’ of jihad: Jewish Telegraphic Agency

The great big Rex Tillerson to-do list: CNN

US planning additional sanctions on Iran: CNN

UN Ambassador Haley hits Russia hard on Ukraine : CNN

Graham: I will never be satisfied until we punish Russia: CNN

Trump to Mexico: Take care of 'bad hombres' or US might : Associated Press

Graham: Trump disagrees with the entire US Senate on Russia: CNN

What the UNSC resolution means for the US and Israel: CNN

Israel curbs working ties with nations that voted for UN resolution: CNN

‘We came, we saw, he died’: How Gaddafi was hunted and brutally killed (TIMELINE) : Russia Today

From ‘mad dog’ to ‘model’ and back: How West changed its mind on Libya’s Gaddafi : Russia Today

Kerry launches blistering attack on Russia at UN: CNN

‘We regret strike on Syrian Army, but Assad still bombs indiscriminately’ – Kerry : Russia Today

French blogger lashes out at YouTube for trying to ‘censor’ her interview with Juncker : Russia Today

Trump says Putin is not

NATO missile defense goes live in Europe, isolating Russia not the goal – Stoltenberg : Russia Today

Ukraine Gets US Radars, Wants More US Involvement: Sputnik News

Ukraine PM Wants More NATO Action To Limit Russia: Sputnik News

New US Alliance Over New Russia Pacific Base?: Sputnik News

Clinton The Neo-Con War Hawks Candidate: Sputnik News

NATO Fighter Jets Almost Hit Civil Aircraft In Estonia: Sputnik News

CIA Director Predicts Daesh Attacks On US Soil: Sputnik News

Syria Will Need $200 Billion To Rebuild: Sputnik News

CIA Chief - Genome-Editing May Be Used For BioWarfare: Sputnik News

‘I would shoot’ Russian jets buzzing past US ships – Poland’s ex-president Walesa : Russia Today

Again, Russian warship in latest close call with U.S. Navy: CNN

John Kerry unexpectedly admits Iran is ‘helpful’ to US in fighting ISIS in Iraq : Russia Today

Putin: Russia to respond if Finland joins NATO : Russia Today

The Looming US War On Russia: Sputnik News

US destroyer gets dangerously close to Russian patrol boat in Mediterranean – Moscow : Russia Today

John Kerry unexpectedly admits Iran is ‘helpful’ to US in fighting ISIS in Iraq : Russia Today

The Looming US War On Russia: Sputnik News

US destroyer gets dangerously close to Russian patrol boat in Mediterranean – Moscow : Russia Today

NATO Playing With Fire Near Russian Border: Sputnik News

Mearsheimer - NATO Drills In Poland "Remarkably Foolish":Sputnik News

Putin Says First Priority In Syria To Keep Nation Unified: Sputnik News

2nd US aircraft carrier group deployed in Mediterranean for ‘national security interests’ : Russia Today

NATO To Boost Baltic States Defenses vs Russian Threat: Sputnik News

Jews To Get Largest MIlitary Aid Package In US History: Sputnik News

Georgia, NATO Cooperation Already Strengthening : Sputnik News

Moscow warns of response after US sends destroyer to Black Sea : Russia Today

Turkey, Romania & Poland determined to expand US missile defense in Europe – Ankara : Russia Today

Israel closes border for all Palestinians after Tel Aviv shooting : Russia Today

ISIS Nuclear Attack In Europe Said A Real Threat: The Independent

ISIS keeps finances afloat by taxing women for not wearing socks, men for trimming beards : Russia Today

Syria Accuses Four Countries Amid Shelling Of Aleppo: Sputnik News

China Strikes Back Over Air Defense In S China Sea: Sputnik News

Libyan Militias Drive ISIS Out Of Airbase Near Sirte: Sputnik News

Russian Jets Crush ISIS Oil Facilities At Raqqa: Sputnik News

Israel Denies Medical Aid To Syria Terrorists - BS!: Sputnik News

McCain Pushes For More Military In South China Sea: Sputnik News

Sanders: Clinton too willing to use U.S. military : CNN

Russia Notes Rise In Turk Trucks Heading To Syria: Sputnik News

Turkeys Failed Syrian Strategy Allowed Kurd-Led Offensive: Sputnik News

US Kurd Gambit May Divide Syria Into Spheres Of Influence: Sputnik News

Carter warns China against building "Great Wall of self-isolation": CNN

Baghdad’s envoy demands Turkish troops out as Iraqi forces vow to free Fallujah ‘in a week’ : Russia Today

Convoy Of 100s Of Terrorists Enter Syria From Turkey: Sputnik News

Russian Jets Smash ISIS Oil Facility Near Raqqa: Sputnik News

China Prepares To Deter US In The Pacific: Sputnik News

Czechs Protest NATO War Games In East Europe: Sputnik News

Kurdish forces equipped with T-55 tanks launch ISIS offensive (VIDEO) : Russia Today

Czech veteran moons US convoy in anti-Nato protest (VIDEO) : Russia Today

NATO Preparing To Intervene In Libya…Again?: Sputnik News

UK to stockpile tanks in Eastern Europe – report : Russia Today

Iraqi forces have entered ISIS-held Fallujah - AFP citing commanders : Russia Today

Pentagon Denies US Troops Fighting In Syria: Sputnik News

US Hits ISIS Near Palmyra w/Out Working With Russia: Sputnik News

Why NATO Massive War Games On Russian Border?: Sputnik News

Trump suggests U.S. should bomb Libya: CNN

Swedish Left & Right Unite To Sink NATO Deal: Sputnik News

Georgia, Ukraine Not To Join NATO - Latvian FM: Sputnik News

US Wants To Balkanize Syria Into Sectarian States: Sputnik News

Gorbachev says US was ‘rubbing its hands with glee’ after Soviet Union’s demise: Russia Today

Gorbachev - US Arrogance Causes Tension w/Russia: Sputnik News

Kerry Threatens Endless War In Syria: Sputnik News

Russia Last Saw Such Hostile Military On Its Border In 1941: Sputnik News

Poland Calls For Permanent Troops On Russian Border: Sputnik News

NATO Risks Nuclear War With Russia Within A Year: The Independent

Trump unveils his potential SCOTUS nominees: CNN

US Plan B In Syria Will Legitimize ISIS: Sputnik News

More US-Italy Arms To Out Of Control Libya: Sputnik News

Nuland Starts Moscow Visit Meeting ‘Young Leaders’: Sputnik News

Moron Cameron Compares Putin To Daesh: Sputnik News

Syrian Opposition Meets Lavrov: Sputnik News

Conservatives in secretive group slow walk to Trump Support: CNN

Trump - Muslims May Carry Out Attack Similar To 9/11: Sputnik News

Make More War - Corporate Engine Behind US Foreign Policy: Sputnik News

US Says Missiles In Poland To Prevent Iran (bullshi*t): Sputnik News

Saudis Only Send Troops To Syria If US Invades First: Sputnik News

Fisk - Al-Nusra A Moderate Force? NO: The Independent