U.S. Muslim Congresswomen Urged to Reach Out to Anti-Zionist, Anti-NWO Right in Alliance : From IQNA of Iran
Mark Dankof tells IQNA of Iran how U.S. Muslim Congresswomen can impact millions of Americans: Reach out to the Anti-Zionist, Anti-NWO American Right and oppose the Cultural Marxist agenda in the Democratic Party at the same time.

Senate Roll Call Vote On Advancing Yemen Resolution : From United States Senate

A Tale of Two Uprisings and a $17.5 billion IMF Loan : Robert Bridge from RT
When do the United States, the EU, and Jewish Bankers support Revolutionary Uprising? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

William Blum, Renowned U.S. Foreign Policy Critic, Dead at 85: From Covert Action Magazine
A giant has passed. Please read.

Radical Israeli Settlement Groups Call for Killing Palestinian President : From Press TV

Decision to Assassinate Arafat Approved by Saudis, Bush, and Sharon: Senior Adviser : From Press TV

Mark Dankof On The Ultimate Goal of The New World Order : Jonas E. Alexis and Mark Dankof from Veterans Today

Iran: Terrorist Attack on Police Station in Port City of Chabahar : From Al Jazeera
Who is really behind this?????

The Bushes’ “Death Squads”: Robert Parry from Consortium News via Lew Rockwell

WikiLeaks, April Glaspie, and Saddam Hussein: Stephen M. Walt from Foreign Policy

Deadly Car Bomb Hits SE Iran Port City of Chabahar: From Press TV

“Bringing Satan to Springfield!” Satanic Christmas Monument Displayed in Illinois Courthouse : From RT
Rumor has it that the Satanists will compromise with the Christian Right in Illinois and replace the Baphomet with a statue of a ménage ŕ trois of Larry Sinclair, Barack Obama, and Rahm Emanuel. 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

What the Neo Con Chicken Hawks Have Wrought : John Duncan from The American Conservative

What Foreign Enemies? The Biggest Threat to America Comes From Its “Friends” : Philip Giraldi from Russia Insider

Stephen Cohen: New Cold War More Dangerous Than The Old One: From RT

America is Headed for Military Defeat in Afghanistan : Major Danny Sjursen from The American Conservative

Netanyahu’s Predicament: The Era of Easy Wars is Over: Ramzy Baroud from Antiwar.com

LA Celebs Raise $60 Million for the Israeli Defense Forces: From RT via Russia Insider

Trump’s Decision to Stand by Saudi Prince has Netanyahu’s Fingerprints All Over It: Amos Harel from Haaretz

Israel Signs Pipe Deal to Rival Russia as European Gas Supplier : Batya Jerenberg from Russia Insider

Is Putin the Provocateur in the Kerch Strait Crisis?: Pat Buchanan from Lew Rockwell

David Duke and Mark Dankof: Zio Trump Crucifiers Force Trump to Stay in Afghanistan!: From DavidDuke.com

U. S. Senate Advances Proposal to Stop Backing Saudi Arabia in Yemen: From RT
Rand Paul and Mike Lee bring affirmative GOP votes into the proposal to pull the plug on MbS and his Bonesaw Murderers.

ISIS to Launch False Flag Chemical Attack on Kurds: Russian Military Watching Closely : From RT

U.S. Foreign Policy Has No Policy: Philip Giraldi from the Unz Review via Lew Rockwell

President Trump’s full Washington Post interview transcript, annotated: Washington Post
Trump: "Now, are we going to stay in that part of the world? One reason to is Israel. Oil is becoming less and less of a reason because we’re producing more oil now than we’ve ever produced. So, you know, all of a sudden it gets to a point where you don’t have to stay there."

Trump: U.S. Troops Will Stay in Middle East for Israel’: From Press TV

Trump Defends Staying in Afghanistan : Leo Shane III from the Military Times
The President disturbingly repeats the canard from his “experts” that “If we don’t fight them there, we’ll be fighting them here.”🤢🤮

Popular Anti-Saudi Sentiment : Video: From Press TVs “The Debate “
Mark Dankof and Brian Downing join Press TVs Kaveh Taghvai for a 30 minute conversation on MbS and the larger implications.

Syrian Rebels Used Chemical Weapons Throughout the War: A Partial List of Mainstream Admissions : Brad Hoff from The Libertarian Institute

Russian Vessel Blocks Kerch Strait After Ukrainian Navy Ships Violate Border : From RT

Myths of “The Good War”: U.S. Interventionism in the World Wars (Video): Mark Weber and Tim Kelly from YouTube
January 2016: 1 hour, 13 minutes in duration.

Russian Air Strikes on Staging Ground for Militants’ Chemical Attack on Aleppo : From Sputnik News

Israel think tank: Zionists lie most of the time : Alison Chabloz from alisonchabloz.com
British activist Alison Chabloz battles the Zionist thought police in the UK. Must read.

The U.S. Gives Israel a Green Light for Expansion : Eric Margolis from Lew Rockwell

Washington’s Erroneous Notion That the Persian Gulf is an American Lake : David Stockman from Antiwar.com
Must read along with Pat Buchanan’s warning today.

Are the Saudi Princes True Friends?: Pat Buchanan from Antiwar.com
Pat Buchanan reminds Trump of some unpleasant truths the latter needs to think about.

Former Israeli Minister Met With Syrian Terrorists : From Press TV
It’s always good for an employer to meet with his employees periodically for morale. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

U. S. Drone Operators: Killers, Drinkers, and Traumatized for Life: From RT via Lew Rockwell

Mark Dankof on the Real Terrorists and Criminals in the Middle East: Israel and Saudi Arabia : From Press TV
In this video of 3:46, reference to Israel’s criminal actions against the United States is included in the brief conversation.

Head of Russian Military Intelligence Dies Mysteriously From “Serious Illness”: Tyler Durden from Zero Hedge

Trump’s Defense of Saudi Arabia and His Attacks on Iran as a “Terrorist “ Nation Destroy His Credibility : Mark Dankof from Press TV Iran
Mark Dankof reminds international TV listeners of Israel’s long history of criminal actions directed at the United States, including 9-11.

The Only Regime Change Needed is in Washington : Philip Giraldi from the Ron Paul Institute
Giraldi observes that fruits and nuts abound at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and in the Trump Administration National Security and Foreign Policy Team.

Putin Vows to Defend Orthodox Church : Dr. Steve Turley from Russian Faith
Zionist Globalist Neo-Cons continue to play with Nitro Glycerin. When it explodes, look out!

The Habilian Association of Iran Interviews Mark Dankof on Israel, the MEK, and Iran : From Mark Dankof’s America
Material discussed by Patrick Slattery and Mark Dankof on the MEK for the National Bugle Radio show of August 20th, 2018 on the Republic Broadcasting Network is supplemented here by an interview of a few years ago which contains links to the RAND Corporation file on the MEK and Elizabeth Rubin’s coverage on the MEK for the New York Times.

MEK Money Can’t Buy Love, But It Can Buy A Lot of Politicians : Philip Giraldi from Mint Press News

Mossad to Use MEK for Fatal False Flag Attack in Albania : Massoud and Anne Khodabandeh for Iran Interlink

U.S. Promises to ‘Disrupt’ Oil Shipments to Syria, Sanction Russian and Iranian Companies : From RT

The U.S. Backed Cult to Rule Iran: Rania Khalek: From RT (Video)

Trump Administration Hawks Putting U.S. on Course for War With Iran, Report Says: Kim Sengupta from The Independent

The Reason for Killing Iranians : Jacob G. Hornberger from FFF

Mike Pompeo and John Bolton: Trump’s Tag Team of Death and Destruction : Antonius Aquinas from Lew Rockwell

Wilson’s Great War: Part 3: David Stockman from Antiwar.com

Thanking Vets for Their Service: Why?: From The Saker
This fine article could have been ghostwritten by Mark Dankof or Ray McGovern. Must read for real patriots who want a Constitutional Republic back, and the trashing of a Zionist, New World Order Empire.

The U.S. Would Rather Burn Up the Middle East in a Shia-Sunni War Than Find Itself Outplayed by Russia : Elijah Magnier from Russia Insider

U.S. State Department Claims Daesh (ISIS) Was Created to “Protect People “ from Assad: Sputnik News from Lew Rockwell

Patrick Slattery and Mark Dankof on NBR on RBN : From the Republic Broadcasting Network
The Israeli genocide in Gaza, Philip Giraldi’s article for the Unz Review on Israel winning the 2018 off-year elections in the United States, and a survey of 6 top news items posted on the National Bugle Radio News Page are included.

How World War I Ruined Everything : David Stockman from Antiwar.com

American Soldiers Died for Nothing in World War I : Jacob Hornberger from the Future of Freedom Foundation

U.S. Coalition Cluster Bombs Hit Eastern Syria: From Press TV
Cluster Bombs, White Phosphorus Munitions, Depleted Uranium Shells, and Sunni Wahhabic Terrorist Surrogates are the weapons of choice in attempting to destroy a legitimate government and sovereign nation-state for Zionism, the murderers in Riyadh, and The New World Order. Mr. Trump, get this stopped now. Fire the people who have hijacked your foreign and national security policies. Reaffirm America First and prosecute war crimes. Now.

Lieberman Resigns as Minister of Military Affairs Over Gaza Ceasefire Deal: From Press TV
Lieberman is upset that his pogrom and war of genocide in Gaza are on temporary time out. No worries Mr. Zionist. Naftali Bennett or another murderer stand ready and waiting to replace you.

American Pravda: Racial Discrimination at Harvard: Ron Unz, the Unz Review
Ron Unz has come out and said, with massive evidence, that the racist discrimination in academia is Jewish discrimination against non-Jewish whites. From the Holocaust to Israeli involvement in 9-11, Ron Unz is emerging as a powerful voice. This piece is a must-read.

A “Civil War” Lesson for the Uneducated : Paul Craig Roberts from Lew Rockwell

Benjamin Netanyahu and the Zio New World Order Lie: Jonas E. Alexis and Mark Dankof from Veterans Today

Nixon Had Middle East Peace Twice in His Grasp: Richard H. Curtiss from WRMEA via The Ugly Truth
Did the Tribe’s animosity toward Nixon which began with the Alger Hiss spy case blossom into a coup d’etat in 1972? Michael Collins Piper believed so.

US, Israel, Saudis, UAE Plotting Against Iran : Mark Dankof from Press TV
The visit of Romney/Bolton Stooge Brian Hook to Israel and the UAE spells trouble ahead.

Patmos, The Emperor Worship Cultus, and The American Sniper : From Mark Dankof’s America
This Mark Dankof commentary is 6 years old and as relevant as ever on an American Veterans Day being cynically manipulated to prepare the American Public for the next phase of participation by the United States in a War for Zionism and The New World Order.

Nasrallah: Hezbollah To Retaliate for Israeli Aggression in Lebanon : From Press TV

The Jam-e Jam (Iran) Interview With Mark Dankof on the U.S.-Iran Stand-off : From Jam-e Jam via Mark Dankof’s America

Patrick Slattery and Mark Dankof discuss Alison Weir’s video “Israel’s Internet War “ on RBN: From Vkontakte
The link also contains the link to the video itself.

America Goes to War: Philip Giraldi from The Unz Review

Minister: Israel Might Destroy Syrian S-300s Even if Manned By Russians : From The Times of Israel
Global catastrophe courtesy of the Zionist Enterprise draws ever closer.

US Pushing for War With a Military That Keeps Losing Them: Fred Reed from Russia Insider

Putin Sends Envoy to Iran as US Sanctions Take Effect : From Tasnim News Agency

The Utah Mayor Who Died in Afghanistan Had One Final Wish: For Americans To Vote : From CNN
For Press TV: Mark Dankof: “I’m sorry this poor gentleman is dead, but what are we voting for Mr. Mayor? Dealey Plaza? 9-11? The Deep State? The Fed? Israel and Saudi Wars of Mass Murder? Multinational and Zionist purchasing of American ‘elections’ complete with Mainstream Media propaganda spin? Sadly, this fine gentleman is the latest American to die for a complete pack of lies, with more death to come on behalf of the usual suspects behind the New World Order.”

US Coalition Bombs Syrian Town With White Phosphorus Munitions : From RT

Utah Mayor Killed in Kabul the Latest Victim of Perpetual US Presence in Afghanistan : From RT

17 Years Later in Afghanistan: US Commander Admits Taliban Cannot Be Defeated : From RT via Lew Rockwell

US sending 5,200 troops to border, double Syria deployment: AP News

Yemen Death Toll 5 Times Higher Than We Think: Patrick Cockburn from the Unz Review
Yes, Pittsburgh is mass murder, all decent folks agree. But where is the ADL, the SPLC, CNN, and Company on the US-Israel-Saudi unholy alliance on Yemen, Palestine, Libya, Syria, and the coming Zionist Blitzkrieg on Iran? The Silence is Deafening.

Saudi in Khashoggi Case Met Flynn and Israeli Strategist to Plan Regime Change in Iran : From Times of Israel
Not exactly an “America First” gathering. . . .

Saudi Intel Figure Involved in Khashoggi Murder Plotted Regime Change in Iran With Trump Official and Israeli Social Media Insider : From Antiwar.com
Jan 2017 meeting in the United States: Ahmed al-Assiri meets with Michael Flynn and Israeli Social Media Mogul Joel Zamal. Message from American MSM and Zionist Occupied Government: Plotting the Khashoggi murder is bad, but planning a war of aggression, the mass murder of Iranians, and maybe World War III is aok.

Ashrawi: Israel’s Targeting of Palestinian Children a War Crime : From Press TV

Damascus: US Uses White Phosphorus Bombs on Syrian City: From Press TV

Operation Trident Juncture: NATO Mobilizes 50,000 Troops for a Psy-Op: Manlio Dinucci from Russia Insider

Inconvenient Thoughts on Cold War and Other News -- Intelligence agencies, Nikki Haley, sanctions, and public opinion: Stephen F. Cohen, The Nation
Regarding Haley: "she had no foreign-policy credentials or any expert knowledge of other countries or of international relations generally. Judging by her performance as ambassador, nor did she acquire much on the job, almost always reading even short comments from prepared texts."

NATO’s Largest Exercise Since the Cold War : From Antiwar.com

Poking the Russian Bear with the NATO Umbrella : Ted Galen Carpenter from TAC

Endless US Government Lies on Afghanistan : James Bovard from Lew Rockwell

The U.S. Military is Now Recruiting : Richard Enos from Lew Rockwell and Collective Evolution
Don’t Forget Not to Vote and Thank You for Not Serving are themes on Lew Rockwell. Oh, yes, don’t forget How ‘Bout Them Cowboys!

Israel Smears Khashoggi as Terrorist to Maintain Saudi Alliance and Plans for War With Iran : Philip Weiss from Mondoweiss
Israel and Saudi Arabia: The globe’s leading terrorists in alliance with a Zionist Occupied American Empire.

American Mercenary Boasts of Role in “Targeted Assassinations “ Program in Yemen: From Russia Today
Abraham Golan, Hungarian-Israeli mercenary of the Spear Operations Group based in the United States, claims he was hired by the UAE.

US Sealift Can’t Count on Navy Escort in the Next Big War : David B. Larter for Defense News

US Warplanes Drop White Phosphorus Munitions on Eastern Syria : From Press TV
If you like Zionist War Crimes, this is your story.

America Sold $55.8 Billion in Weapons in FY 2018: A 33% Increase : From Defense News
Lt. General Charles Hooper of the Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA): “Our partners know a good thing when they see one.” (Especially our pals in Riyadh who smoked Khashoggi and our friends running the World’s Largest Open Air Prison in Gaza.) Thank You for Serving, General Hooper!!

Russia: Iran’s Presence in Syria is None of Israel’s Business : Press TV
American Anti-NWO and Anti-Zionist Nationalists Cheer Russia. Go, Vlad!

Erdogan Threatens New Incursion Into Northern Syria : From Press TV

The Comtemptible Max Boot: Jack Kerwick for Lew Rockwell
Max Needs to Be Given The Boot. Go ahead, Max. Rejoin McCain.

The U.S.-Saudi Starvation Blockage: Pat Buchanan from his official website
Pat Buchanan notes the similarities of Churchill’s mass starvation policies against Germans during and after World War I with the American-Saudi starvation blockade of Yemen.

Where is Trump’s Alleged Isolationism?: Ted Galen Carpenter from the National Interest

White Helmets, Nusra Front Chlorine Chemicals End Up in Daesh Hands: Russia: From Press TV
What a coincidence. 😂😂😂🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱

New Film Claims The Election of Trump an Act of God : From the UK Guardian

Twitter Unamused as Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) “Salutes” Haley for Her Support : From Russia Today
The “American” Ambassador to the UN saluted by the IDF. 😂😂😂🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱

Outside Turkey: The Death of Serena Shim: Vijay Prashad for Stokokkino
NATO “ally” Erdogan, his oil trade with ISIS on the Syrian-Turkish Border, and the assassination of Press TV’s Lebanese-American reporter, Serena Shim.

Turkish Daily Reveals Names of Saudis Suspected of Killing Khashoggi : From Press TV Iran
Undoubtedly these guys are graduates of the Lackland AFB Defense Language Institute in San Antonio and the Mossad’s Kidon Graduate School in Israel with a Dual Major in Extraordinary Rendition and Termination with Extreme Prejudice. But don’t worry, Mike Pompeo and the State Department are “monitoring the situation with extreme concern,” a sentiment right up there with “I Love You” and “The Check’s in The Mail.”😂😂😂😂

John Bolton ups the Pressure on Iran : Curt Mills from The National Interest

UN Ambassador Nikki Haley resigns: CNN
U.N. Ambassdawhore Haley may well be the author of the treasonous New York Times anonymous op-ed saying that everyone in the administration wants to overthrow President Trump using the 26th Amendment.

“We Bombed You to Save You.” NATO Head Stoltenberg Speaks on 1999 Bombings in Visit to Serbia: From Russia Today
The cancer rate in Serbia from tons of depleted uranium munitions has been especially liberating. 😟😟

Staying in Syria is a Good Way to Get Into a Bad War With Iran: Bonnie Kristian from The Hill
Ms. Kristian is right, but conveniently avoids mentioning the US-Israeli-Saudi plot to import, arm, and finance Sunni Wahhabic terrorists in Syria in order to overthrow the legitimate Assad government there as a prelude to naked Zionist and Sunni aggression against Iran. She also avoids what Paul Craig Roberts and Ron Unz no longer do: Israel Did 9-11.

Mark Dankof on the New World Order and Terrorism in Iran : From The American Freedom Union
Kudos and Salutes from National Bugle Radio to Don Wassall and The American Freedom Union for reposting the Mark Dankof interview with the Tasnim News Agency of Iran. Subscribe today to The Nationalist Times newspaper published by the American Freedom Union.

Mark Dankof on NWO in Iran and Terrorism: From Jonas E. Alexis of Veterans Today

US Military Increasingly Defenseless Against Formidable Foe: Veterans Suicides: Robert Bridge from RT

General Votel: US Not Seeking War With Iran: From Yahoo News
Translation: Votel wants to accommodate the Zio Zealots in waging war on Iran, but in his heart he knows CENTCOM might be asking for an embarrassing butt kicking, especially if Putin brings his guns to Dodge City.

Votel Slams Deployment of Russian S-300: From U.K. Reuters
Read ‘Em and Weep, Zionist Regime Change Cretins.😂😂😂😂

Russia Wants Answers from US and Georgia on Bioweapons at Lugar Center: From TASS

US Developing Bioweapons Lab in Georgia: Russia: From Press TV

The Royal Touch: How Saudi Money Keeps Washington at War in Yemen: Ben Freeman from Antiwar.com

MacArthur’s Last Stand Against a Winless War: Mark Perry from The American Conservative
What would Douglas MacArthur say today about our expanding Zio Wars?

Best Government Money Can Buy: Dr. Philip Giraldi for the Strategic Culture Foundation
Sheldon Adelson: His money is buying a government ready to sacrifice both American and planetary life for the Zionist enterprise in Palestine and globally.

Note to NATO: You Don’t “Take Out Missiles” Without a War: Moon of Alabama from Lew Rockwell

US Will Preemptively Destroy Russian Warheads Warns US Envoy: Jason Ditz from Antiwar.com
Ex-US Senator from Texas and a Bush GOP Globalist, Kay Bailey Hutchison, proves that people can suspect you’re a damn fool, or have their suspicions confirmed if you open your mouth to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt.

With ISIS Defeated, Trump is Targeting Iran : Patrick Cockburn from The Unz Review
Is Trump really going to the Bolton-Pompeo-Haley Idiot Parade? If he does, his Presidency is toast, with the spectre of World War III to follow.

For US, Meddling in Orthodox Church Affairs Just Another Tool Against Russia: James George Jatras from LewRockwell

One Click Closer to Annihilation: Dr. Philip Giraldi from LewRockwell
Meanwhile, back to the Cavanaugh Circus, the baseball playoffs, the NFL, and the NHL.

Iran Hails ICJ Ruling on US Sanctions : From Tasnim News Agency

Russia Delivers S-300 and More to Syria in Wake of IL-20 Downing : From Russia Today
The Zio-Neo Con-Wahhabic Lunacy in Syria and the Middle East causes the quicksand to thicken.

Iranian Blockade Could Induce Financial Colllapse of The West: Dr. E. Michael Jones On PressTV Iran
The editor of the Roman Catholic Culture Wars weighs in.

US Constructing New Military Base in Western Iraq Near Syria Border: From Press TV Iran
The Coalition of the Advocates of Perpetual War.

IRGC Reveals Details of Revenge Attacks on Ahvaz Terrorists: From Press TV Iran
The strikes took place at Albu Kamal in Syria’s Dayr Al Zawr Governorate , home of Sunni Al Ahwaziya Wahhabic Terrorists and the American military. What a “coincidence.”

Where Does Our Attention Belong: Cavanaugh or Yemen : Paul Craig Roberts for Lew Rockwell
Identity Politics Left and Neo-Con Right join hands in silence at the genocidal mass murder in Yemen fully aided and abetted by an American Empire in love with the Zionist-Wahhabic blood pact.

ADL, Facebook, Google, and You Tube Appoint Themselves Official Internet Censors: Richard Enos from Lew Rockwell
The Anti-Defamation League, once described by the late Michael Collins Piper as the “[American] Domestic Arm of the Israeli Mossad,” appears once again as the Zionist Thought Police Enforcer for the American government, media, and multinational corporations.

Iran Launches Missile Attack Against Terrorists in Syria in Retaliation for Ahvaz Attack : From Tasnim News Agency

Left Turns to Homophobia to Attack Lindsey Graham : From Breitbart News
Just when you thought The Empire’s Circus couldn’t get any more hilarious, here it is!

New CD Hit: Mark Dankof and Mark Glenn: “To All the Girls We’ve Loved Before “: From Vkontakte
This re-release of the legendary Mark Dankof-Mark Glenn hit single, “To All the Girls We’ve Loved Before “ is dedicated to Brett Cavanaugh. The single and the album are produced and mixed by Gareth Porter, Lindsey Graham, and Barney Frank.

Left Turns to Homophobia to Attack Lindsey Graham: “Closeted Idiot”: From Breitbart News
Mark Dankof: “The headline should read: ‘Left Uses Heterophobia to Attack Brett Cavanaugh.’” Don’t worry folks, National Healing Wrapped in Old Glory will take place when Idiot Americans of every sexual orientation, color, and political affiliation join hands with their Elected Idiots and Zio News Media to start Netanyahu’s World War III.

Ahvaz Terror Attack a Zionist-Neo Con Plot Against Iran: Mark Dankof : From Tasnim News Agency of Iran
While the Ford-Cavanaugh Circus continues with all the Usual Clowns and Crossdressers, the American Zionist Occupied Government works with its criminal counterparts in Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE via terrorist surrogates to ignite a wider war and possibly World War III.


Mapping Eric Prince’s Private Mercenary Empire : From Special Ops Magazine
The Poster Boy and Sweetheart of the Mercenary Hire for Empire network is doing business in China, while claiming elsewhere he can “win” the war in Afghanistan with 3600 contract killers in 6 months. Death for Profit in Red, White, and Blue whether it’s in China, Afghanistan, or your friendly American neighborhood abortion clinic.

Trump: An Assessment : Paul Craig Roberts from Lew Rockwell

Leaked Photos Show Russia Likely Already Delivered First S-300s to Syria : From Russia Insider

Syria and Iran Celebrate as Israeli Arrogance Forces Putin’s Hand: Russia Insider
Entry of Russian S-300s and the declaration of a No Fly Zone are in response to the deliberate misinformation provided by Israel to Russian Military Air Traffic Controllers about the direction being taken by IAF bandits some 60 seconds before the approximately 200th illegal air strike in Syria launched by Israel in its blatant violations of International Law.

Russia is Depriving US of Reasons to Continue Occupying Southern Syria : From Russia Insider
No worries. Netanyahu and Bolton will dream up some new lies.

Memorial Day in San Antonio: The Final Resting Place of Marquis J. McCants and the Death of the American Republic : From Mark Dankof’s America
Mark Dankof’s essay in 2007 on another military tragedy in Military Town USA is making the rounds again worldwide.The relevance is greater than ever as new impending wars in the Middle East will end more lives of deluded Americans serving as a Zio-Janissary force for the Zionist State of Israel and the Regime Change mantras of John Bolton and Company. Iran, Russia, and China await.

Conservatives Call for Corporate America to Disassociate from the Discredited Southern Poverty Law Center : From the Washington Times
Is it a surprise that a Pink Leftist organization with a President named Cohen would have some of its $320 million stash in offshore accounts in the Cayman Islands?

Gulf War 1941: The Forgotten Allied Invasion of Iram: From Military History Now

A Communist's Thoughts on the 4th of July: Mark Dankof from Mark Dankof's America
Russia Insider and Russian Faith picked up this op-ed from National Bugle Radio friend Mark Dankof. Mark tells us that if you oppose Zio-Wars and the use of American money and janissaries to support them, you're obviously a "Communist."

Who Was Behind the Ahvaz Terrorist Attack?: Press TV
Mark Dankof will soon tell Tasnim News Agency of Iran who was behind it.(Hint: No need to wait on the edge of your seat. It's obviously the usual criminals and suspects.)

EU, Russia, and China Unveil New System to Circumvent Sanctions on Iran: Jason Ditz
How dare anyone oppose the Zionist Banking System and War Machine? Who do these Peace Mongerers and defendants of their own countries from predators think they are?

The Path to World War III: Dr. Philip Giraldi from Antiwar.com
Mark Dankof is correct: "Giraldi underscores how the American Media has omitted or downplayed the shootdown of a Russian IL-20 because Israel is responsible, and dragging America to war."

Moscow to present minute-by-minute account of Russian Il-20 downing in Syria: Russia Today
Spoiler alert: It's Israel's fault.

Trump at UN: 2nd summit with North Korea likely ‘quite soon’: AP News
This would be so AWESOME! Let's hope they both bring their trophy wives.

'Saudis gave MKO gold, Rolex watches worth hundreds of millions of dollars': PressTV

Russia: Deliberate Israeli provocation led to plane downing: PressTV

The Major Attack On Syria Followed Putin-Erdogan Agreement For Demilitarized Zone In Idlib: Zero Hedge

Syria accidentally shot down a Russian military plane: ABC News
Israel was attacking Syria to protect ISIS, and the Russian plane got caught in the crossfire. Israel has the right to attack anyone anywhere because of the Holocaust and whatever.

Behind the Latest U.S. Policy Zag in Syria: Wall Street Journal

Israel Armed, Funded 12 Different Syrian Rebel Groups: Antiwar.com

Putin arrives in Tehran for trilateral talks on Syria’s fate (VIDEO): Russia Today

Leader Urges Unity in Face of All-Out Economic, Media War on Iran: Tasnim News Agency

Russia’s Putin to Meet with Ayatollah Khamenei Friday: Moscow: Tasnim News Agency

Ron Paul: Could Someone Please Remind Trump Admin That Al-Qaeda Are the Bad Guys?: Russia Insider
An excellent analysis by former Congressman Ron Paul.

Russia Is Covering the Upcoming Syrian Final Offensive With Far More Than Just 25 Warships: Russia Insider

Report on IDF funding Syrian rebels pulled on request of ‘army’s censor’ – Jerusalem Post to RT: Russia Today
Of course Israel arms ISIS and al Qaida.

Balance Sheet of the Forever War: Pat Buchanan

Top US General Says American Troops Should Be Ready To Die For Israel: Zero Hedge
U.S. troops could be placed under the command of Israeli generals, according to U.S. Air Force Lieutenant General Richard Clark

Provocations Have A History Of Escalating Into War: Paul Craig Roberts

Eleven Casualties in Zakharchenko Assassination Explosion: Sputnik News
Deep State assassinates leader of separatist republic in Eastern Ukraine in a bid to start WWIII.

Saraqib as Sarajevo? Constellis and Olive Group in the False Flag Shadows in Syria — National Bugle Radio with guest Mark Dankof: The Russophile
Patrick Slattery and Mark Dankof discuss the worrying developments in Syria where malevolent neocons are working with jihadis in Syria to prolong the war, and even start a war with Russia!

Syrian FM: White Helmets Kidnapped 44 Children to Stage Chemical Attack in Idlib: Tasnim News
The Zionists are trying to hoax up another war.

Moti Kahana and his Syrian activities supporting Wahabic terrorism in Syria: YouTube
Demonstrates the links between ISIS and John McCain

Turkey to acquire Russia’s S-400s ‘in shortest time’ despite US warnings: PressTV

Blackwater founder seeks to privatize Afghan war despite mercs getting butt kicked in Yemen: Russia Today

John McCain's Family Ties to Jewish Organized Crime Syndicates in Arizona: Russia Insider
It's not too soon for the truth, is it?

Noam Chomsky: "Israel is the REAL election meddler": Democracy Now!
Noam Chomsky made a very forceful case on the hyper-ethnocentric Jew Amy Goodman’s show that if anyone meddles in American elections, it’s not Russia, but Israel.

Stephen Cohen school progressive Jewish host Aaron Mate on the whole “Putin murders journalists” lie: The Real News

Stephen Cohen schools Jewish Neocon Max Boot on CNN: CNN
Professor Stephen F. Cohen can always be relied on to be honest and insightful.

Russia Scholar Stephen Cohen Exposes Absurdity/Bias of media on Russia - Al Jazeera America: Ruvid
Blast from the past. Great Stephen F. Cohen interview with the loathsome Ali Velshi where he pushes back on Velshi for his Bill Browder propaganda.

Officer Michael Rosfeld's lawyer says Antwon Rose shooting was justified: 'I see it as an acquittal if everybody looks at it on the facts': WTAE Channel 4 Pittsburgh
Why does this lawyer have to speak so timidly?

‘2 Israeli missiles’ strike near Damascus airport – Syrian state media: Russia Today
Bombing an international airport is a big deal.

: RT

Israel Launches Air Strikes On Gaza After "Barrage Of Mortar Shells" Fired At Israel; Netanyahu Says Retaliation Imminent: Zero Hedge
Can anyone believe that Jews won't treat the rest of the world the same way they treat the Palestinians once they complete their takeover of the West?

Trump Says Kim Summit ‘Could’ Still Happen on June 12: Bloomberg
Remember, Trump isn't just threatening and wheeling and dealing with the North Koreans, but he is also threatening and wheeling and dealing with the Zionists.

Trump calls off meeting with North Korea's Kim: Reuters
Trump's zio-handler John Bolton scuttled the talks to prevent peace in Korea and to destroy the Trump presidency.

Credit Moon, Not Trump or Kim, for the Breakthrough With North Korea: Politico
Moon is the anti-Bolton.

As summit looms, North Korean media return to angry tone: AP News

Doha to continue support for unity, stability in Somalia: Qatari emir: PressTV

Trump Rebuts Bolton, Says Libya Isn’t a Model for Kim Talks: Bloomberg
He has to get that whack job Bolton out of there.

'Our country is not Libya or Iraq': N. Korea may reconsider Trump-Kim summit if guaranteed safety: Russia Today
North Korea doesn't want its Revered Supreme Commander hung or anally rapped with a dagger. Is that so unreasonable?

White House downplays Bolton comments after North Korea outcry: CNN
If John Bolton love Israel so much why doesn't he move to Gaza and be closer to it?

North Korea threatens to cancel Trump-Kim summit over drills: AP News
John Bolton has stated he wants the deal to mirror the one that was reached with Libya's Qaddafi. Remember what happened to Qaddafi? He was murdered with a dagger up the rectum with the American's providing air support to his murderers.

Israeli forces kill dozens of Palestinians in protests as US embassy opens in Jerusalem – as it happened: The Guardian

As it happened: Gaza protest violence: BBC
In what world is this "self defense?"

Netanyahu sets off to Russia after Israel strikes Syrian army positions: PressTV

Rand Paul: Congress Moves to Give the President Unlimited War Powers: RBN

Israel says it attacked targets in Syria after Iranian rocket fire: Reuters
First of all, Israel has been attacking and killing Iranian forces (who were invited into Syria to fight ISIS) for months, with an intensification in recent weeks. Second, the Iranian retaliation is against Israeli forces in the Golan, which is internationally recognized (including by the United States) as Syrian territory illegally occupied and annexed by Israel.

http://www.presstv.com/Detail/2018/05/10/561246/Syria-Israel-Golan-Heights: PressTV
Israel started this, let's hope Iran finishes it.

Israel launches war against Iranian military in Syria in bid to draw US into larger war: Patrick Slattery

Trump ignores European pleas and abandons 'defective' Iran nuclear deal: Reuters
Okay, so Trump is like Dusting Hoffman's character in "Rainman," and this is one of the retarded things he does. I hope we can hold on till the part where he shows up in Vegas and does that card counting thing.

Iran president warns of ‘problems’ as Trump decision looms: AP News

World to learn fate of Iran nuclear pact Tuesday afternoon: AP News
This article mentions that Israel has a nuclear arsenal.

AP EXPLAINS: What is Iran’s atomic deal? Why is it targeted?: AP News
This article mentions that Israel has a nuclear arsenal.

What we know about Russia’s new Su-57 stealth fighter: News.com.au

CNN's Chris Cuomo To Netanyahu: Time For Israel To "Come Clean" About Its Nuclear Capability: Real Clear Politics
This has links to the video plus a transcript.

Bibi's Folly: Benjamin Netanyahu, Iran's Nuclear Program and Wagging the Dog: Valuable Opposition
Netanyahu was instrumental in lying America into the Iraq War. He is up to his old tricks. I don't know about this "Wag the Dog" business, lying is just what Bibi does.

Netanyahu: Iran lied about not seeking nuclear weapons: Reuters
Whereas Israel has amassed a gigantic nuclear arsenal while being allowed to coyly contended that they refuse to answer questions about it. Watch Obama refuse to answer this simple question about Israel's nukes. Go to minute 1:52.

Missile strikes in Syria kill over a dozen, mostly Iranians: AP News

Syrian Army: "Enemy" Rockets Strike 2 Bases, 11 Iranians Killed: Zero Hedge
It looks like Netanyahu will try to drag Trump and America into a war against Iran.

Israel Closes Airspace Near Syria Border Ahead Of Netanyahu Speech With "Dramatic News About Iran"; Oil Surges: Zero Hedge
This requires attention.

Syria, Russia present witnesses of 'staged' gas attack: PressTV
Of course, WE knew all along...

Trump invites Putin to Washington, Bolton meets Russian ambassador: Al Arabiya English
Putin is the best ally Trump could ever hope for.

John Bolton and Russian ambassador meet at White House: Politico

Robert Fisk's Douma Report Rips Away Excuses for Air Strike on Syria: CommonDreams
"This report shows that there is a highly credible alternative explanation for what happened in Douma -- one that needs to be investigated." -- byJonathan Cook

The search for truth in the rubble of Douma -- and one doctor's doubts over the chemical attack: Robert Fisk, The Independent
READ THIS!!! Robert Fisk is the most experienced, reliable Middle East correspondent in the mainstream media.

Rand Paul: Trump should trust his gut on Syria: CNN
Rand Paul needs to raise his profile and speak more forcefully on foreign policy.

Russia Has "Irrefutable Evidence" UK Staged Syrian Chemical Attack: Zero Hedge


STUNNING evidence from BBC journalist exposing White Helmets staging chemical attacks in Douma: The Duran

Nobody knows what's happening in Syria, but this is what I think: Patrick Slattery
He knows as much as anyone.

Trump: Syria attack 'very soon or not so soon at all!': AP News

Gorbachev Tells US, Russia to 'Return to Sanity': Telesur
Gorbachev is the world's senior statesman.

Trump Warns Russia "Missiles Are Coming" At Syria After Moscow Vows To Shoot Them Down: Zero Hedge
I still think that this can be walked back into negotiations and communications, just like the Cuban Missile Crisis and the more recent North Korean crisis.

Israel Vows To "Wipe Assad Off The Map" If Iran Launches An Attack From Syrian Territory: Zero Hedge
If there is a war, it is a war for Israel, make no mistake.

Russia Furious As U.S. Navy Destroyer Approaches Syria Without Notification: Zero Hedge

'We hope you come to your senses': Russia warns US against illegal Syria strike: Russia Today

Skankbassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley.
Fun fact: Advanced stages of syphilis cause insanity. The more you know...

Putin warns against provocation, speculation on alleged chemical attack in Syria: Xinhua News Agency (China)
China is siding with Russia, as the should.

Jew d'Ă©tat 2.0: Slow motion coup kicked into high gear to Make America Israel's Bitch Again: Patrick Slattery

Trump Plans 'Major Decisions' on Syria in the Next 24 to 48 Hours: Bloomberg
We have to act fast to stop Trump from doing something retarded.

Zio fake news media hoaxing new false flag Syria gas mask baby attack: Patrick Slattery
This article tells what you can do to stop this Zio madness.

Moscow calls 'chemical attack' in Douma 'fake news,' warns against Syrian intervention: Russia Today
Even if it were true, after everything (((our government))) did to support ISIS, we have no right to intervene.

Syria conflict: Strikes hit Syrian airfield, state media report: BBC
The war could start before we know it.

"Massive Explosions" Heard Above Syria Amid Reports Of Fighter Jets Aistrikes; Pentagon Denies: Zero Hedge
We have to call the White House (202-456-1111) and tell them you voted for Trump so he would stop these crazy wars, and you will not sit idly by as he lets the fake news media false flag him into more "Make America Israel's Bitch Again" wars.

Dozens suffocate in suspected chemical weapon attack in Syria, opposition says: CBS News
I don't talk about false flags, but this is a false flag.

Saudi Crown Prince: Iran's Supreme Leader 'Makes Hitler Look Good': Jeffrey Goldberg, The Atlantic
Jeffrey Goldberg is the editor-in-chief of The Nation and also a former Israeli military prison guard.

Trump says US will withdraw from Syria 'very soon': Press TV

Bolton updated Israel ahead of UN moves as US envy to UN: Ex-Israeli envoy: Press TV

People Must See Past Media's Portrayal of North Korea, Cumings Says: The Heights
Professor Bruce Cumings is one of the few people who understand North Korea.

N. Korea's reclusive leader makes surprise diplomatic debut: Yonhap News Agency

Tales of the New Cold War: Escalation. 1 of 2. Stephen F. Cohen: The John Batchelor Show, WABC

Tales of the New Cold War: Escalation. 2 of 2. Stephen F. Cohen: The John Batchelor Show, WABC
Professor Cohen is the best source of information and analysis on Russia.

Iran looms large as Congress casts Yemen war vote:

Trump fires McMaster… but replaces him with despicable neocon John Bolton!: Patrick Slattery
I would like to think that Bolton won't get us all killed...

John Bolton to replace H.R. McMaster as national security adviser: Politico
Trump fires insane National Security Adviser, hires (more?) insane National Security Adviser.

Iran looms large as Congress casts Yemen war vote: Al-Monitor
Trump and Obama have been backing the Saudi war effort in Yemen to counter Iranian influence. We shouldn't be involved in this!

Lavrov warns US against provocations aiming to break down Trump's meeting with Kim Jong-un: Tass News Agency
The Russians know that Trump is fighting the Deep State

Washington will act unilaterally on Syria: US envoy to UN: PressTV
Nikki Haley clearly has syphilis-induced insanity.

Half Of US Arms Exports Went MidEast In 2013-2017: Sputnik News

Pick for new CIA chief is a career spymaster who once ran secret prison: Times of Israel
She also played the part of Rosa Klebb in "From Russia with Love."

Rex Tillerson Out as Trump's Secretary of State, Replaced by Mike Pompeo: The New York Times
I don't know what to think about this other than I don't trust David Sanger.

Under Pompeo, a Foreign Policy That Fits the President's Worldview: David Sanger, The New York Times
I don't know what to think about this other than I don't trust David Sanger.

Billionaire Sheldon Adelson Aiding Zionist Group's Push to Oust McMaster: Sputnik News
We want McMaster out, but the last thing we want is John Bolton in.

God-Emperor Donald Trump to meet with Glorious Leader Kim Jong-un to solve world's problems: Dr. Patrick Slattery

Russia Has Evidence West Trying to Save Nusra Front for Regime Change - Lavrov: Sputnik News

Russia Has Evidence US Is Trying To Save
Nusra Front For Syria Regime Change - Lavrov:
Sputnik News

Mark Dankof Responds to the Jewish Voice for Peace Broadside of Alison Weir: Poetry for Palestine: Mark Dankof

US Ready For Possible Space Wars - McMaster: Sputnik News

N Korea Media Announces Trump Plans To Resume War Games With South Korea: Sputnik News

US Helicopters Spotted in Al-Hasakah Reportedly Evacuating Daesh Members : Sputnik News

N Korea Media Announces Trump Plans To Resume War Games With South Korea: Sputnik News

If Syrian Forces Enter Afrin, It Will Be Catastrophe - Turkey: Sputnik News

New Trump Nuke Doctrine - US No Longer A Superpower: Sputnik News

Saakashvili Says Ukraine Is A Shambles Faces Becoming Failed

US Must 'Prepare' For War With China - Admiral : The Independent

Sub-Par: Not a Single German Navy Submarine is Seaworthy: Sputnik News
Maybe Germany shouldn't have given its best subs to Israel

Syrian Army Will Down Any Jet That Launches An Attack - Damascus: Sputnik News

Story Of US Killing 200 Russians Fighters Is Classic 'Disinformation' - Moscow: Sputnik News

US To Continue Training Local 'Security' Forces (terrorists) In Syria - Tillerson: Sputnik News

Comey told Congress FBI agents didn't think Michael Flynn lied: The Washington Examiner
Michael Flynn is an American Hero and should be reinstated as National Security advisor, while Sally Yates should be thrown in jail.

Israeli Attacks On Syria - What Is Known So Far?: Sputnik News

Moscow On Israeli Attack - Creation Of Threats For Russian Military Personnel In Syria Unacceptable: Sputnik News

Syria Claims 'Several' Israeli Attack Jets Shot Down: Sputnik News

Gaza Runs Out of Fuel To Power Hospitals: Sputnik News

Syria says rare US strike an effort 'to support terrorism': AP

Tales of the New Cold War: The Origins of Russiagate & Questions to be asked. Part 2 of 2. Stephen F. Cohen: The John Batchelor Show, WABC
Professor Cohen reveals that CIA Director John Brennan was feeding Christopher Steele with fake "Russian" intelligence for his dossier.

Tales of the New Cold War: The Origins of Russiagate & Questions to be asked. Part 1 of 2. Stephen F. Cohen: The John Batchelor Show, WABC

Syrian rebels down purported Russian warplane; pilot dead: AP

Trump Doubles US Bombing In Afghanistan: Sputnik News

Tillerson - US Holds Russia Responsible For Chemical Weapons In Syria: Sputnik News

Israeli Ambassador Claims Iran has 82,000-Strong Army in Syria: Sputnik News
You can trust me, goy!

Netanyahu - Europe Must Amend Nuclear Deal With Iran: Sputnik News

The Privileged vs. the White Working Class: The National Review
This is a couple years old, but a Nobel Prize winner found that whites aren't really privileged. Who knew?

Trump May Send Another 1,000 Troops To Afghanistan: Sputnik News

USAF Sends DOS-Attacking Aircraft To Korean Theater: Sputnik News

Twitter War Between US, NK Continues To Escalate: Sputnik News

IDF Chief Vows To Destroy All Gaza Tunnels In 2018: Sputnik News

Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Says the False Missile Alert Stresses the Need for Urgent Talks With North Korea: Time Magazine

Syria Says Israeli Missiles Hit Damascus: Sputnik News

U.S., Israel, Saudi Arabia policies on Iran 'would lead us to war,' French president says: The Jewish Telegraphic Agency

N Korea Hotline Shows Hidden US-S Korea Division: Sputnik News

S Korea - No Signs Of NK Preparing Missile Launch: Sputnik News

Trump Promises Great

Iranians to Trump and warmongers: Iran ain't for sale: Mark Dankof, Veterans Today

US Envoy to UN: No Recognition of Intra-Korean Talks Unless Nuclear Issue Solved: Sputnik News
Nikki Haley is a whore on so many levels

Hate crime whodunit: He posted hateful words -- but did he threaten mosque?: CNN
California is prosecuting this guy for making mean Facebook posts

Kim Orders Launch Of New (Larger?) ICBM : Sputnik News

Japan Said Pondering 4 North Korea War Scenarios: Sputnik News

US Pursues 2 Contradictory North Korea Strategies : The Independent

Trump on Iran: Time

Kim Jong Un offers rare olive branch to South Korea: CNN

Tillerson Says US Needs to Work With Russia on Syria But Assad Must Go: Sputnik News

China Amb To Russia - No Military Solution To NK Issue: Sputnik News

US vs UN - US Sacrifices Own Interests To Satisfy Israel : Sputnik News

Envoy Demands US, Turkey Troops Leave Syria: Sputnik News

US And SK Practice Destroying North Korea WMD: Sputnik News

McMaster On NK - All

Mattis Claims Kims

Spiral Of Provocations In Korean Crisis Must Stop - Lavrov: Sputnik News

Macron Announces Plans Of 'Military Action' In Libya: Sputnik News

Feds eye anti-Trump FBI agent over shady moves in Hillary email probe: New York Post

US Continues Arms, Heavy Vehicle Shipments To SDF: Sputnik News

Russia To Significantly Reduce Military Presence In Syria: Sputnik News

Tells Putin - Syria Was Saved Thanks To Russia: Sputnik News

The Nationalists Delusion:

Israel To Continue Attacking Syria At Will - Netanyahu: Sputnik News

Putin - US Attack On Russian Media Is Attack On Free Speech : Sputnik News

Trump Hits Kim With Extraordinarily Personal Insults: The Independent

China Supports Russia On N Korea Crisis Settlement : Sputnik News

Moscow Questions New US Policy In Syria - Lavrov: Sputnik News

Professor Slattery lectures on the history of U.S. North Korean relations and proposes a way forward: Republic Broadcasting Network

Americans once carpet-bombed North Korea. It's time to remember that past : The Guardian
By Professor Bruce Cumings, August 13, 2017

This Is What's Really Behind North Korea's Nuclear Provocations: The Nation
From March 23, 2017

China Expresses Support for Moscow's Position on North Korean Crisis Settlement: Sputnik News

Syria - IDF Jets Had Violated Our Airspace: Sputnik News

US says Hamas must disarm, recognize Israel if it joins Palestinian unity government: CNN

Syrian army claims to find Israeli-made weapons in IS hideouts : Jerusalem Post

Is war with Iran : Patrick Buchanan

(Israel Orders) Trump Threatens Full Cancel Of Iran Deal : Sputnik News

North Korea Renews Promise To Bomb Guam if Attacked: Sputnik News

McCain dying wish: War with Russia: Sputnik News

USS Reagan Task Force Nears Korean Peninsula
Thereby Opening Door For Provocations - Moscow:
Sputnik News

Ex Israeli Intel Chief Tells Trump To KEEP Iran Deal: Sputnik News

Tom Friedman: Tillerson Is "Worst Secretary Of State" Working For "Worst Foreign Policy President" During "Worst Time" In Post-War Era: https://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2017/10/11/tom_friedman_i_hope_rex_tillerson_doesnt_leave.html
This is the same Friedman who asked "Why would we want to fight ISIS in Syria?"

Kremlin Warns Trump Against Aggravating NK Situation: Sputnik News

Hezbollah Says USAF Is Protecting ISIS : Sputnik News

Britain 'preparing for war with North Korea': The Independent

Unsealed CIA Memos Provide Shocking 'Salt Pit' Black Site Details: Zero Hedge

Russian Jets Destroy ISIS Training Center And 7 Cmdrs : Sputnik News

3 Green Berets killed in ambush in Niger: CNN

Tillerson's dramatic plan to save Iran deal, keep up pressure: CNN

Guam Asks Pentagon To Stop Military Buildup: Sputnik News

Russian Jets Destroy ISIS Training Center And 7 Cmdrs : Sputnik News

Israel Backs Kurdish Indy For New Conflicts, Destabilization: Sputnik News

Israel Backs Kurdish Indy For New Conflicts, Destabilization: Sputnik News

Mattis: In US national security interest to stay in Iran deal: CNN

There Are Channels But NK Not Interested In Talking To US: Sputnik News

Risk Of Military Attack On NK By Trump Grows : Sputnik News

Trump: Tillerson wasting

US Strategy Regarding Iran Has To Change - McMaster: Sputnik News

Seoul To Send Millions In Food, Medicines To NK: Sputnik News

American Jews Are Starting Wars, Jewish Former CIA Spy Valerie Plame Wilson Retweets: Newsweek

US breaks ground for new permanent base in Israel: Defense News

Kelly's 'Facepalm' During Trump's UN Speech Causes Internet Meltdown: Sputnik News

Former Pentagon Analyst Explains Why Trump Fostering Hysteria Over North Korea: Sputnik News

Full text of Trump's speech to the UN: Politico

An 'existential crisis'? How John Kelly reacted to Donald Trump's threats against North Korea: Yahoo News

The most surprising thing about Trump's U.N. speech: The Washington Post

Trump speaks Zio to UN, but what really counts is what he DIDN'T say: Patrick Slattery

America's Jews Are Driving America's Wars: Shouldn't they recuse themselves when dealing with the Middle East?: Philip Giraldi, The Unz Review

TerroristsHaley Says Assad Must-Go Again: Sputnik News

Russian Submarines Destroy ISIS Targets
In Deir ez-Zor With Kalibr Cruise Missiles:
Sputnik News

ISIS Could Drop Dirty Bombs From Drones On US: The Daily Mail

The Conflict In Syria Was Always Israel's War : Mint Press


Haley: Kim Jong Un begging

Syria days away from annihilating ISIS on the battlefield: Here's what comes next: The Duran

The Truth About North Korea: Why Trump's USA Should Quit Provoking the DPRK: John Laurtis

Trump OKs Billions In New Arms To South Korea: Sputnik News

Haley: Kim Jong Un begging

North Korea claims hydrogen bomb test was 'perfect success,' 6th nuclear test: Fox News

Japan Sent Citizens Underground As Kim Fires Missile : The Daily Mail

Russian Jets Destroy ISIS Tanks And Artillery
Positions Near Deir ez-Zor:
Sputnik News

Creating Obstacles To Prolong Syrian War: Sputnik News

New Anti-Russian Sanctions Reveal
Congress Rivalry With US State Dept:
Sputnik News

Afghan Wants Russia, Not US To Help Restore Peace: Sputnik News

Is Trump's Agenda Being Eclipsed?: Patrick Buchanan

H.R. McMaster faces attacks from conservatives: CNN

Pentagon Expert - Russia Will Annihilate US Army On Battlefield: Sputnik News

Congress Pushes For Development Of BANNED Missiles: Sputnik News

Porky May Escalate Donbass War To Win Election: Sputnik News

Tillerson gets chance to deliver message to North Korea in person: CNN

Pentagon Expert - Russia Will Annihilate US Army On Battlefield: Sputnik News

Congress Pushes For Development Of BANNED Missiles: Sputnik News

Porky May Escalate Donbass War To Win Election: Sputnik News

Tillerson gets chance to deliver message to North Korea in person: CNN

Trump Says U.S. 'Losing' Afghan War in Tense Meeting With Generals: NBC News

Trump Finally Ends CIA Program Arming ISIS: The Daily Mail

Trump Finally Ends CIA Program Arming ISIS: The Daily Mail

Donetsk Republic Declares Creation Of New State
Of Malorossiya As Successor To Ukraine:
Sputnik News

US Relocating ISIS Terrorists
Daesh ISIS Leadership Collapse Sparks Infighting - Iraq :
Sputnik News

Trump announces Jon Huntsman for Russia ambassador: CNN

 Was a Cuban Missile Crisis Averted in Syria, the Transatlantic Alliance Ruptured, and Intelgate Exposed?: Professor Stephen F. Cohen

Susan Rice Unmasking Documents to Be 'Locked Up' in Obama Library for Next 5 Years by The_Real_Fly - Jun 21, 2017 8:04 AM American exceptionalism. Who Cares About the “Wealth Gap” if Everyone is Richer? by TDB - Jun 20, 2017 12:56 PM Eeveryone living in America today has a higher standard of living than the President and his family had 90 years ago. Caught On Video: Russian, NATO Jets In Near Standoff After F-16 Buzzes Defense Minister's Airplane: Zero Hedge
US military hijacked by Jews, is trying to provoke a war with Russia.

Eritrea occupies disputed territory after Qataris exit, Djibouti files complaint: PressTV

Russia Threatens To Shoot Down US Planes Over Syria: The Independent

US Is Above International Law - US Sends World Message : Sputnik News

Porky Openly Calls For Continuing Donbass War: Sputnik News


Lavrov Strongly Unhappy About US Bombing Syrian Army: Sputnik News

Iran Claims Proof Of 'Direct US Support" For ISIS Days After Congressman Dana Rohrabacher Floats The Idea: Zero Hedge

Trump Blinks - Pentagon Orders US Naval Armada Away: Sputnik News

Assad - Syria Dramatically Improved As Terrorists Leave: Sputnik News

McCain Calls for New Anti-Russia Sanctions : Sputnik News

Can Trump Salvage His Presidency in Syria's War?: Antiwar.com

Israeli minister: 'The time has come' to kill Bashar Assad: Times of Israel

Tillerson, Lavrov to meet in Washington on Syria and Ukraine : CNN

MKO Seeking to Provoke US to Attack Iran: Ex-CIA Officer : Tasnim News Agency

Pentagon weighs 5,000 additional troops for Afghanistan: Press TV

 The Chemical-Weapons Attack In Syria: Is There a Place for Skepticism?: The Nation

MIT professor exposes 'egregious error' & evidence tampering in US report on Syria sarin incident : Russia Today

They Have No Proof: MIT Professor Explains Why The Assad Gas Attack Was A Sham: Zero Hedge

White House Lays Out Evidence That Syria Was Behind Deadly Chemical Attack: The Daily Caller

Trump: 'We're not going into Syria': New York Post

U.S. military confirms rebels had sarin: WND

 This Is What's Really Behind North Korea's Nuclear Provocations : The Nation
 It's easy to dismiss Kim Jong-un as a madman. But there's a long history of US aggression against the North, which we forget at our peril. By Bruce Cumings

Sarin gas delivered to Al-Nusra from Turkey : ANF News

Putin: Russia Has Learned More "False Flag" Chemical Attacks Are Being Prepared On The Damascus Region: Zero Hedge

Rouhani - Russia Was An

DĂ©jĂ  vu - Generals Take Over White House
And Guide Us To Another War :
The Daily Mail

US State Senator - Zero Chance Assad Behind Gas Attack: Sputnik News

Kremlin Tells Zionist Trump US Is One

China - Far Too Early Fix Blame For Syria Chemical Attack : Sputnik News

Hacker Group Releases Password To NSA's "Top Secret Arsenal" In Protest Of Trump Betrayal: Zero Hedge

Did A Blonde Blogger Inspire Trump's Air Strikes on Syria?: Zero Hedge

Did A Blonde Blogger Inspire Trump's Air Strikes on Syria?: Zero Hedge

Did A Blonde Blogger Inspire Trump's Air Strikes on Syria?: Zero Hedge

ISIS Attacks US-Led Base In Southern Syria, As Assad Said To Use White Phosphorus: Zero Hedge

False Flag: How the U.S. Armed Syrian Rebels to Set Up an Excuse to Attack Assad: The Daily Bell

Tillerson Tells Russia to Drop Assad as US Arms 'Rebels', Expands Airfield in Northern Syria : Russia Insider

“Greater Israel”: The Zionist Plan for the Middle East The Infamous "Oded Yinon Plan": Global Research

Pentagon Expands Syria Air Base For Use In Raqqa Battle: Sputnik News

Russian, Turkish Navies Hold Joint Drills In Black Sea: Sputnik News

Threat Of War With Spain Over Gibraltar Absurd : The Independent


Haley - 'Trump Never Stopped Me Beating Up On Russia': Sputnik News

Russia Explains Difference In Aleppo, Mosul Operations: Sputnik News

Trump Meets With Condoleezza Rice - Why?: Sputnik News

Is Trump Planning A Major US Escalation In Yemen?: Sputnik News

Russia 'Hack' Of US Elections An 'Act of War' - Dick Cheney: Sputnik News

McCain rips Trump administration over Syria policy: CNN

Is Putin the 'Preeminent Statesman' of Our Times?: Patrick Buchanan

French Troops Of NATO Battalion Arrive In Estonia: Sputnik News

Cdn 6 CF-18 Fighters To Iceland For Air

Syria Will Fire Scuds At Israel In Reply To Airstrikes: Sputnik News

First Of 800 UK Troops Arrive In Estonia To Face Russia: The Independent

The Kagans Are Back; Wars To Follow: Zero Hedge

Is Turkey Lost to the West?: Pat Buchanan, American Renaissance, March 14, 2017

A Soft Coup, or Preserving Our Democracy?: http://www.theamericanconservative.com/articles/a-soft-coup-or-preserving-our-democracy/
By Philip Giraldi • March 14, 2017

WH Not Ruling Out Co-Op With Russia vs ISIS : Sputnik News

Trump Sends Even More Troops And Armor To Syria: Sputnik News

WH Not Ruling Out Co-Op With Russia vs ISIS : Sputnik News

Trump Sends Even More Troops And Armor To Syria: Sputnik News


CNN/ORC poll: Most back special prosecutor for Russia investigation: CNN

Putin spokesman: American hysteria hurting relations: CNN

Netanyahu To Discuss Iran's Plans For Syria With Putin: Sputnik News

Why Is US Slashing Military Aid To Ukraine?: Sputnik News

Airstrike In Afghanistan Kills Nine Civilians: Sputnik News

Gabbard Calls On Trump To Stop Arming Terrorists : Sputnik News

WikiLeaks cables portray Saudi Arabia as a cash machine for terrorists : The Guardian

Pentagon report predicted West's support for Islamist rebels would create ISIS: Insurge Intellegence

Moscow Poses NO Threat To NATO Countries - Hungarian FM: Sputnik News

Israeli Media - Saudi Spy Chief Secretly Visited Israel: Sputnik News

Trump Vows To Obliterate

Israeli Jet Strikes Syrian Army In Damascus: Sputnik News

Rand Paul Blasts McCain Over Perpetual War: "He Would Bankrupt The Nation": Zero Hedge

Trump administration instructs CIA to halt support for anti-Assad rebels in Syria: IntelNews

Liberal Hypocrisy, “Late-Shaming,” and Russia-Blaming in the Age of Trump: CounterPunch

Freidman: Flynn Resignation Shows Russian Hacking was on the scale of 9/11, Pearl Harbor: Real Clear Politics
Now didn't we nuke Japan over Perl Harbor???

Rex Tillerson Begins Deconstructing the "Shadow Government" on the 7th Floor of the State Department: The Conservative Treehouse

Diplomats in state of confusion over US transition: CNN

Pence: Trump administration watching Russia: CNN

Stephen Bannon, in film treatment, described US Jews as unwitting 'enablers' of jihad: Jewish Telegraphic Agency

The great big Rex Tillerson to-do list: CNN

US planning additional sanctions on Iran: CNN

UN Ambassador Haley hits Russia hard on Ukraine : CNN

Graham: I will never be satisfied until we punish Russia: CNN

Trump to Mexico: Take care of 'bad hombres' or US might : Associated Press

Graham: Trump disagrees with the entire US Senate on Russia: CNN

What the UNSC resolution means for the US and Israel: CNN

Israel curbs working ties with nations that voted for UN resolution: CNN

‘We came, we saw, he died’: How Gaddafi was hunted and brutally killed (TIMELINE) : Russia Today

From ‘mad dog’ to ‘model’ and back: How West changed its mind on Libya’s Gaddafi : Russia Today

Kerry launches blistering attack on Russia at UN: CNN

‘We regret strike on Syrian Army, but Assad still bombs indiscriminately’ – Kerry : Russia Today

French blogger lashes out at YouTube for trying to ‘censor’ her interview with Juncker : Russia Today

Trump says Putin is not

NATO missile defense goes live in Europe, isolating Russia not the goal – Stoltenberg : Russia Today

Ukraine Gets US Radars, Wants More US Involvement: Sputnik News

Ukraine PM Wants More NATO Action To Limit Russia: Sputnik News

New US Alliance Over New Russia Pacific Base?: Sputnik News

Clinton The Neo-Con War Hawks Candidate: Sputnik News

NATO Fighter Jets Almost Hit Civil Aircraft In Estonia: Sputnik News

CIA Director Predicts Daesh Attacks On US Soil: Sputnik News

Syria Will Need $200 Billion To Rebuild: Sputnik News

CIA Chief - Genome-Editing May Be Used For BioWarfare: Sputnik News

‘I would shoot’ Russian jets buzzing past US ships – Poland’s ex-president Walesa : Russia Today

Again, Russian warship in latest close call with U.S. Navy: CNN

John Kerry unexpectedly admits Iran is ‘helpful’ to US in fighting ISIS in Iraq : Russia Today

Putin: Russia to respond if Finland joins NATO : Russia Today

The Looming US War On Russia: Sputnik News

US destroyer gets dangerously close to Russian patrol boat in Mediterranean – Moscow : Russia Today

John Kerry unexpectedly admits Iran is ‘helpful’ to US in fighting ISIS in Iraq : Russia Today

The Looming US War On Russia: Sputnik News

US destroyer gets dangerously close to Russian patrol boat in Mediterranean – Moscow : Russia Today

NATO Playing With Fire Near Russian Border: Sputnik News

Mearsheimer - NATO Drills In Poland "Remarkably Foolish":Sputnik News

Putin Says First Priority In Syria To Keep Nation Unified: Sputnik News

2nd US aircraft carrier group deployed in Mediterranean for ‘national security interests’ : Russia Today

NATO To Boost Baltic States Defenses vs Russian Threat: Sputnik News

Jews To Get Largest MIlitary Aid Package In US History: Sputnik News

Georgia, NATO Cooperation Already Strengthening : Sputnik News

Moscow warns of response after US sends destroyer to Black Sea : Russia Today

Turkey, Romania & Poland determined to expand US missile defense in Europe – Ankara : Russia Today

Israel closes border for all Palestinians after Tel Aviv shooting : Russia Today

ISIS Nuclear Attack In Europe Said A Real Threat: The Independent

ISIS keeps finances afloat by taxing women for not wearing socks, men for trimming beards : Russia Today

Syria Accuses Four Countries Amid Shelling Of Aleppo: Sputnik News

China Strikes Back Over Air Defense In S China Sea: Sputnik News

Libyan Militias Drive ISIS Out Of Airbase Near Sirte: Sputnik News

Russian Jets Crush ISIS Oil Facilities At Raqqa: Sputnik News

Israel Denies Medical Aid To Syria Terrorists - BS!: Sputnik News

McCain Pushes For More Military In South China Sea: Sputnik News

Sanders: Clinton too willing to use U.S. military : CNN

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