War and Foreign Policy
Stephen F Cohen, influential historian of Russia, dies at 81: New York Times
This was the truly tragic death that occurred on Friday.
Trump, Biden both backed by Zionists in November election: Analyst: Mark Dankof from Press TV
Mark Dankof tells Press TV Iran that the Zionists have a Lock on the 2020 Election.
Latest Navalny Novichok water bottle poisoning claim stretches all credibility, but Western media swallows it without question: From RT
Before Thursday, the most blatant example of this came on September 9, when, to quote Max Seddon, a Moscow correspondent for the Financial Times, "Germany apparently concluded (that) Navalny was poisoned with a substance 'that the world did not know until this attack, but which is more malicious and deadly than all known offshoots of the Novichok family,' and that Russian security must have done it." Now, given that the previous incarnation of Novichok was said to be eight times more potent than VX (a deadly nerve agent famously used in the assassination of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un's half brother Kim Jong-nam), if the new variant is even deadlier, how could Navalny not only be alive, but, at that point, already out of his coma. Less than a week later, he was able to get out of bed, and pose for photographs. Yet, Western media has just accepted the German statement at face value and has failed to ask how can a pronouncement like this be credible?
Expert skeptical US would return to Iran nuclear deal under Biden: Jim Jatras from Press TV

Man wielding a knife shot, killed by police officer in Lancaster; officer on leave: CBS Lancaster
This reporting is pretty slanted.
Extremist Groups May Be Infiltrating Protests: NBC Chicago
These protest groups are pretty extremist as it is.
Minnesota cops trained by Israeli forces: The Morning Star
Big surprise everyone!
Chauvin, Lane, Kueng, and Thao: The George Floyd Fall Guys: By George Parry, the American Spectator
The four policemen charged in George Floyd's death acted entirely according to the training and guidance provided them by the Minneapolis Police Department.

Election and Politics
Mark Dankof on the Higher Court Verdict on Ruth Bader Ginsburg : From Twitter and Vkontakte
https://twitter.com/dankofmark/status/1307404424453722113?s=12 Mark Dankof: “I suspect Ginsburg was convicted in the Higher Court depicted in the attached cartoon, and as a Christ-Denying Jewish Cultural Marxist was assigned a permanent place in Hell. “Read the excerpt below from Life Site News”: Among other decisions, Ginsburg had voted to strike down a law banning partial-birth abortions in Nebraska. “A state regulation that ‘has the purpose or effect of placing a substantial obstacle in the path of a woman seeking an abortion of a nonviable fetus’ violates the Constitution,” she argued. Ginsburg was also in favor of so-called homosexual “marriage.” Only a few months after the Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act in 2013, Ginsburg became the first Supreme Court justice to officiate a homosexual “wedding” ceremony. “I think it will be one more statement that people who love each other and want to live together should be able to enjoy the blessings and the strife in the marriage relationship,” Ginsburg said afterwards. She subsequently officiated at several other same-sex “weddings,” before imposing homosexual “marriage” on the nation in the 2015 case Obergefell v. Hodges. https://vk.com/wall468804996_12152
Counting Electoral Votes: An Overview of Procedures at the Joint Session, Including Objections by Members of Congress: Congressional Research Service
This is your guide to the struggle in Congress over the electoral votes.
One happy family? Twitter's public policy director reportedly leaves social media giant to join Biden transition team: From RT
Twitter's public policy director has left the massive social media platform for a job on the Joe Biden transition team, which will help the Democratic challenger ease into office in case he defeats Donald Trump in November. While it's unclear what role he will play on the team, Carlos Monje has helped to host fundraisers for the Biden campaign and has been hired to assist with his potential transition to the White House, Politico reported on Thursday, citing "a person familiar with the move." Monje, who is also co-chair on Biden's infrastructure policy committee, has yet to comment on the report. Before landing the position at Twitter, Monje worked for a number of high-profile Democratic politicians, serving on Hillary Clinton's transition team during her failed 2016 presidential bid and as deputy policy director for Barack Obama's 2008 campaign. He was hired as a special assistant to Obama after his 2008 victory, working on his Domestic Policy Council, and later in the Transportation Department.
Cure worse than the disease? 30 MILLION face starvation as Covid-19 economic shutdown hurts most vulnerable, UN food chief warns: From RT
The social and economic consequences of policies purportedly adopted to stop the spread of coronavirus could actually be far more deadly than the actual disease, the head of the UN's hunger-fighting body has cautioned. Thirty million people are at risk of perishing if the World Food Program (WFP) doesn't receive more funding, the agency's chief, David Beasley, told the UN Security Council. So far this year the WFP has provided aid to 85 million people, but the coronavirus pandemic has strained resources and created a greater need for assistance, he said. $4.9 billion will be needed to ensure that the tens of millions of people completely dependent on UN aid to survive do not die. He called on the world's billionaires, many of whom have seen enormous profits during the pandemic, to help prevent mass starvation.

https://thefederalist.com/2015/05/13/michelle-obama-needs-to-get-over-herself/: The Federalist

Chinese virologist accuses china of cover-up, fleas Hong Kong: Fox News
I think like so many young people in Hong Kong, this woman is a radical anti-government extremist. I see no reason to take her word completely at face value.
Reading Mark Dankof's Review of Tom DiLorenzo's Book, "The Real Lincoln" Ft. Seattle Ferris Wheel: Knoxie Davis from You Tube
#KnoxieDavis #SeattleGreatWheel #Confederate Reading Mark Dankof's Review of Tom DiLorenzo's Book, "The Real Lincoln" from Seattle.
Three Cultures God Destroyed Because of Homosexual Sex: Father Joseph Gleason from Russian Faith
Mark Dankof to Pete Buttigieg, Biden, Harris, the DNC, and Texas Democrats on Twitter: "Sodom. Canaan. Gibeah. — See a pattern?"
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